Jay Alvarrez Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Jay Alvarrez is amongst one of the most popular American millionaire models who gained fame by being also a great adventurist and adrenalin junkie.

He is one of the top five male Instagram models whose number of followers reached a number of almost 6 million, growing on a daily basis.

Early years

Jay was born on July 5, 1995 in Oahu, a town settled in Hawaii.

His childhood seemed to be quite hard and there isn’t much information about what happened to him in this period of life.

It is known that his parent’s house was settled close to the ocean and that he left school while he was a teenage boy, at the age of 14.

Jay suffered from dyslexia which caused him to leave school more easily. This was the reason it was so hard for him to be in class.

The other reason was because he is of adventourus spirit and was bored at school.

Jay had trouble staying focused at school and wasn’t a little bit interested in his education.

This was his period as a rebel and it showed off his restlesness he still has in his character.

To confirm that his decision is final, Jay decided to make a tattoo but it couldn’t be an ordinary tattoo. He tattooed a sentence “Let’s live” but he did it on the inner side of his lip.

One of the reasons that Jay was so restless and sometimes full of anxiety was the fact that his mother fought cancer for years and it has hurt him badly because he loved her very much.

Jay was just 16 when she died and had to find a way to grieve. He was close with his mum and he felt like he has lost his best friend.

He did it with the help of his mother who has left a letter for him in which she stated that nothing more precious than Jazz ever entered her life and that she loves him more than anything.

Jay found a way to make peace with this tragical event and started being more involved in his hobby as a photographer.

After his mother passed away it was difficult for him in a financial way but the family managed the best they could and Jay decided to built his career as a photographer to support himself.

Career development

Jay got involved in Vine, trying to make his brealthrough as a photographer.

He encountered a known photographer Bryant Eslava who saw talent in him and the two of them became very goid friends and still are.

Eslava was the one to notice that Jay is a great photo model and that he has an autra which atrracts human eye on him.

Jay also created his own Youtube channel where he posted his videos of his travels and other events in his life but he eventually gained fame through Instagram.

He has done a lot of dangerous or breathtaking photos which go from waves riding to jumping from a helicopter (parachute included!)

A bigger chunk of this adrenaline foolishness Jay made with his girlfriend, a beautiful model and a star named Alexis Ren.

The two of them are world known for their beauty and photogenics which they shared with their fans almost on a daily basis

Together, they were one of the most beautiful celebrity couples at that period of time.

Jay soon became one of the most hired models and started earning serious money. Fashion designers like Ralph Lauren or Armani loved to hire him for their underweae collections and as a model on the runway.

Jay also acted in a movie, with Gregg Sulking as his co-actor. Together they starred in a comedy movie titled “Deported”.

Jay was a big fan of music since he was a kid and it always followed him through life but he also started producing it for his own pleasure and later fpr his fans.

He uploads his music on his soundcloud named “jayalvarrez”.

He is good friends with Jessey Stevens, a model whom he met on a gig where both of them were hired to perform.

Ralph Lauren chose him for his main model in the  “Love Fragrance” campaign which increased his wealth and made him recognizable all over the world.

Jay’s favorite music is house which he produces too and in 2017 he foubd himself in Ibiza, working with Kygo.

He modeled for a known managment companies named  “NEXT Model Managment”. They handle all his appointments, appearances and gigs.

Some of the commercials he has starred in include Snapchat, Calvin Klein and one for  the Hyundai Tucson.

He travels in a luxury way, going on yachts to Ibiza and Bali. He even found himself in Dubai and in Mexico, which gave him great pleasure.

Bonds made him their model for a line of board shorts.

His Hyunday Tucson advert is one of his most viewed videos on Youtube.

Other than Jessey Stevens, he also hangs out with  Marlon Texeriera and Francisco Lachowski.

Personal life

Public is well acquainted with his love life because he shared a lot of information regarding it on his social media account.

His first more serious longlasting relationship was his relationship with Chase Miller but the differences took thdm apart and left them unwilling to continue even being friends.

The second and his longest relationship was the one with Alexis Ren and it lasted from 2014 to 2016.

Alexis Ren is one of the most popular model and an Instagram star who gained over 12 million followers on her Instagram channel.

The two of them worked great as a pair and their relationship made them even more popular and increased their net worth.

It was in 2016 that their fans noticed something strange is happening between the two of them. They have confirmed it at the Revolve event, where they have avoided each other as much as possible.

Soon their break up was official when they unfollowed each other on their social media platforms and stopped posting photos of the two of them.

They started insulting each other over Twitter which made their fans sad not only because they have done that but because they could speak so ugly about the person they have spent almost two years.

Alexis stated that Jay is very arrogant and thinks he is better than other people and that he is addicted on fame.

In 2017, she went that far that she stated that he has a very “small manhood”, which is very offensive and not pretty for a girl to say.

She stated that Jay didn’t have compassion for her regarding her eating disorder and lack of trust.

Jay seemed to be more focused on his life plans than on their relationship.

He didn’t answer her but only tweeted that body shaming is not cool and a couple of weeks later he uploaded his photo in underwear which show that his “manhood” isn’t small.

Jay is a dog person and has pets surrounding him. He loves them from his early age and always has time to play with them.

His girl fans always point out his rich curly hair as his biggest plus.

One of his signature looks is his rich curly hair that women adore. He always takes good care of it.

He lives in Los Angeles, in his own house, but he often goes to his homeland on Hawaii to meet family and friends and to move away from town to a more peaceful place.

Recently he has moved to Hawaii where he bought a beach house and he enjoys his earned money doing what he likes best: surfing.

It is rumoured that he started dating Sveta Bilyalova, a popular Instagram model with over 6 millions followers on Instagram.

Quick summary

Full name: Jay Alvarrez

Date of birth: July 5, 1995

Birthplace:  Oahu, Hawaii

Age: 23

Profession: model, photographer, actor

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Net Worth: $2 million