Salomondrin Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Salomondrin,  whose real name is Alejandro Salomon, is a handsome Mexican-American YouTube Star, actor, producer and entrepreneur with thousands of followers to whom he has become a role model due to his lifestyle and his achievements in life.

He is widely known for his passion for cars and for his astonishing net worth of 30 million dollars, which of course enables him to buy some really nice, expensive cars.

Early years

Salomondrin was born as Alejandro Salomon on December 7, 1984 in Mexico City in Mexico to his loving parents: his father Alejandro and his mother Ari.

He lived in a middle class family and was fortunate enough that his parents could afford him education.

Today he helps them out and they live a much more comfortable life. They are proud of what their son has accomplished and they talk about him to everyone who is ready to listen.

Although he was born in Mexico and he has Mexican passport,  he has moved from Mexico to America so he currently holds American citizenship.

He has finished high school in Mexico before he was enrolled in Anderson and National College in America. It was in 2006 and it lasted until 2008.

He came to America with his best friend when he was nineteen years old, following his dream to become a student and after that gain a very successful career.

Alejandro was always aware of his creative side and the fact that he sees opportunities around him more than other people.

During the time he was in college he was trying to get as best education as he could.

He educated himself about trading and traffic of goods so he started visiting all kinds of forums to learn about trading and business. He wanted to gather as much informations as he could because he knew that one day he will need them.

In 2012 he continued his career path by entering the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation where he gained more expertise in those fields he was interested in.

Career development

He was always passionate about everything and he just knew that he would one day become a millionaire.

He relocated to Los Angeles because he is a big fan of films in movie industry and he wanted to be close to where the action happens. He wanted to be a part of Hollywood glamour and he wasn’t affraid of the hard work which was essential to succeed as an actor and a producer.

To get more engaged in the movie industry  he has created his own production house called “Helios Productions”  which soon became one of the most popular production companies in Los Angeles.

His business company is named “Solomon Investments” and through this company he spreads his business.

He is involved in the work of all kinds of markets where he comes up with special strategies and creative business content which bring him to the top of America’s entrepreneurship.

He has great connections with his business partners and other capital investors who are ready to fund anything he does because everything he did until now was turned to gold and they are aware that he is unmistakable when it comes to business.

As for his love for movies he became a good actor and he appeared or produced  several movies such as “One Day Like Rain”,  “Slightly Single in LA” and “Training Wheels”.

After that followed “The Key Lime Lie”, “The Final Battle” and “Tormenta’s ear”.

There are a lot of other short movies he made, and a lot of them are about cars.

There isn’t a market in which he entered that he hasn’t conquered, so besides his production house “Helios” and his company “Salomon Investments”,  he invested a lot of money in real estate industry, into dairy industry and to entertainment companies.

Alejandro’s other passion in life are his cars so he’s a proud owner of  a beautiful Viper, Rolls-Royce Ghost and Acid Green Porsche.

They have two pet dogs named Bella and Zoey and they love playing with them and they post photos of them on their social media accounts.

Salomon loves movies so much that he himself made short films and independent movies.

In September 2014 he opened his YouTube channel which is basically focused on his cars because he is a very passionate lover of cars and this channel has over 500,000 subscribers.

He created his YouTube channel to show his beautiful cars, his lifestyle and to show people his number one life passions: friends, family and his beloved wife by his side.

In 2015 he acted in the movie called “Hyper 5.” This movie also involves super cars and it battles the top five in order to see which one is the best.

The next year Salomon succeeded in getting a role in “Big 5” and “Banging Gears”.

In 2016 he was more interested in production so he has produced movies “Secret of my step-daughters” and “Little Dead Girl”.

In 2016, he was an executive writer for a TV series “Let’s talk about cars Yo!”.

A lot of production houses and studios which needed his advices hired him as a consultant when they needed someone who knows everything about special cars.

In 2017 he has received an award named National Business Plan Award which was given to him by The Forum for International Trade and Team Canada.

Personal life

On March 20, 2015 he married his lovely girlfriend Belana Maria with whom she now lives in Los Angeles in California with their loving dogs.

Belana is a very beautiful dark-haired lady who had a great career before she even met him but today she is even more successful due to the popularity of her husband.

Their marriage is very strong and emotional and they often comment each other and post photos of each other on their social media accounts.

His wife Belen Maria originates from Spain,  from it’s Southern part,  and she is a professional designer and a lifestyle coach.

The two of them get along great and they have a special kind of hobby which is  a passion to both of them.

This special hobby is fishing and they often do it together. They are also big fans of fish and veggies and he always watches his diet because he gaines weight easily.

Although he lives in United States, he hasn’t forgotten where he comes from. He helps out the Mexican community and donates money for schools and youth centers in his birth town.

People appreciate his good nature and the fact that he isn’t a scrooge.

Quick summary

Full name: Alejandro Salomon

Date of birth: December 7, 1984

Birthplace:  Mexico City, Mexico

Age: 34

Profession: Youtuber, businessman, entrepreneur,

Height: 1,78 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $30 million