Heidi Somers Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Heidi Somers is a popular American YouTube Star who is especially liked and appreciated as a fitness model and a guru, who created her own channel named “Heidi Somers” and gained a lot of fans through her inspiring videos and tips that helped her to achieve her great tone.

She is nicknamed Buff Bunny and her social media accounts are connected with this name.

Early years

She was born as Heidi Somers on March 14, 1989 in the North Pole in Alaska and was raised in a quite big family since she has five siblings.

None of them went to school when they were young, but they were all home-schooled. That means that they were home together most of the time.

She enrolled the University of Texas and she worked to support her studies. She worked on various workplaces:she was a waitress and even a barista in order  to earn enough money to support herself.

Why did she move to Texas anyway? Because that year when she moved was very bad for her at home. Heidi has broken up with her boyfriend (she was convinced it will be a longlasting relationship), had a car accident (still thanks God for saving her) and all those events let to her decision that it is time to change her life.

Career development

She relocated to Texas and it seems it was a great decision for her. After a while things just gone better for her.

During her problematic years in Alaska after breaking an unhappy relationship she started gaining weight and after she moved to Texas and created a whole new life away from home, she has learned about CrossFit and decided to enroll it.

She did it in order to help herself, to help her body to rejeuvanate and to meet knew friends.

All of this happened in her new home: San Antonio in Texas.

She was never interested in sports as a child and she wasn’t even that much interested in going out so doing this new routine in Texas was a very big change for her.

When she was a kid she was first to skinny and afterwards she was overweight which means that she couldn’t find a way to satisfy herself and she was unhappy because of it.

The trigger for changing her life was when she tried to buy some new clothes and couldn’t find a size for her and had to buy it in XXL section.

That’s when she decided she had to change something and create new healthy habits which will allow her to be healthier,  to be skinnier and to feel more energetic.

After she lost a lot of weight and toned up her body, she wanted to try herself in weight lifting and it turned out she liked it a lot and it was very good for her.

She was very happy with the changes in her physique and she realized that not only her body was getting thinner but all of her body started to look better and she didn’t even have the need to sleep through the day as she usually did.

She decided to sign up for an NCP show and started to work on her physique.

Heidi finally succeeded and became an athlete for 1 Up Nutrition. She also joined  Live Fit Apparel.

She competed several times in many Crossfit competitions and won some of them.

Due to her success in that area she became a fitness model and earned a lot of money by modelling for several fitness companies and she also gained a lot of support from her family and her friends.

She emphasizes that she’s not only happy with her body but she’s happy and feel was blessed because she can make an impact on other people’s lives in a positive way.

Heidi is a big fan of paleo diet and she learned a lot about nutrition and she decided to eat more intuitively trying to avoid the food she knows isn’t good for her so she stopped eating dairy and some grains.

She’s decided to start her own 60-day challenge where she focused on eating animal proteins, as much vegetables as possible and nuts as snacks, but she completely eliminated all processed foods.

Heidi is a great influence on people all over the world because she shows how everyone can change if they just firmly decide to do it.

Personal life

Heidi and Christian Guzman were in a relationship for a while. He is also a fitness guru.

Her fans judged her for beginning a relatopnship with him because he was earlier dating her good friend Nikki and started dating him immidietaly when they broke up.

After that she was in a relationship with Joshua Troy Garcia but he broke up with her over his social media account after he realized that she is seeing another man at the same time.

This is a quote from his open letter: “I know my worth and won’t settle sharing my girlfriend with someone else.”

Quick summary

Full name: Heidi Somers

Date of birth: March 14, 1989

Birthplace:  North Pole, Alaska

Age: 29

Profession: Youtuber, fitness competitor, model, personal trainer

Height: 150 cm

Weight: 57 – 60 kgs

Net Worth: $250,000