Lele Pons Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese is an internet star, an actress and a viner who is soon to become a singer too.

She is from Venezuela and America and she became famous thanks to Vine. She was actually the most popular person there before it got shut down.

Hoewever, she made her career pretty secure while she was still on Vine by creating a YouTube channel which will turn out to bring her much more positive influence than she thought.

She now has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and she had done various gigs related to acting, music and she even tried out being a book author and has a sposor now. John Shahidi from the Shots Studios is her manager.

Early years

Lele was born on June 25th 1996 in Caracas in Venezuela. This proves that she is of Latino blood and she often makes Vines related to it. However, when she was very small (aged 5), she relocated to the United States. Her family was searchiing for new opportunities and her parents needed some good jobs so she was raised in Miami in Florida.

She first finished a high school called Miami Country Day School and this was back in 2015. After that, she decided that it would be best if she moved to Los Angeles in California to get best opportunities in life.

Her high school education wasn’t the most beautiful, however. She didn’t have much problem with learning itself, but she had problems with finding friends. She said that she often had to act and hurt herself (fall for example) to make other people laugh so they find her funny.

People would bully her at elementary school and she had to put up with being the nerdy girl that no one liked. Lele said that she was never ashamed of who she was and that, to her, it was no problem to be the weird girl that does weird things sometimes.

Career development

Her career started when Vine, a video platform where people can put up videos that last six-seconds, became viral. She saw an opportunity to express her creativity on there and started to make videos with her friends.

Later in an interview with Teen Vogue, she said that they weren’t even funny in the beginning. All they did was make creative videos that people would find cool, they didn’t even laugh. “They” refers to Lele and her friends who also had the idea of becoming famous on Vine.

Soonm, her followers started to grow. She said that her videos actually started to become funny, she would get much more ideas and she got good at making them. However, she says that it wasn’t about her wanting to be famous anymore, she said that there was so much people who needed help. As Lele claims, many people who followed her were sad or depressed and it was her duty to make them laugh and to help them get through their situation.

She was the most looped viner of them all and had most followers so in 2015 she got invited to the White House and there she met Michelle Obama, current president’s First Lady. Lele said that it was very shocking to her to get into the White House since she never thought a platform such as Vine could bring her that much happiness and fame.

After Vine was shut down, Lele started to be more into other social media. She posted her funny videos on Instagram, and later on YouTube. People noticed that she makes videos for teenagers mostly so they used to make fun of her, but now they realize she is famous and that they are the one’s to question their acts.

Pons claims that she wants to get into the movie industry later, when she will be done with her acting classes and some of her big projects she is currently doing. Many people say that they find her comedy unsatisfying and there are a lot of viners who think she is very immature and has low-quality content.

One of them is Cody Ko, a viner who said that her scripts look like they were written by a 4-years old child! It is horrible to hear such things, but many other influencers agreed. However, Lele thinks that they all have the right to think what they want and that some of them are just a bit jealous.

Lele thinks that she actually spends a lot of time and effort on making her videos good enough for her fans and she claims to be one of the few female stars who actually edit their own videos with a bit of help, not vice versa.

In 2015, Pons has launched a jewelry collection and it was something she was very proud about. UNO Magnetic, the collection, brought her much income and she said that it was really interesting to devote to something besides her videos.

In 2016, she decided to make a book, but she only co-authored it. It is a story about all of the experiences she had in high school and therefore the book is called Surviving High School. She made it alongside with Melissa de La Cruz.

Lele’s favorite projects are sure those where she works in the movie industry. She was in a romantic comedy called We Love You from 2016 and it was released on YouTube Red. She played alongside Yousef Erakat and Justin Dobies. The plot is about them falling in love with her and then she dates both of them at the same time. The movie, however, got very poor critics: 36% on Rotten Tomatoes by June 2018.

Pons had a chance to act in Scream, a horror TV series produced by MTV. However, something many people don’t know is that Lele appears in many YouTube music videos by other artists. She is in Camila Cabello’s Havana and J Balvin’s Downtown.

Lele encountered music on a whole another level on the shootings and she wanted to make her own music so she paired up with Matt Hunter to create a spanish song called Dicen.

She got a few chances to be an ambassador for various modelling industries and therefore she worked with CoverGirl and even walked at a show in Milan by D&G. The sad thing is, many people didn’t really like her there and they said that for her it would be better if she sticks with her YouTube sketches.

There is a lot of controversy related to her and most of it is regarding Amanda Cerny, her so called best friend. She accused Pons of deleting her most popular posts and videos and Pons said that Cerny does the same thing to her. The fight was very public and the girls ended up showing the whole world how superficial they are.

Cerny wanted to explain to her fans what happened in a post, but when she did post it, Lele called the police and made them take down the post. Many other stars, both from Vine and YouTube, claim that Lele is very mean in person and that she often refuses not only taking pictures, but also to talk to other fellas.

A star Tom Harlock critised her for manipulating her young audience (which is mostly from age 9 to 17) and making them buy her products without their parents knowing.

There was also a lot of controversy when she posted an Instagram post of her “donating” her hair, when it was visible that they were hair extensions. It was very rude and she lost many followers because of it, but she did take the post down soon.

Some of the short films she worked in were My Big Fat Hispanic Family, Insane Kids, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, Scooby Doo Is Back and Latino Hunger Games. None of these roles were of any significance since she did not get a lot of recognition. She is however planning on to play the main role in a movie called Airplane Mode that is in making.

She worked with Blink-182 too and acted in a music video called She’s Out of Her Mind.

Lele has won a few awards at MTV and got some minor awards for her previous Vines, but she soon plans to take on movie awards!

Personal life

Since she is Latino, Pons thinks of other Latino girls as her influences and some of them are Sofia Vergara, Gaby Espino and Shakira.

In 2016, she had to take a break from her videos. She had to do this in order to get a nose job that she wished to get for a very long time.

She was always insecure about her nose and had to get it fixed. A famous plastic surgeon Ramtin Kassir did this.

Many of her fans believe Pons is daring Juanpa Zurita, others think she is dating Ray Diaz. She doesn’t want to let them know because she wants to protect both herself and the boy.

Quick summary

Full name: Eleonora Pons Maronese

Date of birth: June 25th 1996

Birthplace:  Caracas Venezuela

Age: 22

Profession: YouTube star, influencer, actress

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Net Worth: $3 million