Joe Weller Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Joe Weller is  known British YouTuber who gained recognition and fame for his music videos and vlogs mostly related to his biggest life passion – football.

He is widely known for his most viewed video named “World Cup Song” which was made for the Brazil World Cup.

He is also known for the boxing match he had with KSI.

Early years

He was born as Joseph Martin Weller on March 2, 1996 in a town called Brighton in England.

His elder sister Amy Weller was his company through childhood and she was always very supportive to her younger brother.

His parents were very much in love with each other and were in a happy marriage, so he and his older sister Amy grew up surrounded by a happy and healthy environment.

His mother Jenny was and is a big support to him and he was by his side through tge most diffucult part of his life: bullying period.

After finishing middle school he enrolled high school and started working to earn his own money. He didn’t work only for the money but he decided to learn a lot of things and get experience in various fields. He was very hardworking and nothing stood in his way.

In his goal to succeed there was only one things that could bring him down: it was the bullying he experienced.

The bullies found his chubby looks and slightly different ears very amusing and he suffered humiliations a few times during schooling.

Joe was a good football player but was eventually removed from the team because he has gained too much weight.

While he was a high school student he started making videos and found it very interesting and creative. He published his first video under the name “How to be a fighter man” and was really pleased when the video gained positive reviews and a lot of reactions online.

Another of his short film videos was related to teleportation and it was named “The Jacket”. He also made a co-relation with cloning in this movie.

Career development

With his video “How to be KSI” he started to be interesting to a wider audience, which is no wonder because KSI is a very popular Youtuber.

His first single was released in 2013 and it was named “90s kid”. The single was made in a collaboration with MC Whande. He also made anothet collab with MC Whande, this time named “Like Beckham”.

The same year, 2013,  he joined college classes for Film Making and Media Study. He wanted to get more professional knowledge so he could upgrade his videos and take them to a higher level of quality.

Joe Weller loves house music and of course rap music and these are the genres which he makes himself.

Nevertheless, the faith was on his side and gained him fame after he started his Youtube channel.

Today, he is strongly fighting against bullying and shares his personal stories about it with his fans.

He had many collaborations with known Youtubers and he became friends with most of them.

Joe is one of the members of “The Sidemen”, a group of British Youtubers who have similar interest and do similar video topics.

He has a signature intro to his videos saying: “Yo, Guys!” and it made him recognizable amongst the mass.

He created his channel in 2012 under the name “Nueva Films” and today it is renamed to “Joe Weller” because his name is today very known.

He uploaded various football related videos, sketches and comedy acts. He tried himself out in different types of filming but it was always for similar thematics.

After gaining fame he has opened his second channel and it is named “JoeWellerExtra”. He hasn’t got so much subscribers here but the number is growing on a daily basis.

His popular video which went viral was titled “World Cup Song: Brazil 2014” and gained tens of million views in just a few months. This video brought attention to him on the other side of the globe too.

Another of his most popular videos is the one where he pretends to be Christiano Ronaldo and it is titled “Cristiano Ronaldo Picking Up Girls”.

In 2017 he released his e-book named “Joe Weller Explores: Haunted Hotels”.

Joe’s hit “Wanna Do” reached a high place in Top 30 UK chart list which was the most highest charted single in his career.

He gave a name to his fans and they are now called “The Buxton Army”.

Most of the videos he uploads on his channel include football commentaries and instructions for a better experience in playing football video games such as FIFA games.

As for his personal football preferences he is a fan of Chelsea football club. He often goes to their games and he has shirts and memorabilia of the club.

He was a player at 2015 Wembley Cup and in 2016 he became a captain of Weller Wanderers Team. He could of had a great football career but the circumstances took him elsewhere.

He had a collaboration with KSI and it included making of a video where the two of them played one against each other. It was named “Brutal FIFA: Weller vs KSI”.

In 2017 he started arguing with KSI over social media and the rappers made diss tracks one against the other.

In 2018, the two of them organized a boxing match and they fought in front of over 70,000 people in the arena. KSI won in front of 1, 7 million viewers on Youtube. This was amongst highest viewed videos for both of them.

He has developed his own brand named Weezy which is a great business stunt. He made it together with Calfreezy, a fellow Youtuber and Sidemen member.

Joe invested into “Legitimate”, an apparel line which also increases his income. He advertises it by wearing it and posting photos on his Instagram channel.

Personal life

He is a huge fan of dogs and he has a dog named Ernest Croggpitts Weller.

Joe is fighting against depression, a serious illness that have already took too much young lives – KSI commented in his interview that it doesn’t surprise him that Joe needs medication to be normal. It was at the time when they were in a fued which they later resolved and ended.

He was dating Kate Hutchins, a very beautiful woman, and she appeared in his video named “Strip Wrestling”.

They started going out in 2015 and their relationship lasted for only one year.

Joe currently lives in Eastbourn in England and has no intention of living the country soon although he loves travelling and he was thrilled with America.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Martin Weller

Date of birth: March 2, 1996

Birthplace:  Brighton, England

Age: 22

Profession: Youtuber

Height: 1,73 m

Weight: 76 kgs

Net Worth: $800,000