Joe Santagato Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Joe Santagato (real name Joseph) is a known New York City Youtuber whose fame originated from his “Joe Santagato” and “Extra Joe” channels.

Although he hasn’t dreamt of being an Internet star, his life led him into this direction and now he wouldn’t change it for anything.

Early years

He was born as Joseph Santagato on February 25, 1992 in New York in United States and lived all of his childhood in Queens county.

His early years were spent in a peaceful environment and his family was trying to keep their life simple, keep kids out of trouble and earn enough for their potential college dreams.

He was raised in a family with a lot of members and siblings and his parents did it in a traditional way, through Catholic schooling and high moral standards.

He wasn’t outstanding in schooling but he was excellent at sports and in one period of his youth his football coach encouraged him to make a career in football.

In that period he had great potential whicj was spotted by his teachers and parents but they couldn’t motivate him to keep up with the practice.

He was always very popular because of his natural act in all situations and people often told him that he would be a good actor since he looked natural in front of the screen.

Both of his parents worked for the state: his dad was a New York City fireman and his mother worked on a white collar job in an administrative office in one school.

He has three siblings, a sister named Sharon and brothers Keith and Thomas with whom he has spent most of his free time.

After he received a camera for his birthday present around the age of twelve, he carried it a lot arround with him, making short  movies and sketches.

His family’s roots are American and Italian which explains his parents wish for him to attend a Catholic school. It is known that Italian are very religious.

Because of that fact, he attended St. Francis Catholic School and again St. Francis Preparatory School (which was a private school).

After finishing high school he became a student at Queensborough Community College. College didn’t work out for him and going to it was mostly the wish of his parents.

He has dropped out soon although he knew that his family won’t be happy about it but he just couldn’t go against his own wishes.

He started working as a delivery boy for a pizzeria after which he started working in a restaurant. This was a very hard job but he eventually suceeded in it.

Career development

After leaving his job in a restaurant and  creating his first Youtube channel, he was an online editor of a channel named “Elite Daily”.

“Elite Daily” channel is a channel which broadcasts programs connected with basic news and events in politics, sport and fashion branche.

Joseph also has more than one channel and every channel has got it’s own theme. For example, his channel named  “Veterans Minimum” is a sports channel.

“Extra Joe” is his second channel which relates to latest news, affairs and controversies. This channel is his vlogg channel.

Joe’s comedy channel is the one named  “Joe Santagato” and it is one of his most viewed channel.

His podcast  “The Basement Yard” gained a lot of attention amongst fans and is watched in thousands of views.

“Settle Down Kids” is one of the channels on which he collaborated with other  Youtubers.

His popularity came to such a high level that he had a collaboration with Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock on the series of videos simply named “Rock, The Promo”.

These videos made him very proud because Dwayne’s guest appearance in the videos gave confirmation of his celebrity status.

It is known that The Rock has a busy schedule and can pick with whom he wants to work. The fact that he wanted to work with Joe meant a lot.

Joe is Catholic but he is a very tolerant person and thinks that people must have the right to choose how they want to live their life.

Due to his modern views he was attacked by a lot of conservative people who disliked his video “Gay Marriage Is Legal”.

In this video he questions why were gay marriages illegal before and whi had the right to bring such important decision without public’s choice.

He opened his Youtube channel in 2010, at the age of 18.

“Santagato TV” was the channel which started his internet career and the first videos on it were made with members of his family, and a lot of them were about his brothers.

He took his channel very seriously and started uploading content every Tuesday to secure continuity of views on it.

His channels came from thousands to millions.

A lot of his videos are educational and social due to the fact that he has a high level of morality and isn’t discriminating towards any group of people.

His fued with another known Youtuber, Alfie Deyes, evolved in 2015 after Joe realized that Alfie stole one of his ideas  and didn’t give him a credit for it. It concerned his video  “The Mad Lib Story Challenge” which Alfie copied on his channel.

In collaboration with a company Hasbro he published a board game named “Speak Out”.

After his popularity came to a certain level, one broadcasting channel made a documentary about him and his family under the name “The Kardashians of Queens”.

One of his most important and viewed videos is the one named “Idiots Of The Internet”. “Evolution of Dating” is another one which brought attention to his work.

Personal life

He is dating an Instagram star named Sammy Ricky who is known for her website named

Her posts mostly include fashion statements, beauty tips and health & fitness advices.

As she was recognized as a great designer, she launched her own company “Sammy Jo Designs”.

They both love animals and have two dogs as pets.

Joe is known for his love for cookies and sweets.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Santagato

Date of birth: February 25, 1992

Birthplace:  Queens, New York City, New York

Age: 26

Profession: Youtuber

Height: 1,78 cm

Weight: 77 kgs

Net Worth: $400,000