Rich Piana Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Rich Piana is a deceased American bodybuilder who became popular by his “monster truck” look and by his lifestyle which was totally opposite to everything current muscles industry claims: he was the opposite of every other bodybuilder.

It was because he didn’t lead a healthy lifestyle, he lifted weights the way he thought was right and he consumed steroids in big amounts.

He was also the owner of nutrition line  “Rich Piana”.

He died in 2017, after a two weeks long coma in which he fell after he had a cardiac arrest. He was 46 years old.

Early years

He was born on May 5, 1971 in Glendale,  California in United States. His birth certificate says “Richard Piana”.

Richard’s whole family are immigrants from Europe: some, like his parents, came from Italy, and some descented from Armenia.

Although his parents were Italian, they lived in an Armenian suburb so his best friends were from there.

He spoke a little Armenian and some Italian, but not much. He liked the American way of life so he never gave much attention to tradition or his European roots.

He has spent his early childhood life in Sacramento. It was there that he first saw how the world of bodybuilders looks like.

His parents were separated and he lived with his mum. They had a strong bond and he always looked up to her no matter what.

His mother was into bodybuilding so he sometimes went to gym with her and he watched all the builders tone their body.

However, it was Bill Cambra that influenced Rich to get involved in their world. Bill Cambra was the owner of the Body and Power Health Club where his mother trained and he was also a champion in body building category.

He was no more than 10 years old when he came to the Club, stating that he wants learn lifting weights.

Career development

He was fifteen when he entered the world of competetive bodybuilding.

One year before ending high school he decided that he wants to move out from his home and go live with his father in La Crescento in California.

After he got involved in competetive bodybuilding he started winning titles, with no special effort and the word about  him spread.

In 1988 he has won the title he was longing for: he became “Mr. Teen California”. It was a big day for him and for his proud parents.

This quick success brought attention onto Rich Piana and he was invited to appear in several TV shows.

Later he had made an appearance in “The Incredible Hulk” episode of “Scrubs”, a very popular comedy series which won both Emmy and Peabody awards.

He was also a part of “Ripley’s believe it or not” show.

He gained offers for showing up in TV commercials after which followed the role in “Malcolm in the Middle”, comedy series.

“Generation Iron 2” was a documentary movie in which he played himself since it was a movie which spoke about the last generation of bodybuilders who became famous over the Internet.

Other bodybuilders who were featured in this documentary film were Calum von Moger, Kai Greene and Flex Wheeler.

In 2014, he was involved in controversion which he caused himself, when he uploaded his own video in which he confessed that he used anabolic steroids almost 30 years.

He told his story about how they made his body look great but caused his hair to fall out and his livers to collect toxins from those products.

To justify himself for taking steroids he said that he was never satisfied by his muscles, especially arms and that he wanted to have biceps bigger than his had.

Two years later, in 2016, he released his second YouTube video with the same topic, where he adresses the public and his fans advicing them not to use steroids and explained them that it will take them longer to buold muscles in a natural way but tgeir body want suffer.

He points out that the worst thing you can do is to take hormones and steroids from the black market because it means that they are not medically approved and probably will do a lot of damage to your heart.

After he was tired with competitions, he focused on his business venture which was his own nutrition brand named “Rich Piana: 5% Nutrition.”

He didn’t stop on this but he created his own clothing line and had a food delivery service company.

He also focused more on his Youtube channel and other social media platforms he had. He started uploading more videos and helped his fans with their routine.

As for his titles, they are the following:

–  in 2009 he has won 1st place at Sacramento Pro

– he won Border States Classic XXX Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships twice that year

– in 2003 he made it 11th in NPC USA Championships

– in 1999 he was 7th at NPC USA Championships

Personal life

Richard was twice in marriage.

His first wife left him because he couldn’t forgive him for neglecting her and cheating her with more than one woman.

After the divorce was final, he started a relationship with a beautiful fitness model named Chanel Jansen but their affair had many ups and downs.

He has married his second wife in 2016. She was named Sara Heimisdottir and she is an Icelandic bodybuilder.

This marriage was soon ended after he found out that she was stealing from him.

He stated to the judge that she married him just to get American citizenship and that he wants the marriage to be dismissed because of it.

After that he got back to Chanel who was with him until the day he died. The two of them had a very turbulent relationship but they always stood by each other.

The two of them were together at home when he suffered a cardiac arrest which led to his fall and gaining a serious head injury.

She called the Emergency and they came really quickly and she saved his life giving him CPR the whole time until the paramedics came.

They helped him to get his heart start beating again but his brain was without oxygen too long.

The paramedics found over 20 bottles of testosterone in his house after this event.

Later in the hospital, the doctors decided to put him into an induced coma to help his brain to recuperate but he died on August 25, 2017.

The autopsy revealed several unknown medical facts about him which nobody knew: that he had an enlarged heart (almost twice in size) and a liver in similar state as the heart.

This changes on his organs are consenquences of longtime steroid use. Or to be more concrete: steroid abuse.

His Instagram channel had over one million followers, a little more than his Youtube channel.

He loved to share his catchphrase with the world which says “One Day You May”. He tattoed this sentence over his chest.

“Love it, kill it” was another of his sayings which he tattooed on his body and which he mentioned when he was guesting TV shows and events.

He also has spiderwebs on his elbows (although he has never been to prison and this is tattoed for ex-cons), words like “respect” and “revenge”.

His most often used tags he put almost under every photo are #whateverittakes and #monstersdoexist.

He has claimed that during his top training he ate no less than 12 meals a day!

He had fans going to the same gym as he, they wanted to look just like him so they tatooed themselves similar as he and followed his way of lifestyle.

Quick summary

Full name: Richard Piana

Date of birth: May 5, 1971

Birthplace: Glendale, California, United States

Age: died in 2017 at the age of 46

Profession: professional bodybuilder

Height:185 cm

Weight: 130 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million