Phil Lester Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Phil, known through his popular channel “Amazing Phil” is a known British Youtuber and a vlogger.

Phil is mostly working as a part of a duo, with another vlogger named Daniel Howell.

They became known in their country but later all over the world through their radio show which is airing on Sunday evenings on BBC.

Early years

He was born as Philip Michael Lester on January 30, 1987 in a town called Rawtenstall in Lancashire, United Kingdom.

He has a younger brother Martyn who was also born to the same parents as Phil’s: to Kathryn and Nigel.

He and Martyn were always great friends and support to each other.

He was a pupil at The Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School. After he graduated from elementary education, he enrolled University of New York.

He was a very hardworking and smart student so he had no problem in finishing college.

In 2008, he graduated from English and Linguistics. Since he was highly interested in all present media, he post graduated in those areas too: Film, Theater, and Television were his field of interest so he graduated them.

He mastered the knowledge of video production and was extraordinary in visual effects. Phil was always passionate in production and wanted to be extra good in it so he was focused and worked hard on it.

Phil was never scared or ashamed of working so he has went through several carrers to finance himself while studying.

He was a car washer, a waiter and even a doh walker, in order to support himself through studies. That is why he highly appreciate his success, knowing that he succeeded all by himself, with no one’s help.

He also worked at the veterinary office and had no problem doing that since he was great with animals. He always had pets and was kind by nature so this was a very pleasing working space for him.

Career development

His first video was uploaded on his “Amazing Phil” channel in 2006 and it was named “Phil’s Video Blog”.

After uploading a few videos he became noticed by the viewers and his number of subscribers grew rapidly.

After the great success of his channel, he created another one named  “LessAmazingPhil”.

Phil always responded on every charity invitation. In 2010, he was a part on online broadcast which tried to raise funds for “UNICEF” and it was named “Stickaid”.

Phil is very empathic and wants to make a difference in his surroundings so he promotes charity causes whereever he goes.

Phil and his best friend Daniel Howell created a gaming channel titled “DanAndPhilGAMES” which became one of the biggest Youtube channels.

They also created the Super Amazing Project in which they talked about paranormal stuff. This was also viewed a lot because fans like everything connected to paranormal.

After joining their own Radio 1 show they were forced to put some of those projects aside but they were still trying to keep up with their fans wishes.

Dan and Phil became the winners of Teen Choice Award and this success brought them even closer.

Phil was nominated for British Online Creator Awards too which was a vedy proud moment for him.

Phil is a very creative person so he published several books too. “The amazing Book Is Not on Fire” is one of his most read titles. This book was a New York Times Bestseller.

Phil earns money from endorsement and sponsors which pay him a fair amount of money for his work.

He was involved in a controversy due to his advertisement of Oreo Biscuits on Youtube because it wasn’t pointed out that it was a video ment for promotion.

This video was soon taken down due to the Youtube’s strict policy of transparency.

He was also featured in a commercial for

As for his religious beliefs, he states that he is agnostic.

He was very popular amongst girls and back in 2013 a website named Sugarscape described him as the Hottest Lad on the internet. This wasn’t all because of his work online but also because of the fact that he is goodlooking.

He shares a lot of personal informations with his fans. For example, he made a video where he stated that he is lactose intolerant so he doesn’t eat dairy and hates cheese.

Phil broke a Guines Record by stacking 25 coins in less than 32 seconds.

He is the creator of “The 7 Second Challenge” app which he made in collaboration with Dan.

Dan and Phil met each other over Twitter and their friendship is solid as a rock.

In 2015, Dan and Phil decided to make a theatrical form titled “The Amazing Tour Is Not on Fire”  and they staged all over UK, USA, Europe and Australia.

“Dan and Phil Go Outside” is also a very popular book he wrote, this was also created alongside his good friend Dan.

It was released in 2017 and it has photos from their tour. There are over 100 photos in it becacause they wanted to closely show their fans what it looks like.

He is involved in modelling too and he models for Flipside.

These are some of the acting roles he had through his career:

In 2005 he appeared in Smosh and in 2008 he played Tom in “Faintheart”.

In 2011 he guested at “Nerdy Nummies”.

From 2013 to 2016 he played himself in a Youtube series “YouTubers React”.

In 2013 he played himself in  an episode of “Ro’s life”.

In 2016 he played a role of Hafifu in one episode of “The Lion Guard”.

He has given his voice for a character in an animated film made by Pixar. It is called Big Hero 6.

Personal life

As for his private life, his fans claim that he is bisexual but he never confirmed it.

He posted a photo of his girlfriend on Instagram but since it was the only photo many believed that it was just in theatrical purposes.

Quick summary

Full name: Phillip Michael Lester

Date of birth: January 30,1987

Birthplace:  Lancashire, England

Age: 31

Profession: radio host, Youtuber

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 64 kgs

Net Worth: $1,5 million