FaZe Rain Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

FaZe Rain is a known American Youtuber who came from Canada to join the world famous online gamers clan better known as “FaZe Clan”.

FaZe Rain is one of the most popular members of the clan who has amassed the number of 5 million subscribers on his channel and has a net worth of over $800,000.

Early years

FaZe Rain came to the world as Nordan Shat on May 29, 1996 in Toronto in Canada to a Syrian mother and father.

His mother originates from Syria and she fluently speaks Arabic. She is trying to show her son the importance of herritage and their ancestry so she speaks to Nordan Arabic although her English is quite well.

He grew up along his older sister who always looked out for him and tried to keep him safe and out of trouble.

Between his seventh and ninth birthday he lived outside America, in Dubai to be exact. This was the period where he learned his Arabic fluently.

As a very young kid he turned to comedy to overcome all the trouble in his young life. He was often considered a class clown by his teachers and by other pupils.

Although he was very smart he wasn’t especially interested in education so he was often banned from the class because he wouldn’t be silent and attentive.

Nordan wasn’t a stranger to the principal’s office and was used to all the detention he compiled on a weekly basis.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t the worst pupil in the class of his Oneida High School but he had a good reason for that – he didn’t want to make his mother sad because she had hoped that he will come to his senses and enroll college.

Gaming was a part of his growing up and he played his Playstation from the age of seven. He used to play it for hours and his mother would let him because she saw that he was struggling with current family problems and games helped him to turn to other interests.

Playing games helped him to overcome the shock of his parent’s separation and the anxiety which he gained through their rough and violent separation which ended in his father’s departure without notice.

His mother has met a new man a while after and he was in good terms with his new step-dad. He gained a step-brother and a step-sister with whom he is vry well connected, especially to his step-brother.

Nordan started feeling depressed in that period and it caused a serious change in his behaviour. He attempted suicide by medication but luckily he survived this event.

A psychotherapist named Mary was the person to whom his family turned to and she succeeded to bring back positive energy in him.

After that he focused on his Youtube career and stopped worrying about his past but he turned to future.

He has met a lot of new friends and challenged himself to become a calm and focused worker.

Career development

His Youtube channel was created in 2010 but he didn’t upload his gameplays at the beginning.

After he learned about other Youtubers and their work, he started uploading his videos. They were mostly connected to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series.

Nordan was also great at “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” game. This game was released in 1999 and soon became very popular.

The game is focused on competetive shooting and it is played in teams so it is very fast and it demands quite evolved gaming skills.

He is considered as one of the most creative players online due to his ability to make game more fun with his acting skills, parodies and character changes.

“TrickShotting” is the name of his channel and it is focused on playgame and explaining different strategies and ways of playing.

He has one more gaming channel named OMFGRain in which his fans recognize him as one of the most important members of a known gaming clan named “FaZe Clan”. The clan is created by Thomas Oliveira and includes greatest players.

He is different from other FaZe Clan members because he interacts with his fans more often and more personal than others.

His “Fan mail openings” are viewed a lot and this is his way of showing that he values his fans.

He has created a character, an alter-ego, and named it Vape Lord Nord. He acts like a Lord, wears a gown and glasses and smokes the electronic cigar Vape.

He is a huge fan of Vape and he goes to Vape conventions to meet with other Vape lovers. Vape Con is the name of these events.

His income comes from his channel and ads on it but he is also sponsored by G-Fuel which endorses most of FaZe Clan members.

As for extra earnings, he released his own clothing line and wears it in lot of occasions. He promotes it online and it can be bought on his website.

Personal life

His ex-girlfriend Taylor appeared as a guest on one of his videos and the video was named “Meet My Girlfriend”. It was published in 2014.

She was a very beautiful blonde girl and it seemed that they had a very good time together but the passion disappeared.

The two of them broke up in 2016 and he spoke about it in one of his videos too.

He adores his older sister Sally although he often comments that she is responsible for his crooked teeth because she has let him suck his finger as a baby.

He lives in L.A. with other FaZe Clan members in so called “gaming house”.

In the few last years he started to learn more about traditions in his Arabic family so he started speaking more in Arabic.

This was a great thing for his mum since she likes to speak with her son in Arabic language.

Like most of men, he loves cars and driving so he had two great cars in his possesion:  Audi R8 and Tesla until he decided to change his Audi for a new McLaren 570s.

His signature sign is his baseball cap and he rarely goes out without it.

When he is not wearing a cap he dies his hair into red, yellow or some other lavishing color.

He loves junk food, especially burgers and he often goes out with his friends to enjoy it.

He learned to play the guitar and he made one video of himself playing it.

He has braces to fix his teeth but he doesn’t mind it because he is really sensitive on his oral health.

Quick summary

Full name: Nordan Shat

Date of birth: May 29, 1996

Birthplace:  Toronto, Canada

Age: 22

Profession: Youtuber, Call of Duty player, vlogger, actor

Height: 193 cm

Weight: 75 kgs

Net Worth: $900,000