Tanner Fox Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Tanner Fox is an extremely popular YouTuber from the United States who is today known as an owner of MT Films channels.

He is a professional scooter rider and an adrenaline seeking adventurist. He was interested in blogging and Youtube from his early school days so eventually he made it into a career. He often says that he is very happy because he could make his career likeable to him since many people do jobs that they can’t stand.

Tanner took part in a known Youtube show “BMX vs. Scooter” where he was featured alongside Harry Main, a known BMX rider, especially recognizable for his big number of tatoos. Harry is the legend of BMX so filming with him gave Tanner great satisfaction. This is how Fox became better known to the media.

Tanner was featured as the scooter rider in this show while Harry was representing BMX side. He earns a lot of money from advertisements and is sponsored by many known companies, not only those directly related to scooters.

His current net worth is estimated on almost $1 million.

Early years

He was born as Tanner Fox on December 22, 1999 in San Diego, California.

As a young kid he was highly interested in all kinds of boards, from hoverboards to skateboards. Tanner was also into scooters too. His mother noticed that her soon is very active and seeking adventure all of the time, so she decided to help him out and be natural about it.

He has an older sister named Lindsay Fox. We don’t know much about her, but we know that Tanner and her are in very good relations because of the drama they suffered together in high school.

He was only ten years old when his parents got divorced. It was a bad experience for all of them because his mum had to move out from their home and start a new life with her children. However, Tanner and his sister tried to be a rock to their mum tho was having a hard time starting out her new career path and moving to become more independent.

Tanner always talks about his mum in a very pleasant way thanking her for eveything she did as a single mum and all the hard work she had to put in order to maintain a normal life. He says that he appreciates it a lot and that he remembers all of the things she did for them.

After Tanner finished his elementary school education his parents decided that he had to continue his education in a good school. They wanted their son to use his full potential.

That is why he joined Sacred Heart School in San Diego but his education didn’t last long. This school was a private Catholic School and Tanner didn’t enjoy the way the school was acting towards the kids. He said that it was very unnatural.

This was very difficult for him since he had authority issues so he was expelled from it when he was 11. He says that his biggest concern in the whole situation was what was his mother going to say because he didn’t want to make her sad.

One of other reasons why he was expelled from school was the fact that he was often online and on the Internet which wasn’t allowed in this school. He was addicted to Youtube. That’s why he always thought that he would make a great YouTube star himself. He wasn’t much wrong.

But the main reason for it was the fact that he started filming his classmates without their permission and without telling it to anyone. He got into much trouble when one time he was noticed and he had to go to the principal’s office and show him all of the things he had recorded during the school year.

Trying to solve his education issues his father made him go in a charter school. However, Tanner knew right away that this is not going to work and that he should rather focus on his future career that he had in mind.

This lasted for two years and finally it was decided that he will be homeschooled. The reason for this lies in his fast growing popularity which ultimately led to the fact that he was to busy with his career than his schooling. This was something that Tanner didn’t really want, but he did for the sake of his mother being happy.

In 2015 he managed to finish his GED and this finally ment that he cleared his high school education confirming he passed. He was now free of all of the stress education put onto him and he could pursue his career further on, no stress and no doubt.

Career development

His love for skateboarding and scooters brought him prosperity and turned his passion into a professional career.

He was only 12 when he started uploading his videos. It was in 2011.

At first he uploaded more simpler tricks and stunts but later his scooter and hoverboard tricks became more and more complicated and dangerous.

In 2015, he uploaded a stunt video  called “Insane 7-Year-Old Hoverboard Tricks at the Skatepark!”. This video garnered over 20 million views becoming one of the most viewed videos that year.

In 2016, he appeared in a TV show starring as baby Wyatt in a TV series Charmed. This was in the eight season of the series.

His favorite place to practice and ride his scooter is the park in Clairemont in San Diego.

One of the tricks he is especially proud of is Flair and it is his most favorite trick.

As for role models in the world of scooter riding is Jordan Clark.

He doesn’t upload only his videos. He vloggs about his daily routine, c

In 2015 he managed to cross the number of 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

His best friend Jake Angeles, also a passionate scooter rider and enthusiast, often keeps him company and joins him in his interesting videos where two of them make stunts also combining comic factors.

The two of them are main actors on a lot of videos that Tanner uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Since Tanner was homeschooled it eventually gave him a lot of time to upgrade his riding skills and to learn better strategies which will make him different from other riders and their channels.

These best friends were always very supportive of one another and didn’t let fame ruin their friendship.

They both seen friendships crumble due to the jelaousy or envy of friends and didn’t want this to happen to them.

Their creative approach on making videos brought them both recognition amongst riding lovers so their videos don’t contain only rides but they also have pranks, challenges and intriguing stunts.

This approach brought thousands of subscribers to his channel and fans all around the world.

His biggest role model is a famous professional rider Dylan Morrison whose scooter performances, techniques and stunts are known all around the globe.

Tanner Fox has a lot of popular games connected to his channel: Lucky Scooters, GrindShop and Root Industries are some of them.

He was featured in making demo videos made for potential riders where he gives his advices and shows all the rules and techniques which must be followed in this branch.

Tanner has been lucky enough to be goven a chance to collaborate with Roman Atwood who allowed him to drive in his GTR car.

He has also collaborated with Justin Stuart and Casey Neistat which are all prominent names in scooter world.

He turned his hobby into passionate work from which he earns a lot of money.

He has his own website named foxbrand.com which brings him extra income and where his fans can buy special items such as t-shirts, 8 sticker packs and FOX Dad Hats. His brand is named “TFox”.

In 2014, he was hired for the Exy Trickstartr Stunt Scooter Commercial alongside Caidan Booth-Drenk.

Personal life

He loves dogs and always had one. Today he has a dog named Kirby, and Tanner even made him his own Instagram account.

His best female friend is Anna but after they turned their friendship into love relationship it didn’t last long and it took them appart as friends.

He currently goes out a lot with an actress Taylor Alesia but it isn’t known are they only friends or something more.

They have met in 2017 and were spotted going to Disneyland together.

She is featured a lot in his videos.

He loves travelling and especially likes Barcelona in Spain.

Tanner earns an incredible amount of money from his channel and endorsements. This abled him to buy a brand new car when he was just 16.

He has bought a Nissan GT-R, which costed near $100,000.

As soon as he was 18, he bought his own house with a great view and a big pool.

Quick summary

Full name: Tanner Fox

Date of birth: December 22, 1999

Birthplace: San Diego, California, United States

Age: 19

Profession: Youtuber, professional scooter rider, actor, singer

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 60 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million