Jerry Purpdrank Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Jerry Purpdrank is a trendy American rapper and an actor. He is also one of the most popular Viner and a person with great Instagram influence.

Jerry loves when people call him and his Instagram posts controversial. He thinks it’s a great publicity for him.

Although most of people think that Purpdrank is his surname, it is really a nickname he gained due to the fact that his favorite drink when he was a kid was Purple Kool Aid.

Early years

Information about Jerry’s childhood are very rare and he doesn’t share any with his fans.

One of the most interesting facts about his youth was that he was a member of a lacrosse team in his high school which was peculiar since he was an African-American.

Although he was the only African-American in the team, he didn’t think it was a problem and he got along great with his team mates.

Career Development

His popularity came with the upload of his interesting videos on his Youtube channel.

It seemed that he had a great directing and producing skills (as well as acting skills) which allowed him to be creative to the maximum.

A lot of people thought that his videos were much better than of most online influencers so they convinced him to get involved in making Vines.

His first video was uploaded in 2013 and it gained a lot of publicity for a first video.

His creative prank and loop videos gained a lot of attention and soon he was known to a large part of online community.

Soon Jerry had a lot on his mind: he became very popular and that meant that he had to post his videos more regularly and keep the public interested.

The money he received from ads and endorsements became bigger and he soon realized this was becoming a full-time job for him, and a lucrative one.

2016 brought him world recognition with a video titled “Through The Grape Vine”.

After that he has decided to focus more on his rapping career so he has released an album “Through The Grape Vine”.

This album contained seven songs.

After Vine closed down, Jerry tried to find a way to keep in touch with his fans and keep his business/pleasure alive.

He turned to the most obvious social platform called Youtube which was at that point started to be the new hottest video platform.

After his great impersonations of Lil Wayne he was soon at the top of Youtube most viewed list.

He started inviting a lot of celebrities on his videos. Piques, King Bach and Alex James all gladly received his offer.

After Vine closed, all the Viners gave each other support in engagement on other venues.

He started to be interesting as an actor so movie producers started offering him minor roles in a lot of films.

He was a member of the crew which acted in “Tawk” from 2014. It was a reality TV show which was active for a few years.

In 2017 he was featured in “Airplane Mode” and in “Get the Girl”. He also starred in Bad Weather Film in 2014.

He fell in love with acting and he went to auditions because he wanted to become a successful actor.

His known collaboration with a female Youtuber was  „Kids with the 64 pack of crayons ran elementary school…“ which he made alongside Brittany Furlan.

His sense of humour was always different and much more interesting than of average people.

Due to his popularity he was offered to partner with a clothing store and make his own clothing line. His choice weren’t hoodies, shirts or caps – he decided to release a line of socks with watermelons.

His single “No L’s” which was released in spring 2016, became a huge hit. It reached over 5 millions views.

He has over three million followers on his Instagram account.

Personal life

After living in Randolph in Massachusets, which was his home town, he relocated to Boston but finally ended up in Los Angeles after his career went up.

His best friends include Max Jr, who became a Viner after him, and Dan Nampaikid and Curtis Lepore.

He doesn’t like to share information about his love life but it is known that he has an ex-girlfriend named Rebecca.

She hails from Canada and they both shared photos on their Instagram.

He is quite suspicious after he approaches a girl he likes or vice versa because he feels like a lot of girls are only focused on him because he is a celebrity and not for his real personality.

He has a dog Ava and he often uploads her photos on Instagram and she keeps him company during his creative hours.

Quick summary

Full name: Jerry “Purpdrank”

Date of birth: November 9, 1998

Birthplace: Randolph, Massachusetts

Age: 20

Profession: producer, actor, rapper, comedian, Youtuber, former Viner

Height: 1,75 m

Weight: 75 kgs

Net Worth: $3 million