Filthy Frank Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Filthy Frank, real name is George Miller, is a known American Youtuber and a musician who is famous for his versatile skills in music and comedy but also for his vulgar and offensive videos.

He owns a channel titled “Filthy Frank” and a subchannel with more controversial videos titled “TooDamnFilthy”.

Early years

Filthy Frank was born as George Miller in Osaka in Japan on September 18, 1992 by parents of Australian and Japanese descent, who had jobs there and who pursued their careers in the East Asia.

He grew up in a loving family but he was often alone due to the fact that his parents were very busy.

He was a very creative child and he found ways to amuse himself hich sometimes led to problematic situations.

He was a pupil in Japanese and English  school and had no trouble with learning or similar.

After George finished high school the family moved back to the States, to Brooklyn to be exact where they have found new workplaces.

George graduated in 2012, in Japan, since he was a student at the Canadian Academy in a town named Higashinada-ku.

He enrolled college in New York at the New York Institute of Technology which was his own choice.

It was something he was always enthusiasic about so he easily gained his Bachelor’s degree in the area of Communication and Media.

Career development

His first video he ever posted was while he was in college and it was connected to a bet with one of his college friends. His friends didn’t believe that George could post an offensive video on the Internet and still gain a few thousands of views.

Exactly that happened and his video got over 10,000 views so his friend has lost his bet and George opened a window to a whole new world.

This event encouraged George in continuing uploading videos and made him think about the possibilities of online work and career.

He started following famous Youtubers, and with the help of his knowledge about media, which he gained in college, he has learned everything there is to know about it.

He has opened two channels which are more viewed than many others with similar content: TVFilthyFrank and TooDamnFilthy.

He hosts them by appearing as his alter-ego characters named Filthy Frank and Pink Guy (although there are a few more).

He is very popular due to the parody style he nourishes in his videos. They involve music and rants which differs him from other Youtube stars.

He has many different alter-egos in his videos other than Pink Guy: Salamander Man, Lemon Guy and Safari Man are also his creations. To complete these names he made costumes which follow it.

Some of the content he uploads caused controversy and led to shutting down his channel later on.

Since he speaks about themes such as women rights, gay marriages and similar in a peculiar and offensive way, it is no wonder that he had issues with the public which led to closure.

In 2012 he uploaded a video in which he not only speak about the most common 100 racial and ethnic stereotypes on the planet but he makes impressions on all of them.

He also appears as Joji; this is his Youtube stage name for his music content  since he is great both in music and in composing. His music is a mixture of trip-hop, R&B and electro and is very well liked.

His first music album named “Pink Guy” was released in 2014 under his alias Pink Guy.

He is a very extrovert person and shares details of his personal life with his fans. For example, he made a few videos in which he talks about his health problems but doesn’t specifically name the illness itself. This means that he still doesn’t want to loose his complete privacy.

His fans concluded that it is probably epilepsy because it caused seizures.

He was accused to use his illness and seizures of which he talked about to get more views and clicks. He never addressed to that since he didn’t want to justify his health issues to no one.

Due to his growing popularity, he decided to publish a book in 2017, titled “Francis of the Filth”.

The book soon became very popular due to it’s fantastic elements. It is no wonder that he loves Harry Potter series since he loves fantastic stories and legends.

This sci-fi-fantasy novel is written in two genres and contains elements from the Bible used as a plot.

The book looks as a Bible too – it is black with golden letters in the middle so it reminds of Bible. This was on purpose because he likes to schock conservatives

The book was first showed publically on hus channel in the video named “Francis of the Filth (Out Now).”

He often had guests in his videos or guest appeared in other Youtuber’s videos, f.e. he invited MaxMoeFoe and Anything4Views channel owners to join him in creating videos.

His first video (which was uploaded in 2008) was named “Lil’ Jon falls off a table”. The channel was shut down in 2014 due to a high number of complaints that Youtube received by the viewers.

“Too Damn Filthy” is his biggest channel with more than 8 million subscribers and nobody was more surprised than him to the fact that people wanted to view his hilarious but offensive videos.

In 2017, he posted on his Twitter account about how he lost interest in making videos for his channels and how he is coping with his illness. That is why he stopped working on his channels and oriented on music.

He released several tapes under his pseudonim Pink Guy: “Pink Guy”, Pink Season” and “Pink Season: The Prophecy”.

He performed on “BoilerRoomTV” in Los Angeles in 2017 and he performed as Joji.

He made a collaboration with a rap group from China named ” Higher Brothers” on a song with an interesting name “Nomadic”.

In 2017 he released his single “Will He” on iTunes which was also a part of his album “In Tongues”. It was released by Empire Distribution and received a lot of interest by it.

When he speaks of other performers which influenced him a lot,  he mentions Radiohead and James Blake as the biggest role models for him since he started being interested in music.

How did he gained his stage name Filthy Frank? It was given to him by his fans who commented his video content and the sort of themes he handles in them. They talked about how he covers “filthy” subjects and that is how he gained his online name.

He has released most of his compositions on his  SoundCloud account and it was downloaded in millions of copies.

His channels overpassed one billion views and the videos have weird names such as “I Eat Ass”, “Porn Title Rap”, “Small D*ck” and “Gays 4 Donald Trump”.

Personal life

It is discovered that he had an unknown video uploaded in 2006 on “2cool4u92” channel where he shows great breakdance moves in the school building.

He hasn’t got a girlfriend now and it is not known where there any in his past.

Quick summary

Full name: George Miller

Date of birth: September 18,1992

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Age: 26

Profession: Youtuber, musician, actor, comedian

Height: 1,70 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1,3 million