Optic Nadeshot Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Matthew is a professional gamer who earns money by making videos and streams where he shows off his gaming skills. He is better known as Optic Nadeshot, one of the best Call of Duty players in the world. He is known to be great in competitive games.

He got into gaming at an early age and managed to be recognized very early. He was named one of the best players by the very Call od Duty XP itself. His gaming abilities brought him into one of the most famous organization in this niche: Major League Gaming. This was in year 2014.

Matthew also attended The Game Awards and got the title of the best e-sport player. He is one of those gamers who are not only said to be good, but actually have a lot of medals, trophies and various other papers that actually confirm he is as good as people say he is.

He is popular in this field and obviously many companies wanted him for themselves, so he today presents and sometimes create some of the published games by Astro Gaming. Later, Scuf Gaming also made a deal with him and he therefore presents both of the companies.

After years of gaming, Optic knows all of the knowledge there is about video games, but also personal computers. This was in his favor when he started out his own corporation called Optic Gaming. He has very big plans for the future and hopes to present many awesome games to his fans, but also other gamers.

One could not think that Nadeshot earns a huge amount of cash online, but it’s true. He is so good in his hobby that even his friends, in their early life, told him that he should use it to become famous. That’s exactly what he did and today he lives a pretty comfortable life with his net worth being estimated to $2 million.

Early years

His original name is, of course, not Optic Nadeshot. It is actually Matthew Haag and his origins come from the United States of America when he was born in 1992, on August 3rd. His father and mother were not famous at all and, if anything, they actually were living a pretty tough lige.

Jeff was the name of his father and he was a carpenter. This couldn’t earn a lot of money for the family, but they didn’t complain. His mother, Christina, had an illness one could not control and the family knew that she wouldn’t live long.

Haag has two siblings and he always took care of them. This is a habit he has since his mother died and the family’s life changed a lot. They had to become a bit more independent, but Matthew says that it was very hard for them to get used to the fact that she really is not here anymore, although she was never really around the house because she had to rest all of the time.

He decided that he wouldn’t let this change his life in a bad way and so he continued his education to make his father proud. He graduated in high school in Illinois, name was Amos Alonzo Stag High School and after 2010 he decided that he wanted to get a degree too. His field of interest was business so he had to enroll the Morsaine Valley Community College.

He is on Red Bull’s eSports list and is also one of the most famous streamers on a social media platform called Twitch TV. That’s where he shares all of the new games his sponsors (Astro Gaming and Scuf Gaming) and communicates with his fans who are very loyal to him.

Matthew and his siblings had a somewhat decent childhood, the only downside being the financial issues and the death of their mother. However, the children learnt how to get over it and they became independent at an early age. Optic used to spend a lot of time on his computer and he played video games with his brothers. He says that it was a great way to relax for them and that he loves his brothers very much so he always wanted to be there for them when they wanted to hang out with him.

What’s great is that his habits soon became something he could live off. Although he didn’t expect it, he was soon popular in school because of his skills and many children wanted to try out playing with him. He was challenged by many kids, but none of the kids ever won because of Optic’s fabulous skills. He was known to do some great moves in shooting games (first-person ones) and he didn’t fear to risk.

Career development

Because of his great skills in gaming, he became one of the most important people for Red Bull and today he is driving great cars. One of his favorite ones is BMW i8. He does like cars a lot and therefore he spends a lot of cash trying to pimp them up, but also buying the newest models on the markets. He is always upgrading.

He is owner of a game called Hundred Thieves, and it was published in April 2016 after a lot of hard work the team did to make the game perfect, just the way Optic wanted it.

He has the right to brag about his winning on the Game Awards, one of the most famous events a gamer could attend. Not many professional gamers have the chance to visit it and even less of them have a chance to win something there. Matthew is one of the few who can actually say that he did.

Haag is most famous for playing Call of Duty and he is the best player of two versions: Advanced Warfare and Ghosts. After gaining such attention in the game, he decided to unite some of the best players in the world and he called them into the Call of Duty Wolrd League.

Matthew has a huge fanbase and they follow him around on social media all of the time. He has over a million followers on Instagram and over 2 million on Twitter.

Personal life

He tries to make his private life unknown to the media and he is pretty good at it. Besides the fact that he is handsome and therefore has been seen with many women, we don’t know are any of them actually potentially important. He never disclosed his relationship status and many believe that he is actually single, when some believe he has a girlfriend that he hides. This girlfriend is supposed to be someone out of the media, someone he knew for a while. Optic never said anything about this.

He is a great man and because of the death of his mother, illnesses left a big impact on his and he decided that he wants to help out everyone dealing with one. That’s why he gives out a lot of money to various organizations, tries to be a better man by helping charities and he is known to be especially active with those hospitals and organizations that deal with cancer in children.

He currently lives in Los Angeles for he can get most of his offers and deals done here.

Lately he has been seen in the company of Jenna Ezarik, a YouTube star, and many poeople think that they are dating, but the duo never declared are they together or not. They have been seen having dinners, going to parties and even going on a vacation together. Paparazzi and fans are all over them every time the couple gets out and they get asked the same question all over again: are you a couple or just friends?

Quick summary

Full name: Matthew Haag

Date of birth: August 3rd 1992

Birthplace:  Palos Hills, USA

Age: 26

Profession: gamer, youtube star

Height: 165 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2 million