Lana Rose Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Nowadays many stars come from YouTube and one of them is famous Lana Rose who is known for her many interests. She posts makeup videos, lifestyle videos and supercar videos.

She also has a million followers on her famous Instagram portfolio.

Early years

Parisa was born in Dubai on date 21st September 1989 and her parents are called Nadereh and Esmail. Their surname is Beiraghdary, which was very complicated for Parisa. She knew that she wanted to be a social media star and therefore she wanted to get a more recognizable name, a name everyone will remember.

Her brother is called Mohamed and he is also a vlogger. They grew up together and are very close. Therefore they went to London together: she had to finish her studying and education and he wanted to get a chance of getting a serious job. However, when Lana finished with her education, they both decided to go back home is Dubai where they found more opportunities.

From an early age, she liked to draw very much. She enjoys oil paintings and she started to make them at about 11 years old. When she was 17, she created some of her most famous work and she decided to spend even more time focusing on her talent.

While growing up, she learned that a relationship will always bring her back in her work and therefore she decided that it may be smarter for her to stay single since it was more productive for her that way.

Career development

She always knew that she wanted to be a famous star and she decided to create her YouTube channel in 2013. It was called “Lana Rose” and she decided to show people many of her makeup looks that she does as a professional makeup artist.

Lana also likes to share makeup tutorials because she wants to teach young men and women to do  makeup in a more professional way, with better techniques.

She sometimes does vlogs with her supercars and she shares her very rich and elegant way of living that she had lived for her whole life.

Her channel grew a lot when she decided that she could do collaborations with other people. Some of them were Logan Paul (a troubled YouTuber who is very popular because of his controversy), Karim Benzema, Mona Monica Kattan, Huda Kattan (a very popular makeup artist who has her own line of makeup) and KSI.

She has a lot of videos which have over one million views, and some of them have a few million views too. She has some videos like “Beach Day with Lana” which talk about her daily trips and the fun she has back home, “My Indian Makeover” which shows how she likes to get back to her origin every now and then and “Driving the Lamborghini Aventador” which shows how much she loves cars, which is sort of unusual for a woman.

But, she is not only a YouTube star and a makeup artist. We have previously mentioned that she loves oil painting and therefore she sells her artwork too! On Twitter she likes to share her work and there she posts very regularly. Parisha (Lana) gets a lot of offers on a daily basis there.

But, she also makes a lot of money by modeling, monetizing and so on. She is sometimes paid to do an advertisement of various products related to make-up!

Personal life

Lana lives with her mother and her brother and she is very close with them. However, their father does not live with them because Lana’s parents are divorced. They don’t live together anymore, but they are still in good relations.

Lana has always lived a luxurious lfe and she still does. She enjoys beautiful cars and her favorite one is Lamborghini Huracan and it costs a quarter million dollars.

She says that her favorite hobbies are painting, traveling, shopping and blogging. She loves to spend time outside of her house and she loves her workplace since she enjoys the way that she works: from home.

Her favorite destinations are the ones where she spent the most time in her life and those are Dubai and London. She spent a  lot of time in London when she was a young girl and she does still live in Dubai so those are her most comfortable places. She is used to them.

Lana says her favorite youtubers are Logan Paul and Huda Kattan. Logan Paul is a bit problematic, but he is very funny and Huda Kattan was always her role model because she is a beautiful woman of similar origins and she does similar work like Lana does.

Parisha loves to dye her hair and enjoys changing her hair colour to various colours which match her makeup looks. She also used to wear wigs, but now she doesn’t anymore.

On her social media, especially Instagram, you can see how luxurious she lives. She often travels and shows pictures of herself in cars, at beaches and in various huge hotels. She also trains in the gym and enjoys lifting weights and that’s why she lost weight lately. She has great arm muscles and says that she enjoys the gym and doesn’t consider it a dread anymore.

Lana is not ashamed of her family or her origins and often shares pictures of her and her relatives on the internet. She also likes to do makeup looks inspired by her birthplace and her roots.

She also loves to sing and she often posts various covers and short videos of her playing it on her Instagram profile. However, she never considered a professional career in this field.

Lana used to share various useful talk with girls all around the world and she told them how she used to hate herself because of her native features and that she often heard jealous people around her tell her she will never make it because she looks chubby or because she has an ugly face.

However, she decided to try anyway and she made it. But the most important thing is that she loves the person she is today and that she learned how to accept her face and body, native features or not, and love them the way that they deserve it.

She claims that it is very important for young girls to realize that they are not who other people say they are, but who they want to be. She encourages them on social media to try whatever they feel like they could succeed in.

Quick summary

Full name: Parisa Beiraghdary

Date of birth: September 21st 1989

Birthplace:  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Age: 29

Profession: vlogger, makeup artist, artist, YouTube star

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: $4 million