Manon Mathews Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Manon is an actress who comes from LA and she was always interested in two twings: comedy and acting.

She easily became famous through a social media platform called Vine which made it much easier for her to showcase her talents to the world.

Early years

Manon is not her real name! She was actually called Lucy Mathews and she was born on October 22nd in 1988 in the town of Santa Monica. Santa Monica is in  the US, in state California. She was never especially enthusiastic about her high school, but she did go to  Calabasas High School and she graduated.

She realized that her interests were dancing, theatre and production and therefore she gave Barbara City College a chance. She wanted to show everyone that she is ready to take over the spotlight.

Career development

Manon didn’t have much luck in her career until a huge social media platform called Vine was not release. There she soon became famous because people found her interesting and funny and she gained a huge fanbase that would support her all over other social media platforms.

She was one of the most famous vine stars back then and everyone knew her because she had many followers.

However, when Vine got shut down, she knew she had to switch to another form of comedy and entertaining.

At first, Manon thought that she could give the movie industry a try, but she never really wanted to have massive fame, so she decided to stay acting on small shows and movies.

Manon claims that, for her, it is really important to choose wisely how and where she will present herself and that that’s the reason why she refuses directors easily.

She decided that YouTube will be the next platform she will engage on and soon got into YouTube Red series. She does some series such as Off Script and Single by 30 too! People love her sincere comedy since it always looks natural and true.

Comedy is her number one priority and now she made it to Flappers Humor Club and The Improv, some of the most famous places a comedian can go. Her followers often really follow her around to her shows and that’s why she always has a big audience around her. They are very loyal to her.

Manon also has earned some awards such as the best Viner by Shorty Awards in 2017. It was a big moment for her to see that her comedy and her skills are finally being recognized amongst other influencers in the field.

She preforemd in Funniest Wins in TBS shows and recently, she got into acting more. A web series director reached out to her and he wanted her to play an important role in The Principal.

She had a few shows in Broad Town, Breakup and Single by 30, and it left a huge impact on the crowd. She is very easily likeable and therefore she never had any problems with creating a fanbase.

You can notice her appearing in several movies such as Holiday Breakup, Never Have I Ever, Sorry Not Sorry, FML, Meatheads, Welcome To Forever, Average Joe and so on. These are all quite small movies and she claims that she loves it that way. She gets to act, which is her ultimate wish, but she does not have to deal with massive fame which brings various problems along: paparazzi, stalking, controversy and so on.

Personal life

Manon finds her private life something that should be hidden from other people and therefore she does not like to talk about it quite a lot. She prefers to keep quiet and people can only guess about her love life.

However, many people speculate that she has been in a bad relationship before and that that’s the reason why she doesn’t engage in new ones recently.

This theory is supported by her famous saying “most of us have to kiss several horrible frogs before we find our prince”.

She is known for her natural and simple beauty: she likes flowers and nature and therefore she is always really simple-looking, yet stunning.

Quick summary

Full name: Manon Mathews

Date of birth: October 22nd 1988

Birthplace:  Santa Monica, California, United States of America

Age: 30

Profession: comedian, actress

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: $500,000