EvanTubeHD Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Evan is a YouTube star known for his EvanTubeHD channel where he posts reviews for toys and includes his family on the go.

His mother “MommyTube”, father “DaddyTube” and sister Jullian are often his guests on the show. He not only shows toys, but also reviews them and lately he has been into gaming so he had been making videos about games such as Minecraft, Roblox, Disney Infinity and similar games. His dad helps him make them on his new channel EvanTubeGAMING.

Early years

Evan was born on December 6th in 2005 in Pennsylvannia to a very lovely family that was always by his side, helping him to run the channel he wanted to start on his own.

They were always very supportive, so were his grandparents and they have spent a lot of their time and money in helping Evan start his channel and buy toys to review.

Career development

Evan made the channel in September of 2011, date was 20th. He wanted to share his passion for toys since he was a small kid who loved them.

He decided to post videos once or twice a week, depending on how much stuff he had to do in school and today he counts more than 560 videos!

He is especially into Lego sets so, in the beginning, they were in most of the content he made. After becoming  more popular, some toy creators even started to reach out to him so he could review their toys. He is always very honest and shares his sincere opinion.

Later on, he started to make videos with his sister where they do various challenges and have fun. They play family games sometimes so they can showcase those too. He had gathered a lot of subscribers and they currently reach number 4 million while he has over 2 billion views.

He has a sidechannel called EvanTubeRAW which contains unedited stuff. The family sometimes vlogs their trips, their regular days… They show acrivities they do and sometimes do challenges unrelated to toys. This channel is not as popular, but it does have around 2 million subscribers and 1 billion views.

His third channel was made when Evan developed love for video games. As he was growing, he started to get less interested into toys and his sister started to interact with those more. He eventually became interested in computers and video games as much as game consoles.

He made this channel and his dad soon joined him since he is also very good at playing video games and had to teach him how to edit these videos. They play games such as Skylanders, Disney Infinity and one of the most popular games amongst young people: Minecraft.

Evan later also got interested in Nintendo games. After some time, he got collaborations here too. He does unboxings for various companies who send him goods. Some of these are 1UP and Lootcrate. This channel is not as popular as the first two but he still has 700 000 subscribers.

Other than that, he joins his sister Jillian on her channel called JillianTubeHD where they also review toys. These are girl toys and Evan often laughs in these videos. She sometimes does DIYs and does recipe videos with her mom and here she has around 900 000 subscribers.

DTSings is a channel where his dad, DaddyTubeHD uploads various video of the family and most often videos of his performances where he covers family-friendly songs such as those from Disney. His family sometimes joins him and they sing together which is a beautiful sight. This channel has over 1 million views.

Fun fact, Evan wanted to name the channel Angry Birds 2005 which would be a sort of a childish name, but luckily (his father says) the name was already in use by someone else and he decided to take a more universal name.

His most popular video is a video of him dealing with an enormously large gummy worm that his parents had bought for him. He tries to eat it, but can’t. The video has 132 million views and it was uploaded in 2013.

Personal life

Evan lives a happy life with his family and although there is controversy about them, most of it was proved wrong. People used to say that the children were spoiled and that they get way too much toys, but later in interviews with their parents, it was discovered that they keep just a small amount of toys the kids really like and they donate the rest.

Evan hopes to one day grow into a very successful YouTube star so he can do more video games and, as soon as he grows old enough, to play some more serious R rated games.

Quick summary

Full name: NA (his parents don’t want people to know)

Date of birth: December 6th, 2005

Birthplace:  Pennsylvania

Age: 13

Profession: YouTube star

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1.3 million