Shmee150 Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Shmee 150,  whose real name is Tim Burton, is a known British YouTuber whose YouTube channel is completely focused on cars and motor events.

His Youtube channel is very popular because of the special content he puts in it and because of his great technique of making videos by using selfies.

Early years

He dropped out of school at the end of high school, at the time when everybody was finishing A level exams. It was strange for him to quit then, but it seems the pressure was to strong.

He decided to quit school entirely and to create his own online business which was focused on hardware retail in London.

He wasn’t focused only on this, so when he realized that he can leave the country without worrying about his store,  he decided to become a ski trainer and he relocated to New Zealand. For a while, he was satisfied with his job as a ski educator.

Eventually he returned to the United Kingdom and gained a job in an investment consultancy company which was really well paid but it wasn’t what Tim wanted to do. The only reason he was interested was because it brought him financial security.

Career development

He created his YouTube channel in January 2010 and his first video showed two great cars: Ferrari f458 Italia and Lamborghini SuperVeloce.

These two cars he spotted at “Top Gear” the same year (which was an event he never missed) and he wanted to post photos of them on his Facebook page.

Then he decided to make a short video about them and it opened a new career for him.

Tim’s video about these cars gained a lot of views and became very popular on YouTube. This success made him see that he can live his life by doing what he likes and get enough income of it.

Schmee made something similar to an online journal and he began a close interaction with his fans who helped help him review the cars he encounters. This connected him firmly to his fans.

Today he travels around the world seeking the greatest automotive content he could find and gives it to his loyal fans.

His trips also include adventures such as rallies or road races on places where a few people were able to go or drive at.

He is very hard-working and honest so he has an enthusiasm which is really contagious. That is why he is so loved by car lovers: he always speaks his mind.

Due to the passion he has for cars he  owned a few cars in the past and he changes them quite often.

He owned cars including Renault, McLaren Spider, Porsche 9 11 and Ford Focus and all of the cars have their own place on his website.

When Tim realized that his Shmee150 website earns enough money to enable him normal living,  he decided to leave his full-time job and start doing more media work and freelancing on every car event he was invited to.

A lot of tech companies and car retail businesses took him as a freelancer and a consultant for their websites or their social media accounts.

Due to his work he has visited a lot of events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed or many Ferrari and Lamborghini events.

He has also visited beautiful towns where the main motor shows are held and those are Paris, Frankfurt, Monaco and even Dubai.

When he goes to road trips with his team he also visits less known countries and he likes it a lot. In 2016, he visited Balkans and drove through Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

Personal life

Tim is very modest. When he found out that his videos in Norway have almost ten million views (and it is a country of five million people) he was genuinly surprised. He calculated that it means that every person from Norway watched more than one of his videos.

As for his love life, it is known that his girlfriend lives and works in Germany so he travels to that country a lot in order to keep a long-distance relationship alive.

All of his licence plates have “87 TB” in it which is the year of his birth and his initials.

Quick summary

Full name: Tim Burton

Date of birth: September 17, 1987

Birthplace:  London, United Kingdom

Age: 31

Profession: Youtuber, car enthusiast, businessman

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million