uberhaxornova Net Worth 2018, Bio, Age, Height

UberHaxorNova is a YouTube commentator and he from the United States. Besides his initial interest, comedy, he is also a gamer. In the past, he used to be a member of “TheCreatureHub”, a group of people who also did comedy by commenting on other people’s videos.

James Richard Wilson is his real name, and he is also a co-owner of a channel called CowChop and also has his own channel called NovaPiperBomb. He is pretty successful with this channel as it has more than 3 million subscribers.

Early years

His full name is James Richard Wilson Junior, but many people know him better as UberHaxorNova. He was born on June 1st in 1990. His birthplace is Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States.

We do not know a lot about his education and he never talked about it so we can conclude that he wasn’t into school much.

This is also logical because he started his career at a young age, and the career had nothing to do with his education.

He became a millionare thanks to himself and himself only because he has been active on the internet since he was a teenage boy.

Career development

When he was young and still hasn’t made an impact on the industry, he worked in a Twizzlers Factory and he was very unsatisfied with his job. However, at this time his life was a bit of a mess since he lived with his mother and their dogs, had no stable job he loved and was unhappy alltogether.

In April of year 2008, all of this changed. He created his first video on YouTube and he started to put up videos later on. James saw that he was gaining fans pretty fast and decided to keep this as a job that he will have for a long time. He did Machinima videos, but also did Let’s Play videos. He likes various games and that’s why he gained subscribers as lovers of all the genre’s.

However, he soon had to take a 2 month pause. It was a well-used rest for him and he came back more enthusiastic than ever! He made videos related to Machinima Respawn and soon started to create his favorite types of videos, commentaries.

James did some playthroughs also such as the one about the Dead Rising 2 which is a game he likes so much that he later played multiplayer on it too.

He actually enjoyed playing multiplayer so much that he later created more od those videos. He teamed up with people to make them and later eneded up joining “the Creatures”, a commentary group. His favorite subject to talk about were Mass Efects.

He played more games that one can count since he isn’t like most gaming YouTubers who pick one game and then make 1000 videos on it. Some of his most watched series are Super Mario Maker, Life is Strange: Out of Tim, The Hat, The Forest, The Sims 4 and so on. He also likes Minecraft and plays it with various mods to make it funnier.

Sadly, he is one of those YouTubers who had never won any award in their field. His achievments are counted in the unmber of subscribers and he was a finalist in a few award shows, but never actually got to the point where he won anything. From what we know, it does not bother him. He actually makes fun of some people who won them, so we predict that he doesn’t find the awards a showcastor of high qualitiy.

His net worth seems to be only growing and now he is up on more than $4 million! He has a lot of income on YouTube, mostly from his famous series in games we have mentioned above. One of the most popular things currently on his channel is the series he had been doing on NovaPipeBomb and it’s about WWE championships.

He sometimes does acting too and, as he is a pretty creative man, he likes to write too. Bunny Bust and Bunny Bust II and Hershel’s Land Finale.

Today, he is considered to be one of the most famous men in his field. He is a commentator to many popular videos and he even worked alongside a Swedish legend called PewDiePie.

In 2014 , during summer, he made a wonderful thing for a charity called ‘A Precious Child’. He bleached both his bear and hair and later he even painted his hair pink in order to show respect to a project that has been around in the charity.

Personal life

He has a dog called “Ein” wihich to this day lives with him and his family in Littleton in Colorado. We don’t’ know a lot about his dating life since he tends to keep it a secret, but we do know that he has been called various names and nicknames including “PragonNova” and “AnalShipment”.

He tries to keep his private life very private and doesn’t like the media to follow him around and ask questions. James claims that he has no problem with paparazzi, but he also says that many people offer him interviews all of the time and that he finds it annoying because, afterall, there is no information his fans should know that he has not already mentioned himself. All other things, according to him, should stay private.

Quick summary

Full name: James Richard Wilson Jr.

Date of birth: June 1st, 1990.

Birthplace:  Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Age: 28

Profession: commentator, YouTube star

Height: 179 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $3.5 million