Lord Aleem Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Lord Aleem is a stage name of Aleem Iqbal, a famous social media influencer and a car enthusiast who gained fame by showing off his collection of supercars and the luxury life he lives on his Youtube channel and his Instagram account.

“Lord Aleem“ wasn’t a name given to him by the public but he has given it to himself.

Even all of his licence plates on his cars have the same title on them.

Early years

Lord Aleem was born as Aleem Iqbal on September 6, 1994 in Solihull in England.

He lived his childhood in prosperity and all of his wishes were always made true.

His parents came from Pakistan and invested everything they had into their car rental business which turned out to be a genius business move.

His father is a very capable businessman who created a car rental business named „Platinum Executive Travel“ which rents only expensive and luxury cars. His work is very lucrative and the family became rich.

His son Aleem works with him and while doing that he also enjoys in all those cars.

Aleem is trying to show himself as the generator of their company but everyone who met his father say that it is spotted from a mile away that his father is the brain of the business.

Lord Aleem joined an Instagram group called “Rich Kids of Instagram”. He posts regularly in this group, uploading photos of him, his luxury cars and gorgeous women.

This group is often called out for their lack of moral values and arrogancy but they only comment it by saying that everyone is jealous of them.

Career development

In 2008 he opened his YouTube channel for the first time but he never did anything with it. He was too young to be aware the power of social media.

In 2012 he has finally opened a new YouTube channel which he uses, and where he posts  his videos.

In the spring of 2017 he was caught speeding on the highway and he was banned from driving in a period of one year. He was also fined for this misdemeanor but due to his wealth it didn’t bother him.

He was more angry because he couldn’t drive his supercars for a while.

His Youtube channel is named „Master Aleem’s You Tube Channel“ and it has over 300,000 subscribers.

A big part of the public doesn’t approve his behaviour and hates the way he braggs with his cars. They claim that he has imagined that he is some kind of God and that it is the reason why he calls himself Lord.

He stated that it wasn’t his attention but it seems it didn’t mind him much.

He often visits Pakistan, his parent’s homeland, and he posts photos of his visits in his Instagram channel.

He visits his family in and provides help to local charities.

He has over half a million followers on his Instagram channel and the number is increasing on a daily basis.

In 2018 he travelled to Saudi Arabia for his Umrah Insha’Allah and has shaved his hair.

This proved him to be a loyal Muslim since his thick dark hair was something he was very proud of.

He started earning money as a fashion model due to his popularity on his social media accounts. He often advertised supercar companies.

In 2015, his company made it to the news after one of their expensive half a million dollars worth Ferrari was crashed in an accident.

In 2016, he was involved in a car accident when he was hit by another car on the road but he wasn’t seriously injured in the crash.

He brought a lot of controversie when he was pulled over by a policeman and he insulted him, aiming at his low income as a police officer.

In 2014, vandals have set four of his cars on fire damaging them heavily.

After torching his Lamborghini one night, one week later they have torched three more cars. This left a stain on his reputation and his fans on social media were very disappointed.

This happened probably because he wasn’t careful enough on his social media – he made photos in front of his home and his address was recognized.

The same year he enrolled Regent’s University in London, so he moved from Birmingham to London.

He started studying TV, Film and Digital Media there  and still does. He says that he enjoys it very much and will be working on it more.

Personal life

He does a lot of charity work, especially for Syria and Pakistan and most of the work is concentrated on helping children.

He keeps his private life away from the media and doesn’t share any love photos on his Instagram channel.

Quick summary

Full name: Aleem Iqbal

Date of birth: September 6, 1994

Birthplace: Sollihul, West Midland,  England

Age: 24

Profession: Youtuber, car rental co-owner

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2 million