Joe Sugg Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Joseph Graham Sugg is a famous young star from Great Britain who is known for many things he does: films, writing, vlogging and, most importantly, making YouTube videos.

He became famous after becoming a sensation on ThatcherJoe, a channel he made on his own.

Later he created his vlog channel called ThatcherJoeVlogs and as of lately he is into gaming and created ThatcherJoeGames.

He is very regular on his social media and updates all of his channels often and therefore he is followed by a huge number of fans! On Instagram you can see more about his personal life since he likes to post there pretty often too.

Early years

Joesph was born on Semptember 8th in 1991 and his birthplace is Wiltshire, England, UK. This is the main reason why Joe has a thick British accent that you can obviously notice in any of his videos.

One wouldn’t guess that Joe actually wished to be a roof thatcher before he started YouTube, but he actually did. It was something he liked since he was very young. His mother Tracey and his father Graham never had anything against it, they wanted his boy to be happy.

He first got into YouTube stuff when he joined the so called “YouTube Boyband” made for the purpose of raising money for “Comic Relief”, a charity. The guys had much fun and they say that it was a wonderful experience to help people so they wish to continue this further on in future.

One thing that benefited his career is his friendship with Casper Lee, a YouTube star from South Africa. They lived together for a long time and this was great for the duo because they could create a lot of content together, have fun and earn. They had been in a shared place until 2016 and that’s when the so called “Jasper” grow up.

When he was young, he wanted to act in the Harry Potter movie, but he got rejected because he was very short. He was only ten back then and it was huge for him to get this role, but the movie producers didn’t feel like he was right for it.

Joe has always had very good relations with his mother Tracey whom he often asks to join in his YouTube videos. She is in a lot of pictures he posts on his social media too, especially on Instagram. He says that she is one of the most supportive people in his life and that he wouldn’t be here where he is today is she wasn’t so tolerant for his nonsense.

Career development

In 2014, Joe got into music and participated in making of a song for multiple people, yet he sang the male part. Later he worked with his beloved sister Zoe to create a song with her too. He claims it was a wonderful experience.

He did a voiceover for a cartoon called Spongebob the Squarepants and it was one of the coolest things he had ever done, he claims. He can do really good impressions of various cartoon characters and this is probably why they had hired him to do this job.

After getting in touch vwith the movie world, he decided that he wanted to be more active in it and that’s why he had created an adventurous film that he made inspired by visiting various locations in Europe with one of his best friends.

Writing was also something that Joe liked a lot and that’s why he made 2 novels. All of these things together say that Joe has many talents and it isn’t weird that he has a lot of money now!

Joe used to be a skateboarder before he was on YouTube, but the hobby didn’t really stick to him when he started to make videos often. One of the best videos he has is the “Shock Ball Challenge” video that he invented. It later became pretty popular amongst stars on the video platform and since they all gave credit to him, he was easily noticed.

He actually did get some awards for his work and some of them are “Best British Vlogger” and “Radio 1 Teen Choice” so you cannot say that Sug hasn’t done anything in this field.

Before he actually made his own channel under the name “ThatcherJoe”, he appeared in his sister’s videos and realized that people found him funny and that he could make a career out of it. He became pretty popular pretty fast because he did all sorts of videos, but was most famous for his great impressions, pranks that he did on his roomates and challenges that he played with them.

In 2017, he decided that he wanted to continue making videos, but he also realized that he had to find a way to show his viewers a bit more about his day-to-day life so they get to know him besides the stuff he puts on his Instagram. That’s why he opened up a channel for vlogs and soon created his first novel that featured graphics.  The first one was called Evie and it was published in 2015 and the last one he made was called Username: Regenerated.

One of the best moments in his career, as he states, was giving a voice to a character in the movie SpongeBob: Sponge out of Water.

A documentary that he made soon was being published and it was a movie about him and his best friend, ex-roomate Caspar going around Europe and spending time on the road. That’s why the movie had been called Joe and Caspar Hit the Road. After he was asked where the idea came from, Joe stated that initially it was all vloging, but after they realized that they wanted to share the beauty of these countries with other people, they decided that they would start out this massive project!

In 2014, he appeared in Sunday Brunchaneh, a show where he talked about how did he start out his career and what things did he pay attention to the most.

Personal life

As much as we know, Joe is single, but a lot of rumors are around pretty often. One of them is that they young fella is dating Perrie Edward, a young star that just lately became famous for her gorgeous singing. He is often joking about dating famous celebrities like Mila Kunis and Angelina Jolie.

In one of his interviews, Joe said that he has to date a girl who will be just as funny as him, if not funnier, and she has to consider him important. He claims that he would date a fan, but only as long as it seems healthy, because he had various encounters with fans who fainted, cried, screamed and even did inappropriate things.

His sister and him are very into charity and they give a lot of money to them.

His favorite song is “Dancing on my own” and you can hear that he whistles it all of the time in his videos, especially vlogs, if you pay enough attention to it.

There used to be a rumor that he is dating Caspar Lee, his previously mentioned best friend, but all of these are just rumors. The duo sometimes even jokes about it and that’s why most of their fans think that it isn’t true because otherwise, if it was, they would try to hide it.

The duo did pranks on each other all of the time and it were epic pranks no one could reenact. Joe once filled up Caspar’s whole room with sticky notes and it took him an overwhelming amount of time to do so, but it payed off, as he says. Other time he filled the room with baloons and hid a clown underneath to scare his roomate.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Graham Sugg

Date of birth: August 3rd, 1991

Birthplace:  Wiltshire, UK

Age: 27

Profession: vlogger, author, producer, writer, YouTube star

Height: 5ft 8

Weight: 62 kgs

Net Worth: $2.1 million