Eric Thomas Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Eric Thomas is a known American motivational speaker, fruitful author and minister who decided to come closer to people through his Youtube channel and Eric Thomas website.

Early years

Eric Thomas was born as Eric D. Thomas in Chicago, Ilinois on September 3, 1970.

His mother, who has raised him alone, relocated to Detroit in Michigan a few months later. He has great respect for her and she plays a huge role in his life. She built respect for women in him.

His mother was a teenager and he had problems coping with this fact. He often argued with his parents, his aunts and uncles until he left both them and his high school education. It was very stressful for him.

The cause for this fighting was his mother’s confessing that her husband isn’t his biological father and it had a devastating impact on him. He had a crisis because he felt like he didn’t know who he was.

It seems that it bothered him a lot since he started living on the streets – basically he was homeless. He left his home before he was even 18. It was a tough time for him.

He lived in a abandoned buildings and ate once a day until he found comfort in a church in the same neighbourhood where he had his shelter.

During the time he was homeless he struggled with a lot of questions about faith and destiny which were explained to him by a preacher he has met.

This preacher had a great impact on Eric and has awaken optimism in him wich eventually led to Eric’s decision to go back to school and to change his life. He suppprted him so he could manage to move on with his life and create all of these wonderful things he did.

He returned to continue his education but he also found a job to support himself. He found it in Olive Garden and this brought him financial safety. He was finally safe.

He started going to Adventist Church and it completely changed his view of life. His life changed for the better and he didn’t feel so alone anymore.

Eric didn’t finish college in a few years like his wife – it took him over ten years to do it and he finally graduated in 2001. He was way too happy about it, but it was all because he was proud of getting his life back.

Career development

Thomas was involved in preaching during his studies so he had less time for studying. He enjoyed it, however, and didn’t want people to think that he is doing it to make up for his sins.

He created a program to help youth with serious financial and life problems which help them to finish education or to fund work. It was everything he needed when he was young but couldn’t get because he had no help.

He was very popular because of the energy he gave to his speaches and his interesting way of talking.

In 2003, Eric decided to work on a Michigan University because he wanted to get his masters degree in educating. He was determined to improve the community he lived in and to help students who needed it.

He didn’t care about color of skin or even religion as much as he wanted to help these kids to be happy.

At the end, he gained his PhD in Educational Leadership and decided to focus his life on that.

Eric was an educational adviser for disadvantaged students at Michigan University but he found time to be a pastor in a Ministry in Lansing.

Four years later, in 2005, Thomas gained his master’s degree and.

He didn’t stop educating himself so he gained a PhD in Educational Administration in 2015.

He was a very popular preacher durong all of the period he educated himself because he was focused on a lot of things such as consulting, coaching and developing skills connected with athletics.

His motivational speaches were very popular amongst both collegiate and professional athletes.

He is known in the public as the man who Lebron James mentioned as his inspiration in winning NBA Championships.

Eric has given voice to a lot of sports advertisements such as for Major League Baseball and the National Football League.

He was a guest on a lot of talk shows for various TV networks such as Fox News.

Foster, a known Hip-Hop artist, used part of his sermonson his track named “Hard Times”.

Meek Mill also used it in an intro for his “Wins and Losses” album in 2017.

In 2012 he wrote his first book called “The Secret to Success” and two years later he published “Greatness Is Upon You: Laying the Foundation”.

This book became a bestseller and was popular because he had a great way of writing about it.

In 2016, another of his books were published and it was titled “Average Skill Phenomenal Will”.

He is also known as “ET the Hip-Hop Preacher”  due to his connection to music where he also puts a lot of energy in.

Eric is the CEO in his consulting company which gives consulting services to a lot of sports organizations, mainly professionals.

ETA,LLC. is the name of his company and it has a lot of workers since Thomas is becoming more and more popular for his work.

His company worked for the biggest organizations and companies in United States such as General Electric, Nike, Under Armour and New Balance but this wasn’t all. He gave consulting to  Universities and sports teams in all sports league.

His albums which set his motivational speaches to hip hop music are considered as a great idea to bring preaching to wider audience.

In 2016, he has released an album titled “Resolution: Stay Ready”.

He was a finalist at Audie Awards and is considered as the most energetic and creative preachers of the decade.

He has made an awarded GED program called “Break The Cycle, I Dare you”.

Personal life

He met his wife in the same church in Detroit. Her name was De-De Mosley.

After a little while, when their relationship became serious, they moved to Huntsville in Alabama where they both joined Oakwood University.

Although they were still in college, they decided to get married because they both knew they have found soul-mates.

They are married for 25 years and have two kids together: Jalin and Jada.

His son Jalin is into sports and he is on his way to become a professional basketball player.

He is a big fan of Los Angeles Lakers.

Quick summary

Full name: Eric D. Thomas

Date of birth: September 3, 1970

Birthplace:  Chicago, Illinois

Age: 48

Profession: motivational speaker, preacher, writer, pastor

Height: 1,8 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2 million