Ricky Banks Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Ricky Banks is a famous YouTube star which goes by the name FaZe Banks or just Banks and he is from the United States.

He currently resides in Massachussets and he does some vlogging with his famous friends such as Alissa Violet, RiceGum, ClevelandsVeryOwn, Martinez Twins and FaZe Nikan. These are all famous YouTube stars too.

He has currently got 4.4 million subs and his channel and his videos were viewed more than 270 million times.

Early years

We don’t know a lot about his life before YouTube, but we do know he was born in October in 1991 (date 18th) and that he opened up his video channel in September of 2011.

His parents discovered his love for video games when he started to play his all time favorite game called Call of Duty. Little did he know that one day he’ll be living off of it.

Career development

Her started out naming his channel BanksHasBank and all he did was post funny videos of his trickshots or kills he did on video games. These would last about 30 to 60 seconds and they didn’t require much editing skills.

He used to be a part of SoaR and later on he entered FaZe in 2013. He is famous for playing very popular games called Black Ops 1, 2 and 3, but he also was a very keen to play Counter Strike. When he moved into the Clout House which was in spring of 2017, he decided that he should do more vlogs which would suit his new content better and he did it with all of the other stars who lived in the Clout House.

He was involved in various controversy and that’s how people know about him. In 2017 (in August), Jake Paul said that Banks hurt his assisstand (Megan) and Banks later claimed that he doesn’t recall this and called out Jake Paul for being a liar. Banks said that if it happened, it must be an accident and he explained what happened exactly.

During the same month, he did an interview and it was with Max Beaumont. Max was there during the indident and he explained that Megan and him had no relations inbetween and told the media that Banks had nothing to do with Megan and that he ahd never hit her. Later it was found out that someone in Team 10 lied about Banks kissing the girl and that’s how the whole story started out.

However, for Banks it was more fortunate than sad since he gained about 200 000 subscribers from the whole media exposement.

Another controversy worth mentioning is the one where Alissa Violet, a friend from the house, decided to attend a party for Thanksgiving in 2017. She was soon attacked by a girl and a guys. Soon, an argument between her, Banks and the guy and the girl started and soon the staff (Alissa’s) was involved too. It was a massive fight and in the end, Banks just tried to protect his friend. Helater had to make a video to respond all of the haters and so did Barley House. Banks had to pay $150 00 in cash because of that video since he was sued. He later never spoke about this and decided that it would be best if nobody spoke about it all.

Personal life

Banks has a bald spot where he has no hair and many people believe that he is terribly ashamed of it and that that’s the reason why he wears hats all of the time. Other YouTube star often roast him because of this and they claim that he is a filthy player too.

He is 6 foot 5, which in european standards corresponds to 195 cm which is pretty tall for a guy.

He used to make more collaboration videos before, now he doesn’t really do that. One clan he was particularly close with was called OpTic.

We don’t know if Ricky is dating anyone, but fans always tease him about Alissa Violet. She is an Instagram star, a singer and a very popular young girl whom Ricky met over the internet. They started to chat and later ended up living in the same house. It was a very lucky occasion for Ricky.

He is a big fan of tattoo’s and he has his right arm all filled up with ink. He has tattoo’s of roses, some weapons such as AK-47which he loves to use on Call of Duty since it is his favorite one and even has some letters written out. Rumour has it that he wrote out the dates he reaced his YouTube milestones related to his subscribers, but this has not been proved by anyone and Ricky doesn’t like to talka bout his tattoo’s.

Quick summary

Full name: Ricky Banks

Date of birth: October 18, 1991

Birthplace:  Lawrence, MA

Age: 27

Profession: YouTube star

Height: 195 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: NA