Wroetoshaw Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Harry Lewis is a YouTube star who got famous making gaming videos. He is known much better as Wroetoshaw (W2S) and lives off of doing what he loves most: hanging out with his friends and playing video games.

His channel is said to be powered by businessmen and his manager and that’s one of the reasons why his channel grew so fast.

He was noticed by many people because he makes awesome comments when he plays games and people noticed him because of it. People laugh while watching his videos and associate some great moments with him and therefore he gains followers very quickly. People like to share his videos to each other.

He used to play FIFA only because it was his favorite game and he was remarkably good at it, but now he does some vlogging, some Q&A videos and eventually he had made some entertainment videos too.

After he managed to gather up around 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, an info leaked about his net worth and it is estimated to be around $5 million which is a lot for someone his age!

Early years

Wroetoshaw was born in Great Britain and the place he grew up with is Guernsey, UK. His date of birth is 24th November, 1996.

He is a Sagittarius and his family was always very important to him. He has a brother Josh and a sister Rosie and the trio was close from the early age.

We don’t know anything about his education since he didn’t share any of the information, but we do know that he was never much into it because he found YouTube at an early age and always wanted to be a star there!

He was not even legal when he joined a crew called Ultimate Sidemen! Wroetoshaw was only 17 back when it happened, but it surely did change his life.

Career development

His gaming techniques were always great and he had developed them at an early age since he loves to play video games and spends much time doing that. That’s why he got so good in some of video games he posts about… However, FIFA was always his favorite game and he was always very much into it. He picked FIFA as the main focus on his channel.

At first he did only gaming videos and he slowly became better at editing those. However, later when he realized that he had gained a huge fanbase, he realized that maybe it would be the right time to start  making other videos to make more money off of various niche’s. That’s why he got into making Q&A videos and making some pranks and challenges.

He mostly does these non-gaming videos with his friends and that’s why they are even funnier. Some of his most famous videos are those where he does online gaming with his friends.

Many people think that he can easily be spotted by his blue jacket that he keeps wearing. However, he claims that this isn’t true and that he never intended to make it a sign mark.

It is no secret that he is very popular in his niche since he sometimes does shows and streams and gained about 10 000 new subscribers each time! His views are now at a huge number of 3.2 billion! This means that he earns $4500 a day only with this channel he has, and he has got a few other ones too!

He isn’t one of those YouTuber’s that does shows and ends up making money just because of them. His higih-quality content was noticed by companies that work with Google and they even wanted to give him better cost-per-click if he mentions them in his videos!

He has some premium content on various pages that have to be paid for and this is one of the ways he makes money outside regular YouTube monetizing. He worked with Lootcrate, Dragon City and Face Up and created a few ads for money.

He does also sell merchandise with the Sidemen.

Harry mentioned that people don’t understand how hard it actually is to be a YouTube creator since many people think it is only about the fact that you make videos, game and laugh. Editing is a long job, he says, and so is creating new ideas for new content!

Personal life

Harry is still pretty young and it is not expected of him to have a steady relationship. He says that he is currently single, but there are often various assumptions about him dating some Instagram models. Harry doesn’t like to address these rumors as he finds them stupid.

He is very good friends with Calfreezy and Callux from the Sidemen and they are his best friends who are always by his side.

Quick summary

Full name: Harry Lewis

Date of birth: November 24th 1996

Birthplace:  Guernsey, UK

Age: 22

Profession: Gamer, YouTube star

Height: 180 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $5 million