Jenn Im Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Jenn Im is a beautiful Korean-American fashion guru and a popular YouTuber whose channel named “ClothesEncounters” has millions of subscribers from almost every part of the world.

She can thank her popularity to her videos in which she gives advices to women all over the globe on the matter of affordable fashion which she spikes with beauty tips made as simply as she could make them.

Early years

She was born on September 22, 1990 in Los Angeles. She is the youngest kid in the family and she was always looked after by her brother James to whom she’s very grateful for everything he did for her and she has a huge respect for him because of all the support he has given her from an early age.

Sometimes she was upset because she was treated as a baby but today she realizes that her family just wanted to protect her and ensure her a pleasant childhood.

Jenn was raised in a traditional Korean way and she always had to strictly follow family traditions. For example, she wasn’t even allowed to decorate her own room or to dress up too much.

In order to help her family financially she started working when she was 15 years old and it was at Baskin Roberts.

Career development

She has opened her YouTube channel and started vlogging alongside her goid friend Sarah Chu.

She did it despite the fact that she will  have trouble with her parents. She was hoping that her brother will support her and stand by her side in this, which he did so her parents weren’t too upset after she showed them her new channel.

When she went to school she was a very good student but was sometimes bullied because of her Korean descent.

She was sometimes called with some impolite nicknames, such as Bruce Lee.

She decided to move to Northern California where she would be independent from her parents and in 2013 she graduated from the University of California where she gained her bachelor’s degree in Communication.

This area of expertise turned out to be a great choice for it helped her create her business easier because she had some knowledge on the matter.

She was a good friend with Sarah Chu who’s also a YouTuber and they have supported each other while they both were trying to grow their Youtube business.

After she became very popular she accepted a lot of sponsoring from clothes and make- up companies who wanted to collaborate with her.

She collaborated with  Teen Vogue and many other companies and she did it’s so flawless that she was invited by Macy and Target to collaborate with them on their clothing lines.

Her clothing line was so popular that it was sold in minutes after it was released in online shops.

In 2017 she had over 2 million followers which is a great success for any YouTuber or vlogger especially from America where there are a lot of YouTubers trying to succeed.

She was very hard-working and stubborn so she successfully led both her YouTube channel and succeeded in her studies but after a while she realized that it is time for her to create her own line of make-up.

Her first products where made for lips and eyes and were called “Jenn Ne Sais Quoi” and they were made in collaboration with “Color Pop”.

In 2017 she started her own clothing line named “Eggie” which was based on her Korean roots and heritage and on the fact that she was always the “baby” in the family.

Personal life

Her boyfriend is Ben Jolliffe from a band Young Guns where he was a drummer and they got engaged in 2016.

Young Drumms is a popular British alternative rock band.

Ben and her get along great and he supports her and travels with her and takes care of marketing and ensures that everything goes great.

Eggi means baby in Korean and she refers to this as her position in the family and she is the youngest of them.

Her parents were both born and raised in South Korea and they worked in Los Angeles as bank tellers and in clothing manufacturer.

She is a very big fan of cheese of all sorts.

She wears contact lenses for her makeup videos.

She learned to play the piano when she was twelve but she wasn’t interested in it so she stopped learning it.

Her most favorite fruit is watermelon, although she is a big fan of all fruits and vegetables. She has a healthy food diet which she practises from her early age.

As for her political views she was against Hillary Clinton in 2016 and she voted for Trump which was interesting because he leads an anti-immigrant politocs and her parents came from Asia.

Her website is named and it has all the valuable informations for her fans to know.

She is very upset with photoshoped photos, unaffordable fashion and similar things which make average people unsatisfied. She wants to bring it back to ordinary people.

She stated in an interview once:”Fashion isn’t supposed to be exclusive.”

Due to her job as a vlogger she have had the possibility to travel all around the world and visit cities such as Dubai, London and Osaka.

She is very grateful for that opportunity because she knows it cannot happen to everyone.

Quick summary

Full name: Im Dohee

Date of birth: September 22,1990

Birthplace:  Los Angeles, California

Age: 28

Profession: Youtuber, fashion designer

Height: 1,55 m

Weight: 49 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million