Mia Stammer Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Mia Stammer is a known Youtube personality who is popular for her fashion and makeup tutorials and is very recognizable for her blonde, almost yellow hair.

Her net worth is coming up close to half a million dollars.

Early years

Mia Stammer She was born as Maria Stammer on August 1, 1994 in Okinawa, a known Japanese city.

She was born in Japan although she isn’t of Japanese roots but her family was a part of US military which was stationed in Japan.

After a certain period of time, her family relocated to California. She was only five years old so she started her education in United States.

She was hoping to become a professional nurse, and she was very enthusuastic about it, but her destiny took her in completely different area of work.

She wasn’t their only child and she has an older brother Andrew.

They got alng great but she didn’t have any common ground with him.

Although she had a sibling she was sometimes very bored playing alone and she has confessed that she was often lonely.

She turned her attention to the Internet since she had a lot of free time for herself. She got interested in Youtube and she felt that she has skills which will be interesting to her viewers.

Her YouTube channel is called  MamaMiaMakeup and it includes makeup and fashion tips.

Her first job after finishing high school was as a waitress in a restaurant. But she has done it for only three months and decided to quit because she didn’t like it because it was hard. She says that she is too lazy for that kind of work.

But she knew it wasn’t going to be her career and that she will have more income and will be more pleased by becoming a YouTuber.

Career development

She has followed channels of other known Youtubers and soon learned what the public is interested in and how her channel must look like.

Her first tutorial video connected with makeup is titled  “Hair Care Routine &Favorite Products”.

It was uploaded on Youtube in spring 2012.

Soon she gained thousand of views and the number of her subscribers has gone over the top.

“Everyday Fresh Spring Makeup Tutorial” and “Getting Ready for Graduation” are some of her first tutorials and they were extremely viewed.

Her career went upwards from that moment and she gained thousands of loyal fans who were asking her to make more videos.

After she saw how famous she became, she decided to open a new Youtube channel titled “MiaStammer”.

She used this channel to upload things that happen her in her daily life and she shared more personal informations on that channel.

Matter Media Group from Los Angeles is her current managing group.

Personal life

There were rumours that she was dating a fellow Youtuber named Rashnu.

She briefly dated Kiyoshi who is Japanese and is a member of the band named We The Kings.

He guested in some of here videos but after he stopped showing there she explained her viewers that they weren’t soulmates.

She started dating Kyle Hatch in 2016. He is known for his collaboration with Wassabi Productions. He is also a Youtuber and shows in Mia’s videos.

She loves to sing and she is quite good at it. She has released her single “For The Dog” and it can be heard on her Youtube channel.

She would like to act in a movie or a series but until today she only had a role in one Youtube series titled “Chat Like Love”.

She has dark brown hair but she likes to dye it to blonde.

Mia Stammer wears contact lenses.

Her favorite singer is Adam Lambert and her favorite Youtuber is Alice Speed.

Mia once told how she doesn’t like Justin Bieber which brought her a few hate messages and e-mails.

Mia has 1,9 million subscribers on her Instagram channel.

She often collaborates with Alisha Marie, a Youtuber with almost 4 million subscribers.

Mia’s income comes from endorsement she receive from known brands such as h&m.

She travels a lot, often to warm places such as Bora Bora and Greece.

Quick summary

Full name: Mia Stammer

Date of birth: August 1, 1994

Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan

Age: 24

Profession: Youtuber, actress, singer

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 53 kgs

Net Worth: $360,000