Sodapoppin Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Sodapoppin is online name of Chance Morris, a very known Twitch streamer who is great at making his gaming content due to the fact that he has a great sense of humor and often uses sketches to give his fans a more interesting content.

He is a known streamer for one of the most popular game in the world: World of Warcraft.

He has almost 2 million followers on his Twich account and the number is raising very fast.

He earns money from making gaming cintent which is interesting to viewers: he has to be creative and fast since there is a lot of competition in this line of business.

It seems that sodapoppin found a magic formula for his fans since he has a daily growth of subscribers and his income is getting bigger.

Early years

Chance was born on February 15, 1994 in Austin, Texas in United States as Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris IV and has spent all of his childhood in the presence of his loving parents and a great number of siblings: seven.

His family lived a cosy life since his parents worked on well-paid jobs and he hasn’t experienced any shortage of anything while he was growing up.

Since his parents had money, they decided to adopt children and it seems that Chance is one of them.

His parents are very old now so this is the most probable answer since he is the youngest of all of his brothers and sisters.

The family lived in Austin, Texas and Chance continued his high school education there.

He was a very good student and was highly motivated by his family to continue pursuing his academic career.

Chance thought it would be tough not to continue and to dissapoint his family, but he was well aware that studying wasn’t his thing although he had no trouble in learning. It simply bored him.

His parents weren’t happy with his decision, especially because he was going to focus on his game streaming, but at the end they gave him a chance and he used it very well.

Since all of his siblings are older than him they already have their careers going.

For example, his brother Dustin Morris, is known as Dkane Morris, and is a very popular rapper in Texas.

Career development

His first video posted on Youtube was uploaded in 2012 and it included his gaming stream of a game called “Amnesia 2”.

World of Warcraft is the next game he started playing online and it was a great decision.

His online name was Sodapoppin 33.

He played games on Xfire platform for gaming after which he joined Twitch in 2011.

He often collaborated with another Youtuber called Sky Williams and he is often his guest in videos.

He was wise enough to let his fans that he moves to another platform so his subscribers followed him there.

In 2013 he relocated to Michigan, into his own space, getting a full-time job with streaming.

In 2014/15 he has spent a lot of time streaming gambling in various online casinos.

Today he is a proud leader of an  eSport team called “Northern Gaming Company” and the number of his fans is rising.

After their team became one of the best gaming teams it was sold to NRGEsports organization from California. It is owned by Andy Miller and Shaquille O’Neal.

In the last tournament in 2017, his team failed in joining the top ten crews of the event. But yet, his victory over Dr Disrespect at the same event was the highlight of his career since Dr.Disrespect is considered as one of the greatest player ever.

Chance earns a lot of money by advertising for other companies and by selling his own products with his logo on them.

Chance invested in his own line of clothing ment for teenagers and children and it can be purchased branded as “Teespring”.

He won a very important award in the world of gamers: he won “Best Streamer of the Year” award which was given to him by the creators of the most popular game in that decade: World of Warcraft. This happened in 2014.

He was banned from his Twitch account a few times due to his breaking of their policy: he posted obscene content, he made unappropriate sexual suggestions and similar.

Personal life

For some time he is in a relationship with @LegendaryLea. Lea is also a known streamer and she became more popular and recognized after she started dating sodapoppin.

There is a lot of photos on Instagram with the two of them.

He is always willing to work for charity and he has done a lot of crazy things to collect money for a good cause: he once even shaved his head.

Chance’s friends told him that he is a lucky guy since Lea May Currier  or @LegendaryLea is one of the most beautiful female streamers currently streaming.

When they came to one charity event, Lea kissed Chance in front of cameras to bring more money for the charity.

It seems that they aren’t together anymore. This breakup was hard for both sides: Lea even broadcasted a video in which she trashes sodapoppin but it is easy to notice that she is drunk.

Chance is a big fan of dogs and owns an old German shepherd named Buddy. He also has a dog Kevin. He is part collie, part golden retriever. He also has a cat named Finn.

His social media accounts aren’t that popular. He has only 20 k followers on Instagram.

To be trutfull he has only posted 13 pics on his instagram and they are mainly photos of him making funny faces and his pets.

He calls them “daily shit pics”.

Twitter works better for him and he has over 300,000 followers on his Twitter account.

Durong his streams the viewers noticed that he has a very unhealthy diet and that he eats only pizzas and cookies and drinks a big amount of sodas.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris IV

Date of birth: February 15,1994

Birthplace: Austin Texas

Age: 24

Profession: Youtuber, gamer, eSports player

Height: 182 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million