Rosanna Pansino Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Rosanna Pansino is a famous American baker, YouTube celebrity and a selling author.

Rosanna became world famous after she has launched her cooking series “Nerdy Nummies”. This series is included on the list of the most popular baking series ever.

She is a very creative person who works wonders with her hands.

Early years

She was born as Rosanna Pansino on June 8,1985 in Seattle, Washinton in United States.

She has a very mixed descent: she has Italian, German and Irish roots.

This is the reason why she is so skilled in kitchen: she has learned various skills and techniques from various members of her family who cook traditional food of their nationalities.

She has started cooking realle early in her youth.

Rosanna attended the Native American Elementary School in her home town.

She was a very active student in high school and was a member of the school’s  soccer and gymnastic team.

She was very talented in many fields so she had no problem with taking exams due to her great capabilities.

She graduated from high school with good grades so she enrolled the Pacific Lutheran University.

She finished her college education in 2007.

Career development

Rosanna wasn’t interested in making her own YouTube channel but she had a lot of friends who were trying to persuade her that she should because it would be a shame that her great baking skills would go to waste.

The viewers were thrilled by her videos and started asking for more videos in their comments.

She has decided to make a business out of it and later it became her job.

Rosanna says that she is very pleased with the way that her life goes because she has a job she likes very much.

She has created “Nerdy Nummies” and it became so popular that even Rosanna wondered how.

Later on in her show, she says that her love for baking comes from her grandmother who loved it too and who first showed her how to bake when she was just a young child.

Her baking is a kind of combination of granny’s traditional baking with Rosanna’s modern twist.

Her ideas and decorations go a lot over traditional baking and show how she sees baking as an art work.

Doing different cartoon characters and cake variations was a kind of her self-expression for her but in 2008 she still wasn’t aware of her true calling.

She answered to a contest named “Scream Queens” and this was when she was still far away from her baking career.

It was during the time when she was trying to get herself an acting gig.

The contest was really a reality show which would give the oportunity to it’s winner to get a role in one of the sequals of “The Saw” series.

In 2009, she succeeded in getting a part in a comedy series “Parks & Recreation” where she gained a role of the Christmas Elf.

She has also starred in a comedy film named “Amy Alyson Fans” in 2011.

Al through high school she was very involved in the work of her drama club and played roles in various theater plays.

She was very interested in showbusiness but couldn’t find her way in it.

After finishing college she decided to move to LA because this is the center of entertainment in America.

After getting some small roles in series such as “Ghost Whisperer” and “Glee”, her agent confronted her to take her acting more seriously and to decide whether she will continue with it or will she devote herself to her Youtube channel.

She loved doing both, acting and baking, so it was hard for her to choose. She has found both of that jobs fulfilling and interesting.

In the end, she decided to go with Youtube and her baking career which was ultimately a great decision.

In 2016, she was given an oportunity to show her acting skills by playing the role of herself in “Bizaardvark” on Disney’s Channel. She was very pleased by that because she loved acting too.

Her baking series is made as a tutorial but it is followed by music and in the company of young, humorous guests which help her make her magic.

A lot of other known Youtubers such as Michelle Phan, Casey Ho and Jordan Maron were her guests and they loved being on her show because of the great atmosphere.

Rosanna’s cookbook called “Nerdy Nummies cookbook” (the same name as the website) was published in 2015.

This book contains her best recipes as well as very detail photos which give her readers an oportunity to really try out her cakes and cookies.

Her baking tutorials aren’t long, somewhere around 10 minutes, but the whole video takes one week to make so it is not as easy as it seems.

At first, she had to do everything herself: she baked, filmed, set up the stage…but today she has a team which helps her and it is easier for her to make videos.

All of her employees (eight people) are members of her family or friends.

She claims that it makes her very happy the fact that she is surrounded by people she is close to.

All of her sisters and her parents help her with work, and they became Rosanna’s company workers.

She invited her dad to join her in one episode of Nerdy Nummies and to help her make frozen ice delice.

Today she has over 10 million subscribers on her Youtube channel and not all of her videos are about baking.

She became more personal with her viewers so she made videos in which she showed them her new house, what she has in her closet and similar.

“Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in all of us” was a big bestseller because she made it in a form of a little encyclopedia: with a lot of detaips and over 400 photos.

She is involved in the work of Kin Community, a digital media company who partnered with Warner Bros.

Personal life

She likes to make special cakes about things she personally like.

For example, she is a huge fan of Super Mario video game so she made a grandious cake shaped as him.

The cake she made and the video she uploaded were so awesome that the owners of the game mentioned her in one of their series.

Minecroft is another game she uses for her cakes.

Rossana is very practical with money and has always watched out for it.

She used to save her alowance and ten percent of her paychecks so she could never be left without money.

By doing this, she had enough starting money to open her own company and invest in her own business.

She can thank her dad for that lesson he kept repeating her.

She invested in her first better camera and lighting so her videos could be of the quality she wanted.

She did all kind of jobs during the period she eanted to be an actress and while she was going on auditions: she was a dog walker, a barista, a babysitter and a waitress.

Today she still lives in Los Angeles.

Her younger sister is named Molly Pansino and the two of them were very close since they were kids. Molly was always supportive of Rosanna’s wishes and today she is the main person to help her create videos.

Tabloids have written about her alleged relationship with Josh Sussman in 2010.

He was an actor and they came together to the Golden Globe nominee event.

The second rumour was connected to a sports commentator named Mike Lamond and it claimed that they are together from 2016 .

They do post a lot of photis together on their social media so it is probably true that they are together.

She is a good singer and in 2015 she has released a music number on iTunes named “Perfect Together”.

She is often involved in charity work and responds to invitations to help raise funds for various important causes.

That is why she joined the Alzheimer’s Association and is raising awareness on this disease.

Quick summary

Full name: Rossana Pansino

Date of birth: June 8, 1985

Birthplace:  Seattle, Washington, United States

Age: 33

Profession: YouTuber, entrepreneur, baker, actress, singer

Height: 147 cm

Weight: 48 kgs

Net Worth: $10 million