Huda Kattan Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki, Husband

Huda Kattan is a world known American makeup artist and online celebrity especially known for her “Huda Beauty” cosmetic line which is used by biggest female stars.

Early years

Huda Kattan was born on October 2, 1983 in a town named Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, United States.

Both of Huda’s parents are from Iraq and migrated to States in pursue for a better life for them and their children.

She has spent her early years living in Oklahoma with her sisters Mona and Alia and her brother Khalid.

The children were brought up to be very close and supportive to each other and they grew up cherrishion their traditions.

Her mother’s name is Susu Al Qazzaz and her father is called Ibrahim Kattan. They respect her privacy and they support all of their children.

Huda’s family changed the location of their home very often. They lived at Cookeville in Tennessee for a while until they relocated to Boston in Massachusetts.

The reason for moving this often was related to her parents work.

She graduated from her high school after which she enrolled Michigan University with very good grades.

She finished her college studies and majored in area of Finance.

In 2006 Huda’s family relocated to Dubai, again because of her parents and the fact that her dad gained a new position as a teacher at American University in Dubai.

Huda liked Dubai very much and she waa impressed with life there.

Huda returned to the States a few years later, settling herself in the center of events: in Los Angeles.

She joined makeup arts studies and decided to improve her self-taught skills with new informations. She was already hooked up on makeup and cosmetics so she had a really good starting knowledge for the studies.

Huda soon became known amongst clients and soon could bragg about working with Eva Longoria and other celebs who were very pleased with her work.

Huda was very hardworking and always trying to improve her skills and learn new techniques.

After finishing studies and working as makeup artist, Huda went back to Dubai. She accepted the offer of a world known  cosmetics company named Revlon and became their makeup artists.

This gave her the oportunity to develop her skills even more, working with top products in the branch.

The reason why she created her blog lies in her family: her sisters forced her to make a blog and share her knowledge with women all around the world.

Career development

The blog was the turning point in her life which led her to beauty cosmetics business and brought her assured monthly income.

The blog was popular, had a lot of views and that is why she launched her first cosmetic products in 2013. The cosmetic line was named “Huda Beauty” and since she launched it, she became extremely wealthy.

While being in Los Angeles she even entered the famous Joe Blasco’s make-up school in Los Angeles to perfect her almost perfect skills.

Her first and very successful product she released from her line were false eyelashes, and these could be bought in Sephora stores.

Why did she first go with false eyelashes? Because she was aware that women love great lashes and she wassn’t able to find herself good ones so she assumed all women struggled to find great eyelashes.

The eyelashes became her recognition item since they were so popular that in one moment the store has ran out of them.

Kim Kardashian gave her free advertising when she started wearing tge sane eyelashes and claimed that they are the best she ever had.

Her line continued with lip products such as lip liners, lipsticks, with foundations, false nails and more.

Huda became a very popular online personality and it could be mostly seen through Instagram where she gained over 25 million followers.

She is considered to be one of the most influentual people on Instagram and is called a beauty guru.

Last year, in 2017, Time Magazine included Huda Kattan on the list of the 25 people on  the internet with most influence on the viewers.

Huda is often compared to Kim Kardashian and although Kim doesn’t earn her money through makeup, they are both great influencers and both of them lead a lifestyle which is connected to beauty and they both have high income from that area of work.

She also earns a lot of money by advertising other products and brands and she is paid to go to beauty events where she shares her beauty tips and knowledge on makeup.

Huda is one of the most influential people in beauty category and also one of the most paid one.

Personal life

Huda is in a happy marriage with a Colombian named Christopher Goncalo.

She got married quite early, in 2008, but she has met her husband while she was in University and they have dated for years.

They have a daughter named Nour Giselle, and the family is stationed in Dubai, in United Arab Emirates.

Huda comes from a Muslim family and was always taught of the importance of family. When she had to find people for important places in her company, she has chosen her sisters: one sister is her business partner in her make-up business and the other one deals with her social media accounts, interviews, and other public relations business.

She has two sisters: Mona is younger than Huda and Alia is older. She loves them dearly and would do anything for them.

Huda also has a brother named Khalid who is very protective of his sisters.

During her childhood inTennessee she and her sisters gained nicknames since it was odd for people to call them by their real names. Huda was called Heidi and Mona was Monica.

This changed when the family relocated and settled in Massachussets. The people from that town liked their real exotic names so they became Huda and Mona again.

Huda and her sisters started doing makeup when they were teenagers and Huda was best in it. She has sculped her older sister’s eyebrows to perfection so everybody started asking her for that.

Her sisters noticed her talent and told all their friends and family so she soon gained a lot of “customers” she had to work on.

After she created her blog it didn’t take a lot of time for her to become famous. She was very popular due to the fact that she wasn’t cheap to share her beauty tips and hacks she used while doing makeup.

She was also willing to help women with facial problems in providing them knowledge how to hide their imperfections, scars and similar.

Her makeup inspiration in her youth came from the looks of Disney’s female character Princess Jasmine from the story of Aladin.

She thought she was very similar to her because of her looks: they both have long black hair and make up in Arabic style, with very long eyelashes and black eyeliner.

She received a lot of money from collaborations with known brands, especially luxury brands.

Mercedes and Cartier are only some of the companies with whom she collaborated with.

She has a favorite colour, and it’s pink. She also adores all nudes because of their natural looks.

Huda is a big fan of marshmallows but doesn’t overeat them because she is looking out to stay fit.

She has arachnophobia – a great fear of spiders.

Huda owns a Kawasaki Ninja bike and is a big fan of cycling. She was often seen riding a bike in USA.

Although she isn’t short (170 cm), she is the shortest amongst her siblings.

One information that not a lot of people can bragg about (and she doesn’t bragg) is the fact that she had saved a life of a child by doing Heimlich manouver.

She stated that that event changed her life but also made her more mature.

On June 12, 2018 she had a premiere of her own reality TV show named “Huda Boss”. She had a film crew in her house and at work for months, and she said that it was very intensive for her and that it was a challenge for her to open up about her personal life.

The show will be a hit for sure because everyone is interested in her everyday life, personal matters, the way her house looks, etc.

Quick summary

Full name: Huda Kattan

Date of birth: October 2, 1983

Birthplace: Oklahoma City, United States

Age: 25

Profession: YouTuber, make-up artist, influencer

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 60 kgs

Net Worth: $5 million