Ray William Johnson Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Ray William Johnson is a known American Youtuber, rapper and a comedian who gained fame through his Youtube channel and his “Equals three =3”.

His estimated net worth is $5 million and most of his earnings come from his Youtube channel and advertisements and from his own production company.

He is known for breaking several Youtube records.

Early years

He was born as Ray William Johnson on August 14, 1981 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States.

He has spent an ordinary childhood living with his parents in the suburbs and hanging out with his younger brother with whom he gets along very well.

He was a very good student at Norman North High School and after he graduated in 1999 he decided to enroll college.

He was always ambitious but never seemed to know exactly where to find his future interest.

He chose Columbia University where he wanted to study history although he was earlier thinking of earning himself a degree in law. But his high school grades and his finals weren’t high enough.

He was into a few sports in high school but was never serious in making a career out of it.

It was in college that he started posting his videos on Youtube and his beginnings were very modest. He did it more as a hobby while he didn’t have anything to study.

With a handfull of subscribers he wasn’t thinking of giving up on Youtube but he was thinking how to improve his channel and gain more subs.

He started making vlogs on a daily basis which made a huge difference. The quality of his content and the fact that he would do it every day gave his career a push.

Career development

His first channel, with his first videos was named “BreakingNYC” and it isn’t functional today because Ray deleted it.

It took him one year, from 2008 to 2009, to become interesting enough to online public and today this channel, named after his name, Ray William Johnson, and nowadays it is amongst the most popular channels ever.

It was the series named “Equals three =3” that brought him fame. In it he commented other Youtube videos and content in a funny and sarcastic way.

His career moved off more stronger after he signed a contract with a producing company called “Maker Studios”. Today this company is under the wing of Disney Digital Network.

Under their guidance he made a version of his popular series “Equal Three” but in a Spanish version.

The series was translated into “Igual a Tres”. It was very successful and brought both him and Maker Studios a lot of money.

Ray William Johnson is also known for his involvement in producing an animated series with comedy content named “Your Favorite Martian”. It was released in 2011 and made in collaboration with Shawn Shultz.

In 2012, Ray left Maker Studios because he felt played after they wanted to change their contract and ensure themselves almost half of the money he earns of the series. He said “No” and canceled the contract.

This is how he learned the hard way that it is better to be independent because it enables you to make your own decisions regarding your future.

He decided it is time to open his own business so he created “Equals Three Studios”. This soon became a renomated production house.

His Equal Three series was on the air until the spring of 2014. After that he focused on making others, for example “Comedians On” and “Booze Lightyear”. These two were canceled very quickly.

The series continued after he left but never brought back the popularity it had while he hosted it.

Robby Motz hosted it from 2014 to 2015 but he was replaced by Kaja Martin in 2015.

This was a poor choice and while Kaja hosted it the series lost a lot of viewers. Last two years it was hosted by Carlos Santos, until it was finally shut down.

His girlfriend Anna Akana (who is also a gorgeous model) wrote a script for a series which premiered on Facebook. It was called “Riley Rewind” and it was made in 5 episodes.

Anna was also the main actress in the series, Riley Brown.

While he was with Anna, the two of them started their production company “Runaway Planet”.

They vlogged about how they started theur business and why did they decided to do it together.

After they vloggs became popular they started talking about various topics and answered fan’s questions.

The channel was named “Runnaway Planet” but was later changed into “Runnaway Machine”.

In 2014  Ray William hosted an episode named  “Thank You For Everything”  and it was very popular and garnered millions of viewers.

Ray William Johnson played a role in a movie released in 2016 and titled “Who’s Driving Doug”. This was an independent road movie made by D.Katz and N. Carbonetta.

RJ Mitte, Paloma Kwiatkowski, Daphne Zuniga and Travis Flores are his other starring colleagues.

He also gained a small part in “Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie”. It’s an animated cartoon made for adults. Ray gave his voice to a Quick-step Hipster.

In 2016, he appeared in an advertisement for DiGiorno pizzas which became very popular and was all over all media platforms.

He was one of the creators of a known production firm named “Mom & Pop Empire”.

He uses dark and raw humor but makes a wonderfully unique content. He is also a great actor and can do a lot of voice changes too.

His great creativity resulted with his collaborations with Snoop Doggy Dog and Robin Williams.

In 2012 he became the first Youtuber ever to become a millionaire. It was after his channel crossed the magic number of five million followers.

His videos sometimes received some negative comments or critics because some people didn’t like his comedy content but they were in minority.

He was often asked to participate in the production of series by other production companies. In “Epic rap Battles of History” which were released by Marker Studio he gave voices to Boba Fett and to Goku.

Today his subscribers fell to 50,000 loyal fans since he currently has no show on Youtube, just his vlogging channel.

He says that today he is a travelling comedian and he claims that he is very happy with his life.

Personal life

He was dating Anna Akana for a longer period of time and they even started their business together. They dated from 2013 to 2014.

Today he is in a happy relationship with Kelly Farell, a very beautiful redhaired woman.

He has one younger brother.

He has a an Instagram account with over 800 k followers where he regularly posts news about his work and photos of his beautiful girlfriend.

She also has her Instagram account where she describes herself with an interesting title: creativity life coach.

The two of them make hillarious videos together and travel together for his gigs. They seem to have a stabile relationship which will probably develop into something more serious in time.

Since they both like kids it is probable that they will start their own family.

Quick summary

Full name: Ray William Johnson

Date of birth: August 14, 1981

Birthplace: Oklahoma City, United States

Age: 37

Profession: actor, director, comedian, writer, rapper, producer

Height: 1,68 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $5 million