Marques Brownlee Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Marques Brownlee is a popular American YouTuber whose popularity came from his technology videos and videos related to technical devices of all kinds.

Marques’s channel is titled MKBHD. The name of the channel is an abreviation of his name (his initials are MKB from Marques Keith Brownlee) and HD is a known abreviation for high-definition.

HD explains people what is the true side of his channel and that it is comitted to technology.

His middle name is Keith, which was also his father’s name. Although there were funny commentaries on the web that “K” stands Kumar.

He was very proud when he was given an award of “Creator of the Decade” at The Shorty Award.

Early years

He was born as Marques Keith Brownlee on December 3, 1993 in a small town named Maplewood. Maplewood is a part of the New Jersey County.

He was a peaceful, smart kid who always got along well with other people and his sister too.

Marques tried to keep himself away both from trouble and from boredom so he started playing video games more often.

He went to Columbia High School after what his academic career started at Stevens Institute of Technology.

He successfully finished it in 2015, without any problems.

The areas he chose as his main study fields are business and information technologies.

There is an interesting fact about one of his family members that might explain where did Marques gain his love for technology: his father also works in technology and programming field.

This might explain how Marques fell in love with tech because his house was filled with computers and technology devices and he bought his son all the newest gadgets when he saw that Marques was interested.

He started making his videos in his flat until he started earning more money out of his Youtube channel and bought himself his own recording studio, with the best tech gear which allows him to make a lot better videos than before.

Career development

He has opened his YouTube channel in 2008, and it passed a few months, maybe even a year after he started uploading content on his channel.

It was in high school when he started making videos which involved reviews about a lot of tech products.

His main goal was to show product buyers all good and not so good features of trendy or popularly used tech items.

The most important thing that viewers liked about him is the fact that he always spoke the truth and gave his honest opinion about all the products.

This was different from other reviewers because most of them were highly paid to talk only about the positive sides of the products.

These videos were all made as tutorials about hardware and all extra freeware which came with it.

Marques was awfully pleased whenever he received a “thank you” note from his viewers who bought the gadgets he recommended.

His popularity grew on a daily basis followed by positive reviews from his subscribers.

Big tech companies started asking him to make reviews of their products and they invited him to their promotion events.

He did agree to review many products but he always chose which products he will make videos about because he wanted to keep his integrity.

The close engagement he had with his fans was very appreciated because the fans respected his work. He always found time to answer their questions and responded to their messages.

This way his fans were involved in the creation of content.

His main area of expertise are smartphones and once a week he uploads a new video about it.

He doesn’t want to make the videos too fast because he needs at least 5 to 6 days to reall try out the smartphone in real life, not just by reading specs.

By respecting that time frame he gathered over a thousand videos.

His videos became very important for selling products and his opinion gained weight: he had the power to increase and decrease the sales of every new product.

“LG G Flex” was one of his first recognized videos and he became known world wide.

In 2013 he invited a very high-ranked person to join him in his video and answer a few questions in the interview.

Dennis Woodside, Motorola’s CEO, accepted the invitation.

The interview had very high view ratings and the video set Brownlee’s position as one of the most influental tech Youtuber ever.

Dennis Woodside is not an easy person to get for an interview and the fact that he made an interview with him gives Marques a very high rating.

Next year, in 2014, he has made an interview with Evan Blass more known as  “evleaks” who is also a very popular mobile reviewer and influencer.

A lot of big technology sites used his videos (with his approval): Forbes Tech and HuffPost Tech are only some of them.

He also appeared on NBC News and was featured in several known world tech magazines.

One of his most viewed videos was the  review of iPhone 6. It gained over 7 million views which is an extraordinary number for a mobile phone video.

In 2015 his hit video was an interview with Kobe Bryant,  professional NBA player, who is a big fan of new technology and who liked Marques’s videos very much.

The video was named “Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant!” and also gained millions if views.

In 2016, he had a very important interview with the vice president of Apple named  Craig Federighi.

The video mostly shared informations about the release of MacBook Pro, a new Apple laptop.

In 2014 he started with the production of his video series which was supposed to choose best mobile phones and award them.

The series was called “Smartphone Award”  and he awarded phones in different categories.

This series was very popular, especially when his fans found out that he really made real trophies which he sent out to the winners.

Samsung, Essential and Razer are just some of the companies which were pleased to get the awards.

He has  over six million subscribers and over one billion video views.

Vic Gundotra, a known former Google and Microsoft employee, talked about Marques in his interview and called him “astonishing tech reviewer”.

He works with his good friend Andrew Manganelli (who he met while playing with his frisbee team), and who joined his team in 2017.

Andrew is helping Marques with all the video production, managment and all other things connected with his Youtube channel.

Personal life

Marques is a proud owner of Tesla Model SP100d and sometimes he features it in his videos. He loves cars but he also has his favorite models and it seems that he is currently one of the biggest fans of electric cars.

He started playing golf as a teenager which was very interesting because most of his friends were into basketball or football.

He is also a professional frisbee player, which is also a peculiar sport, not as often to see.

He used to play frisbee for Philadelphia Phoenix and Golden State Ultimate.

Currently he plays for a local frisbee team titled New York Rumble.

Not a lot of people know that he plays frisbee from his early school days.

Marques loves music and compiles his favorite tunes. House is his favorite music genre and Wolfgang Gartner is his favorite music artist.

He loves to travel and learn about new cultures.

Quick summary

Full name: Marques Keith Brownlee

Date of birth: December 3, 1993

Birthplace:  Maplewood, New Jersey, United States

Age: 25

Profession: YouTuber,

Height: 191 cm

Weight: 72 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million