Mo Vlogs Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Mo Vlogs is a popular Youtuber and a vlogger whose estimated net worth is somewhere around $300,000.

He currently lives in Dubai with the two most important women in his life: his mother and his sister.

His fans are called YoYo Squad and they are very active on all of his and even his sisters social media accounts.

Early years

Mo was born as Mohamed Beiraghdary.

He was born on March 8, 1995 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He is of Iranian descent which was concluded because of the fact that his mother mostly speaks in Persian.

He studied in London, in United Kingdom, which is an information he shared with his viewers. He also stated that he went to  Queensmary University and it is possible that he studied Maths.

His sisters name is Lana Rose and she is also a celebrity.

His sister also enrolled college just as Mohammed  but as soon as they both finished it, they returned to Dubai with their mother.

She was often with them in London during their studies.

Career development

Living in Dubai gave him the oportunity to show the life of madly rich people and to describe their lifestyle to his viewers.

The easiest way to describe their lives is to compare and test the vehicles they drive in.

The most fascinating part of his vlogs are his auto vlogs and they have thousands of views just minutes after he uploads them on his channel.

He began vlogging in San Francisco and he soon rose above amongst viewers and Mo became a Youtube star.

His goodlooking sister often appears in his vlogs and due to the popularity she gained from her brother’s channel, she has opened her own channel called  lanarose786.

Mo also has his gaming channel and has an account on Twitch.

His Twitch account s named HitspecK0, but he didn’t gain a lot of subscribers with this bussines move.

He is a good friend with another known Youtuber called Aleem Iqbal, whose main area of interest are also supercars. Aleem braggs about them over the Internet.

Mo uploads recordings where you can see Lamborghinis and rare cars such as  McLaren 675LT.

The whole family drives expensive cars and they post the photos of them online.

He doesn’t film cars unless they are powered by V8 or V12 motors. Those are the specifics of only the most expensive cars.

That was the reason he moved to Dubai. Dubai is a place where he can easily reach and see many cars like that. He can easily find enough rich people with supercars.

Mo is popular because he also uploads funny vlogs too.

It is interesting that his Youtube career didn’t start with vlogs but with his gaming channel named HitspecKO.

The channel had just a few thousands of subscribers so Mo decided to start vlogging.

The last video he uploaded on his channel was in January 2015.

His first video was released in winter 2014 titled simply: My first Vlog!.

After a few vlogs about supercars he was soon in the center of attention and realized that there is a lot of people online who would like to see and hear more about luxury and supercars.

His sister Lana Rose today owns a white Lamborghini Huracan from 2014. Later was the car painted purple.

The video which gained him most attention is named “The Luxury Dubai Lifestyle – Billionaire Boys” .

He also gained from five to ten million views on these videos: “Rich Kids of the Middle East – The Most Expensive Car Event in the World !!!” , “Girl Driving a Bugatti in Dubai!!! ” , “Paying CASH for my New Car !!!” .

His video which was also very seen was named “A Day with Batmobile”.

He also has another channel called “Money Kicks” with over 1, 5 million subscribers on it. This channel shows off all the extraordinary luxury including supercars, a viewing of DJ Khaled superluxury house and similar.

To increase his income , he has released his own T-shirt line with his initials MV.

Today he lives in a part of Dubai where only wealthy people live and he drives only expensive cars.

His mother Nadereh Samimi is very proud of her children and has a very strong bond with them. His mother is often called Nadia.

She is a business woman and she has over 100,000 subscribers on her Instagram channel. She also has a beautiful white supercar.

Mo is a huge fan of supercars so it is no wonder that he has not one, but two supercars: a dark grey Mustang and bright red Ferrari Spyder.

Interestingly enough, he likes to make videos of his sisters white Lamborghini more than of his own cars.

However, he prefers making videos about the white Lamborghini that his sister owns. He collects money from all around the world and he has quite big collection since his fans send him notes in letters.

Personal life

He is also a good friend with Rashed Belhasha.

His mother is very beautiful, just as his sister and she has a distinctive style for fashion.

Mo often talks about her in his vlogs.

His sister Lana Rose isn’t really called that but she is called Parisa. She is popular too but amongst women, because of her great makeup artistry and oil paintings.

She isn’t that regular in posting as her brother but is trying to be.

Their father is named Esmail Beiraghdary but his children don’t speak about him that much.

It seems that he doesn’t live with his children and that he is separated from them. The reason for this is unknown.

If you surf the Internet you can easily find photos if his father and even family phozos but he doesn’t put any photos of his father on his Instagram and he doesn’t mention him at all.

But he adores his mother and has tons of photos with her. He always congratulates her birthdays, Mum’s day and similar.

He calls her Mummy Mo and that is how her Instagram channel is called. She has over 100,000 followers on her Instagram channel.

The first car he has ever bought himself was a Mercedes E220 worth $50,000.

Lana Rose’s first car was BMW 360i.

Mo often travel from London to Dubai and vice versa because he has a lot of friends from college there and because he is famous in Britain too.

In some of his videos he and his sisters are throwing money in the air, just to bragg how rich they are.

His mother, sister and him are all big fan of cats. When one if their cats named Didi was hit by a car they were all devasted and they shared it on their social media.

Recently, Mo has bought a new big house where he lives with his sister Lana and he is trying to decorate it as expensive as he can afford.

There aren’t any photos of his girlfriend on their channel and he doesn’t speak about his love life.

He probably goes out a lot and enjoy female company but we cannot be sure is he straight.

Quick summary

Full name: Mohamed Beiraghdary

Date of birth: March 8, 1995

Birthplace: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Age: 23

Profession: Youtuber, car enthusiast, gamer

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 72 kgs

Net Worth: $2,5 million