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Manuel Gutierezz is a make-up artist who turned his passion for make-up into great fame that he collected on social media, especially YouTube. He is a beauty blogger who does reviews and goes to various events.

He has became the first male person to promote Maybelline’s make-up and he is very well known for joining stars like Jeffree Star and Laura Lee on YouTube. Todays he has over 5 million people that follow him on YouTube and about 4 more on Instagram.

Career development

We know where Manny’s interests come from: his mother. When he was pretty young, he used to watch her do her make-up and was always fascinated by the very act. He knew that his job later on would have something to do with the beauty industry.

Manny worked in Sephora and MAC as he got older, but he never had any interesting jobs regarding make-up. He was always just a regular shop assistant and eventually consultant.

However, Many took things in his own hands in 2014 when he had made a channel to show his work.

Content that Manny posts varies, but it is mostly make-up tutorials, reviews, commentaries and collaboration with his fellow friends such as Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, Gabriel Zamora and Nikkie Tutorials.

His channel grew a lot lately and he had been releasing makeup with some campanies such as Ofra Cosmetica, Makeup Geek and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He had mostly made lip products and eyeshadows in these collabs.

2017 was a huge year for him, he and Shayla Mitchell became famous because of Maybelline, a company which does make-up. They became ambassadors and this made Manny the first male one in the whole company so it was obviously pretty important.

The work they made videos for related to the campaign was the Colossal Bigh Shot Macara. Sadly, Manny is not the first male to be a brand ambassador alltogether, in the world, since James Charles had done this a year before.

Manny is mostly known for various controversy that had happened related to other YouTube stars, but also companies. Since Manny often uses the moon shape to promote his make-up as it is his logo, a company called Black Moon Cosmetics had sued him because they have already had the same logo for years.

Manny was very pleased when he made it to the “Most beautiful” list in People’s magazine and he also became one of the 30 most popular people in 2018 in the category Arts and Style, according to Forbes. He said that this was a dream coming true for him.

However, Manuel claims that it isn’t a plan of his to do make-up his whole life and he claims that he would love to act. Gladly, he will star in a series called Escape The Night in the third season they had made.

Manny is doing great in his career, but as we have mentioned before, there is a lot of controversy regarding other YouTube stars. Most famous problems Manny had made were with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The duo had been making videos like they could not be separated and they were considered to be best friends.

However, Manny was always mocked because he repeated everything Jeffree said and people thought that he did this because Jeffree is extremely rich and he is one of the most famous people in the beauty industry, if not the richest one. Manny has talked about this issue and he claims that it affects him a lot, although he does not let people see it, and that it had been a habit of his since he was very young. He recalls repeating stuff after people for a long time and says that it’s just what he does and has nothing to do with Jeffree.

The duo was also in very good relations with Nikkie Tutorials, but suddenly started to fall apart. Manny had not talked about this in public, but it’s obvious that there was some drama with the trio.

Manny was also accused of false advertising for Morphe cosmetics since he always pushes people to use his code for a discount and he therefore gets a “small” commission, as he says. People find it very annoying.

His famous giggle is also hated amongst many people. He has a habit of introducing himself in his video, welcoming people and then in the end he giggles and continues the video. Many people find it forced and very annoying and Manny said that it’s a habit too. One does not know is this a thing Manny says for all of the bad things he does: it’s a habit?

His last project was with Lunar Beauty and it was a palette called Life’s a Drag. It has been reviewed by many people and they were not all that astonished by it. Most of them claimed that he didn’t even try with the packaging, but the formula is fine.

Other YouTube stars also make fun of him for flirting with every guy he invites onto his channel. He collaborated with various people and gained fame through them too. That’s why people sometimes reffer to him as a “gold digger”.

Personal life

Manny grew up with tro younger brothers and these people sometimes show up in his videos, although they needed a long time to accept what Manny does since they are a Mormon family.

He came out as gay a long time ago and this didn’t affect his viewers much since for them it was already pretty obvious, but his family had a hard time understanding this. They even sent him to therapy and tried to make him heterosexual, but he had to quit because he became severely depressed after some time.

If he wasn’t a YouTuber, he would surely be a plastic surgeon, he says. The plan was actually to attend a medical school and become famous in this field, but he ended up being on the other path. He does have a bachelor0s degree that he got after attending a university in San Diego.

Manny currently resides in Los Angeles in California where most of his friends are too. This is pretty important for him since he makes collaborations all of the time and therefore he wanted to be close to everyone and make it easier.

He has a condition known as vitiligo and it is a skin condition that he had since he was young. Many people don’t notice it because it actually isn’t severe and noticeable until he mentiones it.

Quick summary

Full name: Manuel Gutierrez

Date of birth: April 4th 1991

Birthplace:  San Diego, Southern California, US

Age: 27

Profession: make-up artist, YouTube star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth:  $350,000