Lance Stewart aka lance210 Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Lance Stewart is a popular American Youtuber and Viner from Philadelphia who became famous for his comedy Vines and videos which he posted on his channels.

Early years

He was born as Lance Stewart on June 20, 1996 in a town named Philadelphia in United States.

He mainly grew up in a smaller town Franklinville, located in New Jersey and his childhood was very peaceful and healthy.

His older sister Sabrina Stewart was his biggest help and support through childhood and schooling and the two of them rarely disagreed or fought. This created such a huge bond between them that nowadays they cannot live without each other.

Lance’s ancestors came from Ireland and Italy and he was always taught about his roots and traditions.

Unfortunately he wasn’t so interested in learning languages because he had an opportunity to learn Italian but he never did.

He was supported by his parents too, so he never felt like he was unloved which ultimately led to his high self appreciation.

His mother Nina and father Bruce encouraged both of their children to be independent but to choose a career in something they love. Lance made it.

He was a good student in high school  he atrended from 2010 to 2014 but he never had any wishes to pursue college.

He was a student at Delsea Regional High School after which he didn’t enroll college.

Career development

Since he had a very friendly and respectable relationship with his sister Sabrina, she always tried to keep him in the loop with new stuff so she was the one to discover Vine to him.

She wasn’t a Viner herself but she showed him other Viners and he got interested in it.

Lance began making videos and at first hit took him a while to make videos which were good enough to be posted on Vine. He was always very funny so he had bunch of ideas.

His short videos weren’t very popular at first but after a few months he gained more and more views and attention.

After opening his Youtube channel in 2014 he was able to show his video crafts to a larger number of people.

One of his most viewed videos was named  „It’s my money and I need it now“. This video gained a lot of attention amongst the viewers.

He has two channels :„Lance 210“ and “Lance Stewart” and the second one is much more successful than the first.

His most viewed video is titled  „My girlfriend shows her nipples on Camera” and it gained over five million views.He was called out for this video a lot and he is nowadays called out for his recent content which tends to look overproduced, fake, made up.

As for his earnings, he has his own clothing line which can be bought on his channel. The collection includes various items, such as hoodies and T-shirts. This is his second best income, after his YouTube channels.

As for the awards he received, he still hasn’t got any although he did receive a nomination for a Shorty Award in the category of comedy.

A known Los Angeles talent agency named “LITA” offered him collaboration which he signed in 2015, increasing his net worth.

Personal life

He lives both in L.A. and New Jersey because he wants to have a place to go away and rest.

In 2013 he began dating a girl he has met over the Internet since she is also a known Viner and an Instagram star.

Her real name is Elizabeth Wurst but most of people calls her just Lizzy.

The two of them made a lot of videos together and still do, but some of them are made abroad. They made a lot of Ouija board videos which are not that especially loved because people believe they are fake and that the crew is making it all up for the views.

He is real close to all members of his family and he includes them in making and starring of his videos.

He especially enjoys when he surprises them with something like in the video where his father receives a new Corvette from him as a birthday gift.

He also often makes videos with his mother Nina and his grandparents. He has great respect for his granny who became known through his videos.

She is nicknamed „Badass Grandmom“ and people who know about her admire her enthusiasm and positive energy.

When he was younger he was a huge fan of Harry Potter books and films and is a fan of fantastic novels and movies.

He is also a huge fan of Italian food which is no wonder since a part of his family are Italians. Pizza’s of all kinds work for him.

He has a soft heart for people in need. For example, he ordered over one hundred hamburgers while he was ordering his own and he paid them and gave away to people near by.

He had a few online donation events where he gave away (donated) $1 for each share.

His girlfriend and him travel a lot and they post a lot of videos and photos on their channels and social media accounts.

Adam Sandler is kind of a role model to him and he admires his comedy skills.

He owns a 2016 Audi R8 which he considers as his most prized possesion.

Quick summary

Full name: Lance Stewart

Date of birth: June 20, 1996

Birthplace: Philadelphia, United States

Age: 22

Profession: Youtuber, comedian

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 76 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million