Kayla Itsines Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Kayla Itsines is a world known personal trainer who originates from Australia and who became known for her devoted work with her clients and her imaginative approach on their training.

Early years

Kayla Itsines was born on May 21, 1991 in a town called Adelaide in Australia but her parents are of Greek descent and don’t originate from Australia.

After finishing high school she decided enroll the Australian Institute of Fitness where she gained the diploma as a personal trainer.

She was always into sports and training so this step came natural to her. She also wanted to make a difference and to help people to stay healthy and fit.

After finishing schooling she started working in a training center were only women came to train.

She wasn’t satisfied with the results her clients made during their training sessions so she decided to make her own workout plan for them.

She has found a more interesting and effective way for her clients to train and after a while she even developed her own exercises and realized that they are actually very effective.

Career development

Her workout plan, madeout for what she calls a bikini body, became very successful and she opened her Facebook and Instagram account to inspire even more women to work out regularly and live a healthier lifestyle.

She is in a relationship with Toby Pierce who is a personal trainer as well and he gave her one golden advice at the beginning of her career. He told her to make an e-book guide for training and she listened to him. She released the book soon after.

It was called “Bikini Body Guide” or shortly BBG. The exercises in her guide soon became very popular because they combined various exercises which included aerobics,cardio training and changing lifestyle connected with better eating habits.

This seemed to work great for a very high percentage of her clients and they we’re thrilled because of the results they have reached. People share their success on the social media and therefore the programme became very popular.

The motivations for the client grew even bigger after she started sharing photos of them “before and after” which showed a huge difference in their physique and it gave them great confidence and more self-esteem.

Women started sharing their programs and she gained great positive reviews which was very pleasing to her because she wanted to help out women who struggle with their bodies and their health.

Her clients were especially thrilled by her personal involvement and the fact that she always responds to her fans messages and their questions no matter what.

Kayla takes her work very seriously and gives 100% to it. She has to spend a lot of time on her phone and her computer in order to be able to communicate with her viewers.

She is also an entrepreneur because she has developed an application, targeted for mobile phones and it is called “Sweat with Kayla”.

This brought her a huge income and made her net worth much higher although there were many people making an issue about the price of her app. They thought it was way too expensive for that kind of mobile application.

In 2016, “Sweat with Kayla”  was the most selling application in the world and Kayla was a name which became familiar in every household. It brought her a lot of money and she was very happy that her hard work paid off.

She wanted to become closer to her clients so she opened her boot camps where she works out with her clients and motivates them for success. She likes to personally dedicate herself to each and every one of her clients and since she wants to get to know them too, she likes to have private sessions sometimes.

Today she is labelled as one of the most influential personal trainers on the internet by Time Magazine and many other respectible sources. She is also a huge influencer for women, especially those who are interested in fitness and nutrition.

Kyla, alongside her boyfriend Tobias,  received an award in her homeland and it was named “Interpreter of the Year”. The ceremony was kept in the capital of Australia, in Sydney and it was a wonderful experience for her since she got the chance to work with new people and meet her fans.

Toby is not only her boyfriend but her company’s director and a great support in her business. He is also a fitness trainer and a model so he is very well aware of all the time, effort and hard work she had to go through to reach this kind of fame and to develop her business this way. They truly are soulmates and they never get tired of each other, although they are not perfect and they both admit that.

Toby is a very special person although it is known that he was expelled from school. He was expelled because he was bored there so he disrrupted the class. Toby is a genius and has photographic memory. He is able to learn forreign languages in a couple of months so he knows them a lot. He learned to play the piano at the age of four.

Toby and Kayla met at the gym and eventually became unseparable. Although he is smarter than her she thinks of them as equal.

She is very conscious about health and she decided to support organizations who fight against diseases which attack women: she supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation and McGrath Foundation and they are both connected to raising awareness for breast cancer and to raising  money to help treat women struck by this evil disease.

Her Bikini Body Guide program focuses on 12 weeks of workout and eating arrangement.

She’s especially weak for all teenage health because she has her own problems in youth and as a teenager she fought with endometriosis which only affects women and she had to undergo a surgery to fight it.

She was also underweight in her youth because of she has felt that she would never get healthy again.

Kyla travels all around the world due to her tours. She was already in United States, where she is very popular,  and then she went to England and after that in the rest of the Europe.

Her book which was released in 2016 was titled “The Bikini Body: 28-day Eating and Lifestyle Guide” and was sold out extremely fast.

Her younger sister Leah went her sisters footsteps and became a fitness trainer. She was always influenced by Kyla.

She was always supported by her loving parents and they were completely confident in her success. Her parents Jim and Anna are both school teachers so they know how important is for children to feel great self-confidence.

Tobias or Toby, her loving boyfriend, started living with her in 2013.

In 2015 she made an appearance in Apple Watch advertisement.

Toby and Kayla reached “Young Rich” list in 2016 which showcased the fact that they are amongst the wealthiest Australians under 40 years and they have earned all of their wealth by themselves and by their hard work.

She has two Siberian Husky dogs and she often trains with them involved in the video. They are named Ace in the Junior.

She loves traveling especially with her family to their homeland Greece.

Her last book was published in 2017 and it was titled “The Bikini Body Motivation and Habits Guide”. She made her first guest appearance in an American TV show the same year. It was in “Good Morning America”.

She takes great care of what she eats and she hasn’t drink alcohol since 2011 because she is of opinion that it is the unhealthiest habit for her body.

Quick summary

Full name: Kayla Itsines

Date of birth: May 21,1991

Birthplace:  Adelaide, South Australia

Age: 27

Profession: personal trainer, entrepreneur

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 57 kgs

Net Worth: