Tom Cassell Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Tom Cassell, who is sometimes called Tom Syndicate,  is a YouTube star who originates from the United Kingdom and has become famous for his interesting vlogs.

He has a well known YouTube channel called “The Syndicate Project”, and currently it is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels on the web.

Early life

He was born as Tom Cassell in a town called Manchester in England, on June 23, 1993.

He has spent his whole childhood with his sister Alice, and they remained closely connected and are still in a good relationship, supportive of one another, just like they did when they were kids.

Their parents got divorced and he has moved to live with his father.

He attended the blue coat Secondary School located in Oldham in Manchester.

Tom decided to take the A-level exams in Clarendon Six Form College but he eventually didn’t pursue his university career and he changed the course his life was going.

He was excellent at playing video games so he eventually started working on his YouTube channel although he didn’t think he could make a career as a gamer. At that time there were a lot of gamers on Youtube and it was really hard to get noticed.

His father didn’t support him because he thought that his son couldn’t be able to make a living out of it. His father’s behaviour made him sad but he decided that he is going to make himself a career in gaming.

At a young age, he was attending school and also working at McDonald’s, but he quit when he stopped going to college.

Career development 

He made his channel on YouTube in 2010. He mostly uploaded videos of him playing games like “Modern Warfare” and “Halo” and he soon became a valid member of gaming community.

His family wasn’t supportive but after they saw how much his channel was growing and how much followers he gained even his father stopped doubting him.

His father’s support meant a lot for him so he was happier with family reunions.

He got even more subscribers when he started playing a very famous game called “Call of Duty: Black Ops”. This game showed that he was especially good in “zombie mode.” He became even more known after he started playing “The Minecraft Project.”

His second YouTube channel was named Syndicate Central, but he changed its name to “Life of Tom” and it stayed that way ever since. There he uploads his vlogs regularly and has more than 2 million people following him.

His twitter account @prosyndicate and his Instagram account under the name @Syndicate have millions of followers.

His Instagram account currently has over $1,6 million.

In 2014, he collaborated with a highly respected Youtuber Adam Montoya (to wider public known as SeaNanners), and together they launched  a network called Jetpack.

They did it by first creating a media company called “3blackdot”.

The company is offering video production services, marketing and brand integration.

It was founded in 2013 by known Youtubers and gamers Luke Stepleton, Angelo Pullen, Adam Montoya,  Evan Fong and at last Tom Cassell.

Tom had a lot of business ventures so he is also a vice president of a website called which is made for gambling. is currently in a problematic legal feud due to the lack of transparency of business.

Tom has released his own clothing line called “Syndicate Original.” His Syndicate Original stores are located in both United States and the United Kingdom.

In 2014, he reached 1 million followers on YouTube which was very important to him because he was the first Twitch personality to reach that many followers.

During his career as a Youtube personality, he had few law problems with Federal Trade Commission.

First problem he had with the Trade Commission was in 2013. The reason waa the fact that he has received a large amount of money from Microsoft in order to promote their Xbox One. FTC was very angry at him because he didn’t reveal how much he earned from it.

Tom and Montoya had another issue with Federal Trade Commission in 2015. They have published their gameplay videos of a famous game “Dead Realm” without revealing their financial connections with them and contract obligations.

In 2016, he made the same mistake when he promoted his gambling site. He didn’t share an important information that he was the vice president of it.

Later on, he proclaimed that he would be more open and transparent when it comes to his business in the future and the income he earns from his collaborations.

In 2017, he gave voice to a character named Lucky in Marvel’s video game named “Avengers Academy.”

Tom was asked to be on “British Academy Games Awards” judging panel.

Because of his gaming events, he often travels outside the United Kingdom. It isn’t hard for him because he loves travelling and seeing different places.

Personal life

He shares his personal informations almost all on Instagram.

He has a pet named Steve, who is a very well trained lizard. There are photos of Steve standing on Tom’s head.

He and his girlfriend gave home to two cats named Luna and Gadsby.

He has a sister Alice Cassell, who is a blogger and who travels all around the world.

She also has a lot of followers on his Instagram channel and receives income from sponsors and advertising.

He has a very strong bond with his father and especially grandfather and his Instagram account is full of pics with the two of them. It seems that he loves them dearly.

Tom broke up with Lydia in spring 2018 and it made a lot of his fans sad because they loved her and her sense of humour.

She was also a beautiful women and she influenced Tom in a good way.

She used to regularly appear in his vloggs but she isn’t a part of it anymore. But he hasn’t removed her photos from his Instagram channel so everybody is hoping that they will get back together.

Quick summary

Full name: Tom Cassell

Date of birth: June 23, 1993

Birthplace:  Manchester, England

Age: 25

Profession: YouTuber, entertainer

Height: 1,7 m

Weight: 65 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million