Ricegum Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Ricegum is a YouTube star and a famous internet personality who is very well known amongst young and older people.

He makes videos related to gaming and comedy and that’s why he is always very popular and why people of such variety like him. Today, he has a huge net worth which ends up being around $700,000.

Early years

His real name is Bryan Le and he is a famous YouTube star who makes videos about various topics. His career actually started out as gaming and Bryan did not plan to be so popular. However, when he started to produce videos and then later realized he can live off of them because they became very popular, his career took another turn.

His date of birth is November 19th in 1996. He was born in Las Vegas and to this day he is still sometimes in his parent’s. house. It all depends on how he is feeling. He has various apartments all over the country, bu tpreffers to stay where he feels best at: home.

His father’s name is Luat Quang Le and the name itself reveals that his father is of Asian descent: Vietnamese to be precise. His mother’s name is Quang Ly Lely and she is Chinese. After he was born, the family lived in Nevada and they rarely changed their location since they have always been wealthy and there wasn’t ever a need for the family to search for new jobs and move.

His childhood was awesome. He had just enough friends that he cared about and we have a proof that he loves his parents much: he often mentions them in his videos. However, he does not like to talk about their names or their private info since he wants to keep them out of everything he does for their own security. He also says that his mother is pretty sensitive to hate and he doesn’t want her to read some of the mean comments.

He went to Sierra Vista High School and was a good student. In 2015 he had finished it and later on wasnted to get a degree so he went to a University that was close to him: in Nevada. Although he was very enthusiastic about his education, he didn’t like it as much as he liked YouTube so he had to quit it and pursue his loving career. This was a bit hard for his mother who always thought he would be a doctor, but she said later that she doesn’t care about his career as long as he is happy.

Career development

Ricegum is pretty young to be this rich and many people don’t understand where his incomes come from. How did he start earning at such a young age?

This hobby of his called gaming actually did all of the starting job for him. He always liked to play games and throughout his childhood years he would often invite friends and they would play games such as Call of Duty and so on.

He was verys killed and his friends told him that he should sometimes tape himself playing it so people could enjoy the great games he played. CoD was the first game that he ever shooted. However, first game he ever posted about was Modern Warfare 3, a game that was huge back then.

His channel started to grow severely. People found his commentary interesting and funny and since they wanted other people to laugh too, they would share the videos. This is one of the reasons why his channel grew so fast.

He soon joined Twitch, a streaming media where he streamed Call of Duty. There was a lot of controversy about him starting to hang out with Mia Khalifa, a porn star who is very popular and famous. Bryan gained much followers and attention when the following between two sensations started.

Soon YouTube had enough of his content because it was mostly not family-friendly and he started to become associated with people like Khalifa and they shut his channel down. However, Bryan had no intention to stop creating and therefore this did not stop him.

He decided to try out Machinima during 2012 and he absolutely loved it. It is a global network for games, sort of a social media, but it takes place on YouTube so he never really got fully kicked out. Bryan had to watch out because he could have violated the ‘Terms and Conditions’ again soon.

In 2015 he released one of his most famous videos: the one that made him go viral. It was the hit of the year and everyone talked about it and shared it massively. The video was called “These Kids Must Be Stopped” and it was about various internet sensations (especially those from a social media network that had been popular back then, musical.ly) like Loren Beech, Hunter Rowland and the infamous Jacob Sartorius.

Bryan claimed that the children portrayed themselves too sexually and that it’s not setting a good example for younger people that try to copy them. This was all a comedy sketch and Bryan took his time to make it very interesting.

A logical assumption would be the video became viral soon, and so it was. People started to share it with each other since the video was both funny (because of the roasts), serious (because these truly were real problems) and interesting (because of Bryans comments).

This video gained him about ten million views and even some popular stars tweeted about it. This made him even more famous.

After that, he devoted to making diss tracks, videos where he roasts other stars who actually, according to him, shouldn’t be stars at all. Some of the most popular ones he made were about Gabbie from The Gabbie Show, Jacob Sartorius, a dancer Maddie Ziegler and Baby Ariel.

His career is growing to this very day and he has about 6 million subscribers and over 600 million views. This makes him earn a lot of money from Google and ad revenues. Besides this channel, he has another one called RiceGumExtra where he vlogs and shows more about his day-to-day life. This channel is not as popular as the first one, of course, but it has about 1.3 million subscribers which still earns him a decent amount of money on the side.

In 2017, he made a diss track “I didn’t hit her” and this was posted on his new social media on a platform called Soundcloud. It was played over 3 million times and this only brings popularity to his initial YouTube account.

Personal life

Talking about his romantic life, there is not really a lot of things to mention. He is still pretty young and is focusing on his career rather than relationships. He is straight, although many people have thought that he had a secret relationship with a few fellow male YouTube stars. Bryan says that these scandals only bring him views and that he doesn’t care about the rumors.

Bryan often jokes about his looks and calls himself ugly and therefore claims that that’s the only reason why he is single, but when he talks about serious business, he admits that he would like to have some financial stability first.

The biggest mistery of RiceGum is the actual name of the channel. It’s pretty interesting that to this day his fans aren’t sure what this means and he doesn’t talk about this in a serious manner.

He is a fan of cars, but not to an extreme, so he bought himself a white Mercedes S550 because he did want it for a long time.

He has been involved in controversy with The Gabbie Show, with Gabbie Hanna herself to be precise. There were rumors going around that he assaulted her physically. The girl claims that not only did he hit her, but she also dropped her phone and it shattered. That’s what she used as proof.

Bryan is known to be in controversy with Alabama Parker too. She is a very young singer and he had acted mean towards the girl so she had cried. However, Bryan says that he told her the truth only: that she is not acting appropriate for her age and that her childhood and upbringing have not been good to her.

He had been banned from Twitch a couple times too, all thanks to the fact that he is mean and sometimes even shows weapons in his videos. However, he claims that he isn’t dangerous at all and that, if anything, he can be called a helpless girl when it comes to violence. Many people think that he says that only so he would seem innocent in front of his fans who believe everything the young YouTube star says.

His dating life is only about rumors and there has been zero relationships we can talk about and be sure those really had happened.

Quick summary

Full name: Bryan Le

Date of birth: November 19th 1996

Birthplace:  Las Vegas, United States of America

Age: 22

Profession: gamer, YouTuber

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 78 kgs

Net Worth: $700,000