DJ Akademiks Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Livingston Allen, more known as DJ Akademiks, is a respectable YouTuber of American Jamaican descent who is famous for his YouTube channel which is based on satire and irony.

The main theme of his YouTube channel are current events and news mainly coming from the entertainment industry.

Early years

Livingston Allen was born on May 17, 1991 in a place called Spanish Town located in Jamaica.

10 years later, in 2001, all of his family has moved to New Jersey where they still live.

He was a teenager when they came to New Jersey and was very shy. He was especially shy because he was a foreigner so he needed time to blend in. He did it through hip-hop and music where he showed great talent as a disk jockey.

He attended New Jersey’s schools and after finishing high school he decided to enroll Rutgers University where he managed to get a degree in the field of biomathematics. He got himself a degree in Math Finance.

He worked as a DJ on the radio station on the Rutgers University which he attended.

He had to work all through his studies to support himself and his main work place were the clubs. He also attended a lot of barbecues where he was invited to wirk as a DJ.

The reason for that is that he was a DJ and he was more known for his stage name “Late Night Creep”.

DJ akademiks learned that everyone wants to know everything in the world of music shows and entertainment so he decided to open a channel where he would put all of this together. He will let people know everything from news to gossip through this channel.

Career development

2014 was a very important year for him since it was the year which brought him more recognition due to the fact that he started speaking about Chicago’s rappers and the drill music scene there.

It gained a lot of attention and interest of the above mentioned rappers, their fans and anyone interested in rap music scene.

In 2017 he created a different kind of show called debate show and it was named “Everyday Struggle”. This show is aired on Complex News YouTube channel, and other than Joe Budden, it is also hosted by a guest named Nadeska Alexis.

He had several channels where he uploaded his videos or vlogged: besides “The Negrotiator” there are “LateNightCreepVids”, “The War In Chiraq” and “King Akademiks”.

He planned doing this show and making it alongside his good friend, a known rapper Joe Budden. Budden is one of the members of s”Saughterhouse” which is a popular hip hop group.

Although everyone knew that his show is satirical some of the rappers which were mentioned in his show we’re offended by his work and started being hostile.

He often gets in dispute with people who comment on his channel no matter if they are only fans or famous people.

Vic Mensa, a Chicago based rapper, accused him of taking advantage of the murders which took place in Chicago and which DJ often comments.

He doesn’t think of this as a problem since he is convinced that he is always telling the truth.

Some of known artists such as Meek Mill and Soulja Boy came in dispute with DJ Akademiks. He even got involved in a rant with the famous Young Thug.

Since Budden is his good friend and a co-host he got involved in his dispute with a group called The Migos which occured at BET Awards they all atended.

Although he works with Budden his fans think that Budden is too offensive on him and that he tries to minimize Allen’s role in the show.

DJ Akademiks gained an interesting nickname online and it is “Negrotiator”. Sonetimes he is just simply called AK.

He has his own website titled Late Night and the website has an enormously high number of visits. It means a lot to this rising artist and therefore he wants to speak closer to his fans.

He has over 1 million followers on his Instagram account and over one and a half million subscribers on his channel.

Personal life

He is not very talkative when it comes to his personal life and private relationships.

It is known that he has a girlfriend named Angelica Gxg, who is very beautiful, and he uploads videos with her on his channel. They are very well connected and they tend to spend a lot of time together.

A huge controversy was raised after DJ Akademiks stated in his video that he might be facing five to ten years of jail time and after his girlfriend Angelica posted a photo of him in court, standing in front of a judge.

The rumours are that he was stopped by the police because of a broken carlight but the police found illegal weapons and alcohol in his car. His fans thought that this was a lie, but there are people who suspect otherwise.

It is not known what kind of punishement he will receive since it is not known is this his first penalty or he has a previous police record.

This strict privacy about his life at the beginning of his career led to the rumors that he is gay but soon he started posting photos of his girlfriend on his social media accounts and she appeared on his videos.

Charlamagne da God is his biggest role model in showbizz. DJ always found his inspiration in other artists and decided which ones are the ones he would like to be similar to.

In the past few years he lost some weight and even social media platforms followed upon this news, but he is still quite big. His fans don’t care about the way he looks, but they want to be sure that he is healthy so he can make much more music.

The reason for this probably lies in his beautiful girlfriend who obviously made him think harder about his own looks.

Quick summary

Full name: Livingston Allen

Date of birth: May 17, 1991

Birthplace: Spanish Town, Jamaica

Age: 27

Profession: YouTuber

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $600,000