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Jordi Maxim van den Bussche is a YouTube star called Kwebbie (by his full channel name Kwebbelkop) and he is from The Netherlands. He has two YouTube channels, this one and another one called Kwebbelcop which he uses to vlog videos.

He is very influential and has over 3 billion views on his main channel.

Early years

Jordi was born on June 1st in year 1995 and his childhood is not much known about. We know he spent his early years in Amsterdam and that he loves his family.

There is not really a lot of information about his life in school, but his mother is always joking about how uninterested he was in school since he got his first computer.

He used to spend a lot of time playing on it, even had friends over to make tournaments about it.

Career development

He started his channel out in year 2008 and he didn’t use it to upload right away. He was getting familiar with the platform and learned to steer his way around with people, got into the community as well. He didn’t upload anything until May in 2011.

His first nine videos were all created in the same year and they were related to very popular games called Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. After November in the same year, he took a break again and didn’t upload until the 7th month of the next year.

Many of his fans think he was perfecting his skills and that that’s the reason why he hasn’t been around.

However, when Jordi made a Draw My Life video (which is a video trend amongst YouTubers to tell people a bit more about themselves) he had told his fans that he has various trouble with arranging his new personal computer.

In 2012, in October, he decided that he should creative videos daily. He found YouTube to be perfect for his income since he enjoyed the job and wanted to pursue it later on.

He continued making videos about Call Of Duty, but he also incorporated some Minecraft videos. As he began to bond with his fans, he also started to make various videos outside of gaming.

His first video of the kind was the Prank Call Video he mae.

It was his 18th birthday that he had reached his first milestone and it was in 2013 when he reached a high number of 10 000 subscribers. It was very abstract to him to think about gaining such a high number since he was still pretty young, but thankfully, he also graduated during that time so he had a lot of time to do YouTube daily!

His life changed when GTAV (Grand Theft Auto V) was let on market in autumn of 2013. This game made a strong impact  on Jordi and he decided to dedicate a whole year to making videos related to it. Little did he know that these videos will actually make him famous.

He is known for making series related to video games so he made one called GTA V Myths, and it was a collaboration between him and his friend Hazardous.

In 2013, a friend of Jordi’s joined him in making a YouTube group called Robust. This friend was called Jelle van Vuch (better known as Jelly). They were accompanied by a YouTuber called Kodi Brown (who is from Australia) and another man called BraJaaKrew, also from YouTube.

They were a team while playing GTA Online reaces together, but Kodi Brown soon had to leave so called “video gang” and switched places with Slogoman, a YouTube star from Great Britain. His little brother, often called Swagglicious, also joined.

The name of the time has never been fully confirmed nor is it official in any way, but the team goes by the name because people got very used to it.

Jordi also makes solo videos, without the other guys. He has a series called Hit A Stunt and he tries to make some great stunts in the game across the virtual world. He sometimes plays with the above mentioned friends Jelly, Slogoman and _SABER_.

After being in the industry for such a long time, he decided to try out virtual games himself. He wanted to make one and so he did. It is called “Impossible Runner!” and it was published around Valentine’s Day of 2018 (February 13th). It can be played on iOS, Android and Steam.

His fans are called “KOPS” which is a parody on the word “cops”, the police.

Personal life

He tries to keep information about his private life private, but we do know that his sister’s name is Lauren. They are in good relations.

His favorite color is orange which he had mentioned in his videos, and his fans often tease him about it. It’s all in good cause though, they would never be rude to him.

He is currently dating a fellow YouTuber called AzzyLand, she is known for cosplay and does Q&A’s. She has been interested in gaming her whole life and that’s ehy they clicked. Their relationship is going very well.

His mom has been named KwebbelMom by the fans and he even made her a channel called Momvlogs. It’s interesting how he got his family into the business although they were never really fans of the social media.

Quick summary

Full name: Jordi Maxim van den Bussche

Date of birth: June 1st 1995

Birthplace:  Amsterdam

Age: 23

Profession: YouTube star

Height: 186 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $3.2 million