Liza Koshy Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Liza Koshy is a famous YouTube and Vine star whose full name is Elizabeth Koshy. She became a sensation while an app called Vine was very popular and she made videos that last 6 seconds and got very famous because of tem. People saw her talent and they noticed how talented she is, espec ially in making comedy.

Therefore she decided to pursue this and she was always very natural on the internet.

Liza has a huge following: about 7 million fans on her channel, about that much on too.

However, since Vine had closed she had to move over to YouTube so we can’t know how many people used to follow her on Vine. One of the best advantages she has is the fact that she is very lovely and therefore has no problems with getting an audience to follow her everywhere, applies to Instagram too.

Early years

Her whole childhood she had spent in Houston in Texas, but this isn’t where her origins come from. She has ancestry in India and her father is from there. Her mother is a caucasian American with a hint of Latino blood. This is why Liza has such a beautiful combination of looks.

This brought her a lot of good things in life, but also some bad ones. Her Indian father and caucasian mother decided that they want Liza to speak both Hindu and English so they put her into a dual language programme in kindergarten. However, she could not continue with those and when she was about 12, they had to ease her education a bit because it was too intense for her.

However, from her early age she liked to do entertaining. She learned how to dance when she was very young and she continued her dance lessons throughout her education. One of her favorite things in school was Spanish and she started to learn it in kindergarten so she had no problem with it later.

She soon became the leader of the school’s dance team and she was very, very proud of it! Vlogging and making funny videos was always a part of her life and during this part of her life she realized that she wanted to do more of it.

She vlogged her life because it was interesting and funny to her, but she never thought she could live off of it. However, during this time Vine became extremely popular and Liza saw an opportunity.

Liza started to make vines and uploaded them on the social media, but didn’t let her education stand aside. She got a diploma in International Baccalaureate which she deserved for all of her studying in a local high school called Lamar High School.

She said that she realized she could start to do videos professionaly and that’s when she decided that she would make a YouTube channel so she could upload longer videos.

She has quite a big family. Her father is called Jose Koshy and she took his last name. Her mother’s name is Jean Carol Hertzler and she has two older sisters called Olivia and Rahel.

She is very close to her grandfather and grandmother too (from her mother’s side) and their names are John Asa Hertzler and Rebecca Evans Henkels. They are all very well connected and they often have dinners together for the holiday’s.

She is in good relations with her father’s family too, but she doesn’t see them that often because they live much more far away.

Career development

Soon she did really create it and her key quote was “Little Brown Girl Out”. She was never ashamed of who she was and where she came from and therefore she used to laugh about her origins because she never felt uncomfortable in regards to them.

She managed to post her first few videos and soon everyone from her Vine account started to click on them. She gained a huge number of subscribers really fast and she was very proud of herself.

Liza started to do videos more often and she started to get really good at editing them. She appeared in many programs around TV industry so she was no stranger to TV viewers either. Some of them were called “Freakish” and “Boo! A Medea Halloween.” She was very happy when she realized that her subscribers have brought her the participation in a programme called YouTube Red and she soon made an appearance in Jingle Ballin, a special holiday edition of YouTube videos.

This wasn’t important only because she likes to make videos of all kind, but she was acknowledged and standing next to some of the best YouTubers of the generation. She says that it felt wonderful seeing her efforts count up.

During her starting out, she was mostly a Vine star and not a whole bunch of people on YouTube knew who she was. She worked on Vine to make videos with another group of people that she knew and it was a way for all of them to become more famous because they widened their fanbase’s with other people’s followers.

Those friends she worked with were called Jake Paul (who is known for his controversy nowadays), Alex Holtti, Tasia Alexis and Crawford Collins. Their most famous work was a video called “How Guys Check out Girls” and this video was a huge success since people kept sharing it with others. It was very relatable and funny.

The team soon had 5 million followers when combined and it was a huge number of fans. She started to create YouTube videos in 2013 and most of these people found their way to the channel so they started to watch her videos.

The way she started out was, she would write out scripts for her videos and she would make various funny videos, parodies, videos where she collaborated with other YouTuber’s to make more funny content and so on.

Some of her best videos are Doing This Again Dollar Store with Liza which is a series where she goes to the dollar store and finds funny things there. This video was viewed about 27 million times! She makes very funny video titles and her thumbnails attract people. One thing that her fans love is the fact that she very rarely makes clickbaits, which other YouTuber’s are famous for.

Personal life

Liza’s dating life is pretty well known to the public and she shares everything with them. She didn’t show any plans on getting married soon, especially because her fans thought her Indian father will want her to marry an Indian man, but that’s not the case.

She has been in a relationship with David Dobrik since 2017 and they broke up at the beginning of 2018. They have had a beautiful relationship together, spent much time together and made so many videos.

However, their break up was very healthy: they sorted it out alltogether and they are still very good friends. Their fans are sure that in future, they will be back together. They said that they broke up because each one of them had some private things to sort out.

She is currently focused on her career and does not plan to be in a relationship soon.

Her parents are very particular about her education and they have pursued her schooling since she was very young. At first, they weren’t happiest with her choice of a job since they thought she would never be able to feed herself off of it, but it ended up being very good and they are very proud of her for listening to herself and knowing that she was right.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and it is not known does she still live with David or have they moved apart for a bit to sort things out.

The fact that shocked their fans the most was the thing that they actually broke up 6 months prior to making a video where they explained why and when they broke up. They countinued to make videos and their fans didn’t even notice that the couple is no longer together until the video where they explained it was uploaded. Both of them were crying in the video and it was very hard for them to explain it, but they did it and now everything is going fine.

Quick summary

Full name: Elizabeth Koshy

Date of birth: March 31st 1996

Birthplace: Houston, Texas, United States of America

Age: 22

Profession: YouTube star

Height: 154 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: $1.6 million