Optic Scump Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Seth Abner, or more known as Optic Scump in the world of gamers, is a very known online Call of Duty player who has his own YouTube channel named after him.

Early years

He was born as Seth Abner on June 29, 1995 in Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania to Kristen and Sean Abner. There is not a lot of info particulary about his childhood but we do know a bit about his family.

Both of them were very supportive and loving parents to Seth. This is why he never felt judged when he used to play games often.

Seth was a pupil at Midland Secondary School where he was very good and quiet, always paying attention in class.

He was interested in computers from a very early age. This was interpreted well by his teachers, but his parents were often worried that he will not be good at school for he was spending much time on his PC.

His father who was a football player tried to engage him into sports and he succeeded since Seth became a great athlete.

Due to the injury he sustained at the age of 14 he had to take a break from sports so he found another hobby to swap the sports.

He was a student at Cumberland Valley High School and hasn’t finished any University because he decided he will try himself out in the gaming field.

He has graduated from high school in 2013: he said in an interview that he was always the class clown. It wasn’t meant in a rude way, though.

He started playing games while he was in high school but he really got hooked up on it while he was in dorm and he played it in teams with his friends.

Career development

He started playing HALO, but soon showed talent which brought him to a spot in an amateur team named “Team Deathmatch”.

It didn’t take a long period of time for a professional team to spot Seth and his natural talent on the position of  Slayer so he joined Quantic Gaming in 2011.

On his very first tournament, his team has won the 1st place and this is an interesting fact because there are only a few gamers who gained first place at their very 1st event.

He was then taken by a team named “OpTic” and he joined team to play with Rambo, BigTymer and Merk. They were the best team in that season and managed to win two 1st places.

The next season brought changes: Merk has left the team and Seth’s popularity went to the roof with Black Ops II season.

In the next season he wasn’t playing in a good mode and he had a fallout with Nadeshot.

It was then when he left Optic Gaming and joined Envy. A few months later he returned to his original gaming team and he was again the member.

He is one of the members of Optic Gaming Team which is one of the best Esports American teams.

Other than Optic Scump he was also a part of Quantic LeveraGe and apeX eSports where he showed his talent and made remarkable success.

He is the captain of the whole team and he made a great accomplishment by winning gold medals of Major League Gaming twice until now.

He is still the only player that succeeded in that and that makes him one of the top gamers ever.

He won over 20 championships and is the second greatest player in Call of Duty in the history of the game.

His most favorite Call of Duty game is definitely Modern Warfare 2.

His biggest rival and a competetition is Ache and the two of them met in battle for a few times. Ache leads Scump by 3 victories.

He is sponsored by many tech companies and factories and is contracted with Red Bull. This brings him a huge income and gives him assurance for the future.

Personal life

His father was a pro baseball player and his mother was a housewife and later the marriage of his parents broke.

They got divorced but still they are in touch and don’t have any angry towards each other. This was important for him since he did not want his parents to be in any sort of a conflict.

They regularly meet with their son both together and alone, and he comes to visit them very often. This shows that their family truly did create some wonderful bonds.

He has a brother Jordan and the two of them are very close and spent a lot of time together. They go out and sometimes even go on a vacation to move from their hometowns.

His father Sean is a retired professional football player and his mother is a housewife who was very devoted to her family.

His girlfriend was named Kenz and they used to live together in California.

She is also a player of Call of Duty and is very interesting to gamers not only because she is a girl but because she is very beautiful.

Kenz is nicknamed Queen. His nickname is now The King but he is often reffered to as ScumperJumper or The Ginja Ninja.

Rumours are that they aren’t together anymore but no one can really be sure about this because not one of them confirmed that these rumours are false or true.

Quick summary

Full name: Seth Abner

Date of birth: June 29, 1995

Birthplace: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Age: 23

Profession: COD Player, gamer,

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $750,000