Tana Mongeau Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Tana Mongeau is a known American Youtuber who became known for her overexaggarating videos, behaviour and disputes with other Youtuber.

She is negatively commented because of the fact that she uses titles of her videos as clickbaits.

Early years

She was born as Tana Mongeau on June 24, 1998 in Los Angeles in Nevada to a woman named Becca.

Her childhood was very rough  since the members of her family didn’t get along very well and there were domestic abuse and fights in their home very often.

She was constantly under pressure which ultimately led her to alcohol and drug abuse when she was just a teenager.

It was hard not only because she had a problematic family but because she lived in Las Vegas, a city known for tourism on vices such as gambling and drinking alcohol.

She doesn’t mention her family often although we know that she lived a part of her youth alone with her mother.

She started drinking and smoking weed very early, at the age of 13. She claims that it made her experienced and that it was thr reason that she was brave enough to open her own Youtube channel.

She went to Green Valley High School and she graduated there in 2015. She never had any wishes to enroll college or to continue her education but she always wanted to become famous.

Career development

In 2016, she guest appeared in “Shane & Friends” which was the first TV show she entered. The show is hosted by Shane Dawson, who is a known Youtuber just as Tana.

In 2016, she got herself involved in an argument with another Youtuber named Ian Carter. She attacked him because of his constant use of the n-word.

The feud continued to the point where Ian came to one of her events and yelled the above mentioned word until he wasn’t thrown out of the event by security.

In February 2017 iDubbbzTV uploaded his “Content Cop” series and this time it was aiming at Tana Mongeau, trying to expose her as a liar and a fraud.

In this video he explains the “real” Tana Mongeau and all her controversies and he succeeded in it by watching her old videos and describing her with offensive language.

The whole dispute was created by Tana who uploaded a video where she claimed that one of her “fans” physically and verbally threatened Tana using the “n-word” and it wasn’t long until everyone realized that she is talking about iDubbbzTV.

His video where he placed her footage, her statements (which he mostly describes as lies) lasted for 20 minutes and had arround 6 million views.

Their fans enjoyed their fight because they have whitnessed things such as Tana crying on live stream, Tana cursing and being unpolite and it even contained her sentences in which she mentions how she would break his both legs and similar threats.

He also posted the real video of him meeting her on the event where he yelled “N****” and for which she claimed that he physically abused her.

It seems it wasn’t like she has described: he didn’t put his arm around her throat, he didn’t force her to shout “N*****” or fight with people exiting the building.

All that Tana said didn’t really happen and she has lost a lot of subscribers and fans due to the fact that she lied.

After he released his video she went on Twitter where she said that she made a lot of mistakes and that she will soon apologize although she haven’t written in which period.

After this happened Ian gained a huge fanbase and she has lost over 10,000 followers since.

She began her Youtube career in 2015. She became widely known after she posted her video “Kicked out of Walmart”.

Her most viewed video was made in a collaborations with fellow Youtuber Shane Dawson “I peed on Shane Dawson”. It gathered millions of views.

She likes to show her wild side so she puts very erotic photos on her social media and she likes to be different: for example, she uploaded a photo of her on the toilet.

She smiles at people when they tell her that they are outraged with her lifestyle. She finds it amusing.

Her videos have titles like: “I got caught having sex on a Ferris Wheel”, “I got a nose job?” and similar.

To bring her story about someone stalking her to a more understandable form she has began to make videos which involved the topic:”‘My stalker broke into my house” and similar.

She post her videos 3-4 times a month and she receives a huge income from it.

She has 2,3 million followers on her Instagram channel and the number grows on a daily basis. She realized that she can earn a lot of money from advertising on her social media so she is very involved in every online platform.

Tana also has her own clothing line with items such as hoodies and T-shirts with provocative signs, photos or her quotes.

Some of them are “I’m not a narcissist, I just have a lot of good stories” or “Not a featured creator”.

Tana was nominated for Shorty Award for Best Youtube Comedian but didn’t win it.

Personal life

From 2015 to 2017 she was in a relationship with Somer Hollingsworth, an Instagram star and a model.

The relatonship ended in a very ugly manner and was publically announced by Sommer on his Twitter account.

He accused her of cheating on him after she made a Youtube video alongside a Youtube star Kian Lawley in which she performed a lap dance and filmed it for a video. This made her boyfriend very angry and he broke up with her.

She claims that she is in a relationship with Bella Thorne since 2017. Not a lot of people believed her but she prooved them wrong by posting a video of two of them making out on her Instagram account.

She posted a lot of pictures of them at Coachella festival and they are all lascive.

By doing this she has confirmed that she is bisexual and ended gossip about it.

She was again the main topic of tabloid headlines and many people stated that it was her goal in the first place.

After this reveal they have posted a lot of photos together on their social media accounts. It seems they enjoy all the media attention they receive.

Bella was featured on Tana’s music single called “Hefner” and she supported her on all known online platforms.

She had a very scary experience with a stalker who followed her for weeks. This trauma happened to her while she was in high school. She successfully solved the problem with the help of the police and the man was arrested.

Although she knows that she is safer today than ever, she is still looking over her shoulder and she doesn’t go out alone.

Tana Mongeau works out a lot and tries to be in a good shape. She likes running and she often dances aerobics.

She is called a narcissist because it seems that she can turn every story into a story about her.

Quick summary

Full name: Tana Mongeau

Date of birth: June 24, 1998

Birthplace:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Age: 30

Profession: Youtuber

Height: 1,65 m

Weight: 54 kgs

Net Worth: $500,000