Matthew Santoro Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Matthew Santoro is a very well known YouTube celebrity from Canada and an owner of his own YouTube channel called simply “Matthew Santoro”.

He gained fame through his interesting videos which include informations mostly similar to phrases like “50 Amazing Facts About Something”.

Early years

He was born as Matthew Santoro on July 16, 1985 in a place called Welland in Ontario in Canada.

After finishing high school (Notre Dame College School), he enrolled Brock University and has majored in accountancy which was really his father’s choice of a career for him.

He started his career as an accountant but in his free time he also started posting videos on YouTube which were interesting to him and for which he thought that would be interesting to other people.

After moving to Toronto (where he thought he would have more chance of a successful career) he started uploading his videos.

After he became addicted to You Tube and it’s power as a social platform, he started spending more and more time at his computer.

This Youtube addiction eventually made him lose his job but it seems like it didn’t make a lot of difference to him since he wasn’t happy at his workplace.

Career development

He was raised in a very conservative family end his father was known as a strict man. His father was the one who decided that Matthew will finish accountancy on college and it was expected of him that he was good at it and that he will continue his father’s steps.

He was never satisfied with his job as an accountant although he was very good in it because he knew he was too much creative for such a dull job and that he could do much more.

Matthew decided to concentrate on his YouTube channel and he started posting different videos which brought him millions of subscribers.

He continously work at this channel uploading videos which contain interesting fun facts at least twice a week.

Some of his most successful videos are “10 Creepy Urban Legends” and “10 Mythical Creatures”.

He also tried himself in acting a few times so he played the role of a zombie in one part of a famous fantastic movie called “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”.

His primary channel is the one which is made for uploading his (educational) videos, but his second channel is used for vlogging.

It is titled Matthew Santoro Vlogs,  but he also has a channel called Santoro Gaming where he uploads his own gaming videos.

He has partnered with YouTube and started earning more money than he would ever earn as an accountant.

YouTube has a contract with him: the longer his fans look at his videos, a bigger amount of money he will receive from YouTube.

After he became popular he released the book where he has written all the facts from his videos.

It contained interesting facts such as: 10 forbidden places you’re not allowed to visit or 40 fascinating sex facts.

In 2015, Matthew became the winner of the 2015 Hubub #AcademySocial Award.

The same year, he was nominated for the Shorty Awards “YouTube Star Of The Year”.

This year was especially great for him because he has won the 2015 Streamy Awards in the category of the “Breakout Creator”.

In 2017 he relocated to Los Angeles to be in the center of events and a little time after he confessed to his fans that he is suffering from depression and that he is better because he is getting help.

In 2017 he reached a number of 6 million subscribers on his channel.

Matthew is a great actor which can be seen by his acting skills of all his “alter ego” personalities he has on his channel.

He is performing as Hugo (a mentally handicapped individual),  Eugene (awkard in social interractions), Big Shine (bodyguard) and Lorenzo, a parody on stereotypes on immigrants.

These are all stereotypical roles, made to educate people on how they have stereotypes about certain members of the society.

In 2015, there was a controversy connected to his work after one user of YouTube called GradeAUnderA posted a comment connected to one of his videos and he claimed that the whole video had been copied from an article in Listverse.

Personal life

There are very little information about his private life but it is known that he had a girlfriend and that their relationship broke.

This didn’t happen to his regret because he stated how this relationship negatively influences him and is very hard for him because his girlfriend was a very jealous type and she even turned to physical abuse at the end.

This became known to a wider public because he has uploaded a 15-minutes video called “My Abuse Story” where he talked about the abuse of his girlfriend on him. It seems that the abuse was both mental and physical.

He claimed that she has forbidden him to contact his friends and after he tried to break off the relationship (after having a panic attack), she became violent.

After a while, his fans learned that the girl was Nicole Arbor who is also a known internet celeb.

Today he is in a very happy relationship with Sabrina, and he posted for her a beautiful Valentine’s card on his Instagram channel.

He also posts their photos and where they travel together.

Quick summary

Full name: Matthew Santoro

Date of birth: July 16, 1985

Birthplace:  Welland, Ontario, Canada

Age: 33

Profession: YouTuber

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 68 kgs

Net Worth: $1,5 million