Jaclyn Hill Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Jaclyn Hill is an American YouTuber and a make-up guru who obtained thousands of fans by uploading her tutorials on YouTube channel.

She is known for her beautiful eyes and smile and for her great personality which can be seen through her great interaction with her fans.

Early years

She was born as Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers on July 20, 1990 in Mineral in Illinois, United States.

She has French and German origins but she is 100% in love with America. She loves the fact that everything happens there and she can always attend various events without traveling too far.

She has spent her childhood living on a farm in a small town. The farm itself was over four generations in her family but eventually her family left it due to his father’s missionary work.

She grew up with two older siblings – sister Rachel and brother Nicholas (who are both older than her) and with her father James and her mother Robin.

Her father James was a very religious man and he was hoping to become an evangelist so he took his whole family in 1998 to Florida, to a town named Tampa.

Before he started preaching Christianity he gained serious injuries on both of his legs which made his work on the farm impossible. This left an impact on his whole family and therefore Jaclyn felt it too.

Her father felt that he was called by God to become a missionary so he took his family to travel with him in different countries such as Honduras and India in Asia where the family preached Christianity and help the needed ones.

When she was a teenager she became a cheerleader and a few years later she started coaching Wildcats cheerleaders.

She wore braces one year in her cheerleading period. It was a bit hard for her since she was already a bit self conscious, but she got used to them and now has beautiful teeth.

Since she lived at a farm, and afterwards she travelled all over the world, she never attended regular schools but she was homeschooled.

She was very bright as a child and she soaked all the knowledge she was given. After a while, when she received her high school diploma, she decided that she wants to study Photography so she enrolled a college in Sarasota in Florida.

To earn money for her college expenses she has freelanced in a MAC store.

MAC is a famous cosmetic store and she was one of their makeup artists.

Career development

In 2011,she opened her own YouTube channel named Jaclynhill1 which gained popularity really fast due to her interesting way of explaining products and giving makeup tips.

In the summer of 2017 she published her video with no less than Kim Kardashian and it was titled “Get Ready with Me & Kim Kardashian”.

This was her most viewed video which is no wonder because Kim is a very big world star.

She has over five million subscribers on her YouTube channel so she earns a lot of money of it. Additionally she gets a lot of money from endorsements.

In 2015, Hill was invited to collaborate with a small Australian cosmetics brand named “Becca” and she decided to take the offer no matter the brand wasn’t world known.

She advertised their highlighter named “Champagne Pop” and only half an hour after this product was released through Sephora, it was sold in over 20,000 pieces which was kind of a record in beauty sales.

Becca decided to later offer Jaclyn to release a whole makeup set together which they did and the both parties got wealthier.

Jaclyn was the one to support and discover Becca cosmetics and in 2017 the company was bought by a worldwide known cosmetic brand Estée Lauder.

In the same year she started her collaboration with Becca she has started a new collab with Morphe Cosmetics. The line was released with her name in the nsme of the line:  “Jaclyn Hill x Morphe”.

Their collaboration continued both in 2016 and 2017.

She has an especially good interaction with her fans and followers and she always answers them honestly because she thinks it is very important to be honest and fair to everyone. She made a video which includes fifty facts and answers on questions her fans asked her through social media.

Personal life

She still lives in Tampa in Florida where her family moved when she was very young.

She lives with her husband Jon Hill to whom she got married in 2009.

She isn’t in contact with his father but she is very close to her mother Robin who works as her manager and supports her on daily basis in anything she wants.

Her husband is her greatest love and she married him when she was only 19 years old. It was in the summer of 2009.

Before marrying Jon she was in a short relationship with his colleague from the band. Jon is a drummer in a few bands but he also finds time to teach drumms to kids.

He is very handsome and they make a goid pair. They are still very much in love and he sometimes show up in her tutorial videos which are then mostly named “Husband does…”

The two of them love dogs and they two male Shih Tzus named Georgie and Frankie.

Jaclyn is a big fan of training and fitness and she works out in the gym every day of the week.

She also takes good care of what she eats and watches out that her diet is balanced and healthy. This is especially important for her skin which has to be mostly clear all of the time so she can apply makeup and do her videos. She really enjoys makeup.

Although she loves to eat she hates to cook and she never tried to learn it. She said that it is too much work to do and then later too much stuff that have to be cleaned.

She is a big sugar fan and often has cravings for sweets. She often talks about it on her social media accounts and she explains how it is sometimes very hard for her not to eat it although she is aware that it is junk food.

She has a great smile and beautiful teeth and she admitts she is kind of obssesive with them and she brushes them few times a day. Her braces paid off.

In 2012, her parents divorced and Jaclyn stopped all contacts with her father and the two of them never tried to fix their broken relationship because they are still very angry at each other. This was a very hard period for her but she soon overcame it with the help of her friends and sister.

Jaclyn still has a very close relationship with her sister Rachel and her brother Nicholas.

She doesn’t have tatooes but she has nothing against piercing in the nose orca lip.

She is a big fan of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts and she has watched all their movies at least twice.

She is also a huge fan of a band Coldplay.

Quick summary

Full name: Jaclyn Roxanne Hill

Date of birth: July 20, 1990

Birthplace:  Mineral, Illinois, United States

Age: 28

Profession: makeup artist, YouTuber, social media influencer

Height: 1,70 m

Weight: 61 kgs

Net Worth: $1,7 million