FaZe Jev Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Jason Eugene, better known as FaZe Jev is a famous player of “Call of Duty”. He holds the position of sniper in the world known gaming clan called FaZeClan.

His gaming abilities are extraordinary but he got popular amongst fans more because of his comedian skills and interesting comedy videos he makes.

Early years

He was born as Jason Eugene on October 18, 1993 in a town called New Jersey in United States.

Jason comes from a mixed origin and has ancestors of various descent such as Indian, Puerto Rican and African American.

He was a huge fan of gaming and has spent all of his free time as a kid to play various video games. He didn’t know it was going to be very useful for him, but he did it out of love anyway.

He was a pupil at South-Doyle High School and he said that he had a great time there, always joking.

After he finished high school he found himself a job to suppport himself but he was still into playing games and following his own path. He continued to upload playgames on his Youtube channel named “poketLWEWT” which he created in 2009.

Jason was a huge basketball fan and was really into it but since he couldn’t make a career out of it, he decided to completely focus on his playing skills and video gaming.

Career Development

In 2012,  he uploaded his playgame video for a known game named  “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” and this time he added his comentaries on the game.

He started being noticed by COD fans so he tried even harder to be interesting to his viewers. He is very talkative so it was no problem for him.

He had no problem in sharing his strategies which he used on the most difficult game levels. This is very nice of him for other people mostly don’t want others to suceed like they did.

This means that he was always trying to help COD players no matter he revealed his secret ways to pass the though levels. This brought him respect amongst players.

Soon, he became notices by man playgroups but the most significant for him was the famous “Fa Ze Clan”, one of the most known E-sports clans ever.

As for his signature mark, he is famous for his extreme yelling and shouting during playgames.

He made it into his trade mark and now all of his videos begin with a caution sign which says “HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE!” This warns them about his habit of shouting very loudly

This kind of videos are called “RAGETAGE” videos and they are his most viewed videos. He uploads them on his YouTube chanbels and on a site called  “CoDKarnage”.

He often plays Call of Duty online in the company of his friends and colleague players.

There are some more reasons that his “ragetage” videos are so popular and they don’t include only shouting: they include smashing things, squealing, complaining and even punching holes in the furniture.

FaZe Jev does also vlogs and he uploads them on his channel. This is a way for him to get to know his fans and show them a bit about himself, but he also makes an extra income.

In 2016 he has passed the number of two millions subscribers on his YouTube channel. This was huge for him and he was very happy that all of his hard work paid off.

Personal life

He lived with his grandparents most of his life due to problematic parents he had. This left an impact on him for he never had a happy household to grow up in.

In 2017, he decided that it is time for him to get his own place and to be independent. He wanted to develop a sense for living alone.

He moved into his own place with his girlfriend Alexis who is, just as him, a very known video games player. She is known to online community as  SoAr AbstractSweater.

The two of them are in a very special relationship and they post their photos together on social media.

Twitter is their favourite social media account and they often put comments on it.

They have a dog named Ari and a cat named Cameron and they are also often in their photos.

Jason is a big enemy of alcohol and drugs and is often involved in the campaigns against those two vices. He talks about it in his videos and due to his involvement in the issue, it seems that he had someone in his past who had big problems with these supstances.

His signature look includes a set of very bright pink headsets. He has no preference of colours though, he just enjoys funny styles.

His most viewed video is ofcourse a “ragetage” video named “Jev Reacts to Old Ragetages”. It gained a lot of views and also positive comments. He was very proud of his production on that one.

He is a very big fan of Pizza Hut’s pizzas so the known fast food chain wished him a happy birthday through their Twitter account.

He is a big fan of various swords and knives and he has gathered a collection of those items. After it was discovered that he is a fan of them, his fans started sending him knives and swords for his collection.

Quick summary

Full name: Jason Eugene

Date of birth: October 18, 1993

Birthplace:  New Jersey

Age: 25

Profession: YouTuber, Call of Duty champion

Height: 170cm

Weight: 65

Net Worth: $1 million