Miniminter Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Miniminter, whose real name is Simon Edward Minter, is a popular British YouTube star and a gamer who became a member of  “Sidemen”, a group consisted of six more gamers other than him who gained great popularity in UK.

Sidemen group includes the top seven Youtubers in Britain, and some of them are KSI, zerkaa and TBJZL.

Miniminter is widely known as one of the best FIFA gameplayer and a skilled Youtuber.

Early years

He was born as Simon Edward Minter on September 7, 1992 in Hempstead,  Herefordshire in England.

He has spent most of his childhood surrounded by loving parents and two older brothers, Nick and Johnny. They were always supportive to one another although the older brothers sometimes pulled pranks on their younger brother.

He tries to keep close contact with all of them although he has a very busy schedule.

He often calls them to guest appear in his videos because then he is sure they will spend time together and he likes their company.

He has made a few Q&A videos with them and his fans gave him positive reviews pointing out how it’s great to have such good relationship with his family.

His parents signed him into a private school in Berkhamsted which he enrolled when he was 3 years old and went there for 15 years.

He was in secondary school when he became friends with Olajide Olatunji who later also became a known Youtuber named KSI and a member of Sidemen.

Simon and Olajide weren’t too fond of each other when they have first met but they began hanging out together in order to find out that they have a lot of common interests and that they both love gaming.

Today they often laugh at the fact that they even fought one against the other in school.

Simon was a good student but his grades weren’t good enough to enroll the university he wanted just after finishing high school.

He decided to wait for one year and then give it another try.

This means that he was only 19 when he decided to use this free year to travel abroad, visit other countries and learn about other cultures.

Simon Edward was settled in Ghana for three months and it was a stunning experience for him.

He was there to bring football closer to the local people, to teach them about sports and to help them in their English.

After three months passed, he went travelling through USA to learn a little more about it. He travelled through six states, all by the coast.

He returned to his hometown and decided to enroll criminology studies at the Hull University.

Although he was interested in it, his real passion lied online but he didn’t know how to start and begin his business.

In 2012, he met a Youtuber called JJ and it was an awake call for him.

He decided to quit his studies and create his own Youtube channel in which he succeeded.

He got himself a job at JJ’s and his parents insisted on his work so he was employed to work on his clothing line “Beast”.

Career development

Simon decided to start uploading videos on his channel (which was created in 2008 but he didn’t use it),  and the first videos were all connected to FIFA and from 2012 he has made dozens of them.

He became very popular in a short period of time and the number of his subscribers rose on a daily basis.

In 2014 he left his parent’s house and moved in with other gamers in “Sidemen House”.

His channel “miniminter” has thousands of subscribers since he puts FIFA videos there and football is very popular in Europe.

His second channel named “mm7games” is devoted to other known video games such as GTA and WoW.

Simon has millions of followers due to the fact that he is a very hardworking man and he uploads videos on a daily basis.

Sidemen members are: KSI, Zerkaa, Behzinga, Vik, TBJZL and Wroetoshaw and they have huge respect to one each other because they all became famous people.

Sidemen House is settled in East London and the members of the Sidemen group live together there.

Simon loves football and that is the reason he loves to play FIFA so much. He is a Leeds United fan and his mum originates from Leeds.

Manchester United is also an important club for him and he often goes to see the matches with his brothers.

The male members of the family all wear h a ring on their little fingers so he does it too, to continue the tradition.

Stimpy and Stimpypuff are some of his nicknames other than Miniminter which were given to him by his fans.

Simon and KSI are the two most popular Sidemen gamers.

Personal life

Simon earn a decent amount of money through Youtube and from sponsors. He invested a lot of money in his new car: Range Rover Evoque.

As for other Youtubers outside Sidemen group, he has great respect for Nigahiga and his friend KSI.

As for his personal life, he had a few relationships but they were not very serious.

In 2015 he went on a date with a girl Youtuber called Ashley Marie but they didn’t click.

At the beginning of 2018 he started dating another Youtuber named Talia Mar. She is known as a great singer and a songwriter so she also has a great career as Simon.

He uploaded a video called “Lie Detector Test with my Girlfriend” and the video showed the two of them having a great time.

She confirmed their relationship on her social media accounts and posted their picture around Valentine’s Say

In the summer of 2016, he played as a soccer captain in the “Ultimate Sidemen Team” for charity purposes.

He was so good in this game that he was given a title “Player of the match” in the game played only by Youtubers.

Quick summary

Full name: Simon Edward Minter

Date of birth: September 7, 1992

Birthplace:  Hempstead, England

Age: 26

Profession: Youtuber, gamer

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 68 kgs

Net Worth: $3 million