Paige Hathaway Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Paige Hathaway is a beautiful youth fitness icon who became a role model and a big influencer in the fitness world with her great physique and her will to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

She is one of the most popular wellnes and fitness guru, known for her awesome body and sexappeal.

She has a lot of photos of her in lingerie because she wants to show off her feminine side, not connected to sport and fitness.

Early years

Paige Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987 in Minnesotta in United States.

She was raised in a troubled family in a small community but she was always ambitious and has tried to find her way on the celebrity map.

Her family had a lot of problems and her parents were already fighting when her mother was pregnant with Paige.

This continued after she was born due to the fact that her father had issues with alcohol and the police and child service employees often visited their home.

She was just a baby when her parents decided that they aren’t good together so they got divorced.

Her father had issues with alcohol and her mother decided it was time for her and Paige to move on.

She was only four years old when a custody battle started between her mother and father, although the child service wasn’t pleased with neither of the parents.

Her mother has met a man online, started a new relationship and decided to move to Texas to be with him.

She took Paige with her but they weren’t long together because what she did was illegal and she wasn’t aloud to take the bany away from her father before the custody case was finished.

After a few months, the police came to her mother and took Paige away from her and settled her in the family.

They took her to her grandmother’s because they thought she was more fit to be a parent to the girl.

But this wasn’t a solution for her because in the end, Paige had changed foster homes and lived in different families for several years.

She never had any problems as a foster kid but she always felt like she didn’t belong there.

After she reached the legal limit in United States when she could leave alone, and that was when she celebrated her 16th birthday, she moved from a small town in Minnesotta to Oklahoma City, where she hoped to find herself work and continue her education.

She has enrolled University and did all kind of jobs to support herself through college: she worked as a waitress, barista, and even in gym.

It seems that her childhood was difficult but she was always aware that she will succeed in life because of it. She has fought twice as hard to prove herself her own worth due to the fact that she was always a little ashamed of herself.

She didn’t know exactly how will she succeed but she knew that she won’t fail.

Career development

She started modelling but was often told that she was too thin and that she should start training to get some muscles.

She started going to the gym and found a trainer that saw her potential and helped her to get her bofy to perfection.

The fact that she began getting involved with wellness and fitness when she was already twenty years old, made her even more interesting to fitness community.

In 2013, she received an award as the winner of 2013 Bikini Model Competition.

She started going to the gym and she liked the energy she gained from it. Her wellness coach saw her great will and enthusiasm so he worked very hard with her. She started eating healthier and she finally decided to take her training seriously.

She entered her first competition and gained an awesome second place in NPC rivalry held in United States under the name Ronnie Coleman Classic.

This was a lifechanging experience for her and she was thrilled with the way her body felt and that she inspired people to train.

When she was asked how did she come to this decision she said that she always liked the action and training, and that she has played soccer while she was in high school but she was never completely in it and has never been as motivated as today.

Getting a trophie at the Ronnie Coleman Classic gave her the confidence to pursue her career in fitness.

After she was 2nd on 2011 Ronnie Coleman Classic Show in Class C, she was 16th on 2013 NPC USA Championships Class D.

In 2013 she was 14th on the NPC Junior USA Championships.

Her big online fame came in 2015 when she has opened her Instagram account in 2015.

In 2016, she was invited to the BodyPower Expo which was held in United Kingdom.

She also started giving private lessons which ensured her steady income and more comfortable lifestyle.

She gained a lot of followers on social media networks and is very popular there, especially on Instagram.

She uses her social media accounts to promote herself and her lifestyle, she gives tips to people and motivates them for doing their best and not giving up.

Her photos gathered millions of likes.

She talks about weight loss and she promotes products used by bodybuilders.

Paige Hathaway became a businesswoman too and after she created her own site she had offered her fans a  subscription and offered her services as a personal trainer.

Fitin5 Challenge is the name of her fitness bussines empire.

She offers to make her subscribers their personalized diet and training plans.

She also posts a lot of her photos and videos to keep her viewers interested and motivated.

Paige often says that she is so happy when she helps someone to achieve their goals, just like she did.

Paige earns a lot od money by advertising fitness apparel, and is a model for RyderWear so she posts photos of her in their clothes on her Instagram account.

Personal life

In her interview she often mentions Jamie Eason and Chady Dunmore as her role models and claims that it is very important to have someone who motivates you and who you look up to.

She is very persistant in keeping a healthy diet and her usual breakfast consists of egg whites, peanut butter and oat meals are obligatory.

She has breast implants because she was never satisfied with her cup number.

It is rumoured that she is in relationship with Casper Smart, a known professional dancer.

He is of Latin descent and is known for dating Jennifer Lopez.

She was on the cover of HERS magazine, a magazine that writes about women in fitness and health industry.

She was also on the covers of other known fitness magazines and is always answering to invitations to various events.

Her best friend is Janina Agneta, who works at F45 Training Head Office, and the two of them travel all around the world.

They especially like visiting Australia and they post a lot of photos on their Instagram.

Quick summary

Full name: Paige Hathaway

Date of birth: July 31, 1987

Birthplace: Minnesotta, United States

Age: 31

Profession: fitness icon, Instagram celebrity, bikini fitness contester and athlete, personal trainer

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 52 kgs

Net Worth: $2,5 million