Rebecca Zamolo Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Rebecca Zamolo seems to be one of those people you think have all the talents in the world! She is funny, she is pretty and she is smart! She started out her career in gymnastics and she thought that she would be a famous person in sports…

However, life had other plans for her.

She also gave writing a try and she wants to publish books in near future, but YouTube is now her number one priority. Rebecca spends a lot of time engaging on YouTube as a famous entertainer and she is a trainer to The Second City Improv Club!

Also, she appears in some comedy series and she has a great way of interpreting things!

Early years

She is known as Becca by her friends and she was born in the United States of America, in California, in a town called Martinez. Her date of birth is September 28th 1982.

Her parents are called Paul and Cathy and she has a lot of siblings! Jennifer (better known as Jenn), Monica, Michael and Lissa have lived with Rebeca throughout their childhoods and they were all very well connected to each other.

Usually people who are into sports start at early age, and so did Becca. Her parents saw that she had a great talent for gymnastics and they decided to help her get professional in it by hiring a trainer for her.

By the age of nine, she was already really good in gymnastics and she had National and Regional titles. These are the ones she won in her early life and she had huge plans for her future.

However, other things became more interesting to her. She did get a degree in Communication and Sports Management so that she can return to this hobby of hers whenever she feels like it.

Career development

When she was done with her education, she had to choose what will she occupy herself with and which hobby is right for her. She soon got interested in doing drama and similar acting activities.

Because of this, she soon moved to a place where she could get much more chances to grow and it was Los Angeles. She wanted to improve in gymnastics and get a few acting roles to see how it will go alltogether. She was always very active in her career and she tried out multiple things all of the time. She is a great multitasker and that brought her a lot of ease.

She soon got an inquiry from “The Second City”. They wanted her to join on their teams such as “Impro Troupe” so she can grow both as an actress, comedian and actually, as an entertainer alltogether.She appeared on TV on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

The crowd really liked her and, since she had many talents, it wasn’t hard for her to find a new job. She said that she wanted to develop her YouTube channel and grow it out sinc entertaining was currently her priority. One of her videos went viral on Huffington Post and that helped her quite a lot.

She took a part in Funny or Die, Blip.TV and Yahoo and she performed with various people in the industry. Her personal favorite was when she worked with Rampage Jackson who is in the A Team.

As gymnastics were not a huge interest of hers anymore and she did make her YouTube channel pretty famous, she wanted to do acting. Her TV debut was in “Make It or Break It” which was in 2009, but she had previously appeared as cameo or in minor roles

Nowadays, she engages a lot on social media and she shares pictures of her, her husband, their trips and she often shows off her beautiful gymnast body that she had earned by many many years of training. Lately she had also been working with a few fashion companies to present some of their products.

She is known for engaging with her fans. Her Instagram posts often have a question for her fans in the description and that’s how she gets to know them. Later on, she reads and likes their comments so they know that she actually pays attention and doesn’t do it only for publicity.

Personal life

She is one of the few YouTuber’s that don’t have much drama going on around them. She has a husband called Matt Yoakom, but he is more known by his name Matt Slays. They had a wedding back in 2014 and they have been living a great life together. She says that she is happiest she had ever been.

Her husband is also a YouTube star and they share many interests so that is probably why their marriage is going so well.

Quick summary

Full name: Rebecca Lynn Zamolo

Date of birth: September 27th 1982

Birthplace:  Martinez, California, United States of America

Age: 36

Profession: gymnast, actress, producer

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: $3.3 million