Tommy Sotomayor Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Tommy Sotomayor or Mr. Madness is an African American radio host, movie producer and Youtube influencer.

Other than Mr.Madness, he is also called Mr. Controversy or just simply TJ.

Early years

Tommy was born as Thomas Jerome Harris on December 11, 1975 in the city of Atlanta in Georgia, United States.

He has spent most of his childhood on the streets of Atlanta, but as he got older he pursued his career in Phoenix.

Informations about his childhood life are really hard to get, but he probably lived in a family with personal issues due to his hate for black women.

Career development

He hosted various shows both on TV and on radio and became known for his controversial approach to the topics he talked about.

Some of the works that he hosted were “A Fatherless America”, “On Point with Tomi Lahren” and “Tomi”.

In 2017 he has filmed a documentary movie titled “A Fatherless America” where he discussed the subject of decreasing number of fathers in modern America. He pointed out how it is not good for the child to grow up with only one single parent – mum, and that he lacks a father figure in his/her life.

A news show named “On point with Tomi Lahren”  was a huge hit because he always invited interesting guests and discussed all topics.

He has dozens of active Youtube channels and he posts a lot of videos on them. A lot of his videos are considered controversial but that is the reason he gained a lot of attention and gained a lot of views.

A lot of his Youtube channels were eventually shut down due to his repetetive breaking of YouTube’s rules.

His most popular channel is named MrMadness and was created  in 2012.

The channel holds a lot of comedy videos and is very viewed.

There are lot of petitions against him circleing Youtube and the Internet since he has a lot of haters who are trying to shut down his channel.

They consider his channel offensive and are especially angry because of his hate speech.

Although the petitions are often, they didn’t succeed in removing his Youtube channel until today.

He doesn’t pick ordinary news for his channel but he seeks shocking news which cause surprise and tention.

Tommy often mocks public persons such as politicians and adresses a lot of social issues he wishes to be solved.

One of his most recognizable character line is his anger towards black women, black mothers to be exact.

He is convinced that they are the reason why the quality of life is decreasing in black men.

His hate speech relates to his own personal experience where he was put in jail because he hadn’t pay any child support for his child.

He made his personal battle a war against all black woman so it seems that he is strongly caught up in prejudice.

Tommy also hosts a popular radio show  called “Your World, My Views”.

In 2015 he was a crew member which helped film a comedy titled „Drugs & Other Love“.

This movie was directed by Noah Applebaum.

He has his own website called

He has over 30,000 followers on his Instagram channel under the name “mrkingofcontroversy”.

He promotes himself on his channel and raises funds on it for producing his films, in this case for a documentary named „A Fatherless America“.

He is against the movement “Black Lives Matter” although he is black himself. This especially turned on his haters.

He has two videos with the highest number of views. They are titled  “Woman Gets Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy!” and “Tommy Sotomayor admits To His Relationship With Caramel Kitten!”

Personal life

Tommy was earlier in a marriage but wasn’t happy in it. They were blessed with a daughter.

He also has a daughter from another later relationship.

His daughters are named Tariq and Sara.

There were some rumours that he was gay but it seems that they were only malicious comments.

This rumour was probably a result of anger which he brought up on himself after he made a video in which he claimed that black woman are guilty for making their baby sons gay.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Jerome Harris

Date of birth: December 11, 1975

Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Age: 43

Profession: TV and radio host, movie producer, Youtuber

Height: 181 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2 million