Desi Perkins Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Desi Perkins is a popular American YouTuber and an Instagram star who became the world’s known trend maker and a fashion guru with a net worth of approximately 1 million dollars.

She garnered almost 4 million followers on her Instagram channel.

Early years

She was born as Desi Perkins on March 3, 1987 in Los Angeles in California in United States of America.

She is of Spanish and Mexican descent and has lived a happy childhood with her brothers to whom she is still very close.

Her biggest inspiration in life was her father who told her that everything in life can be achieved if a person just want it hard enough.

She always asks him for advice because she knows he will be sincere and realistic.

During her college years she was already a good makeup artist because she loved putting makeup from her early years and she gained a lot of experience by putting makeup on herself.

She decided that she can earn a decent amount of money by becoming a freelancing makeup artist and in that way support herself during college.

Career development

She freelanced for about 3 or 4 years until she was convinced that her makeup art is so good that it deserves to be posted on social media platforms so she started posting it on, a website founded by Michelle Phan.

Desi became famous and lot of celebrities started asking for her when it comes to makeup.

One of those celebrities was Kim Kardashian and doing makeup for her was a sign that she has perfected her artistic skills to the highest.

After she became known she stopped her freelancing job and focused on her social media account and her YouTube channel.

She started posting videos and her vloggs helping girls around the world to learn beauty tricks and how to do perfect makeup.

She decided to post a lot on her Instagram channel and her popularity spread very fast so today she has millions of fans on all of her social media accounts including Instagram.

Although Instagram was her first social media platform she used for expressing her makeup knowledge,  it is when she opened her YouTube channel that she became really known all over the world with her YouTube tutorials.

She tries to help her followers as much as she can, both with casual makeup and with makeup for special occasions, because she is aware lots of girls don’t know how to emphasize their good sides and how to hide their flaws.

She is happily married to her husband Stephen Perkins with whom she was in a relationship for several years and eventually they got married in 2012.

Steven is her main CEO and he takes care of everything involving their business.

He also shoots and edits his wive’s tutorials and brings out the best of her.

Desi is a big fan of beaches and the seaside so whenever she has time she goes to the beach and takes her husband with her,  to relax and get energy for continuing their hard work.

Other than makeup tutorials she occasionally puts videos which includes fashion tips or she sometimes uploads hair tutorials. Her video called “Eyebrow tutorial” gathered over 10 million views.

She likes to work with celebrities and often gets inspired by their looks so she mentions her biggest role models in the entertainment business: Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

The first post that she uploaded on her YouTube channel was titled “Soft Warm Sultry Eye Tutorial” and it was uploaded in 2013.

It ended up being a huge hit and getting her a lot of subscribers and fans all over the world.

She especially enjoys making tutorials of makeup that are meant for weddings or some other special occasions.

One of the huge hits she made was her video called “Husband Does My Makeup”. This was also a great bonding for the young couple.

Together with her best friend, Katy DeGroot, who is also a successful Youtuber, she created and designed a make-up collection which was sold out in several days.

The two of them made it for a company named Dose of Colors and it was a huge hit in United States. Not to mention that they have earned a lot of money by this collaboration.

Desi has also created designs for an Australian brand named “Quay Australia”. 

Personal life

Her husband Stephen Perkins is graphic designer and an excellent photographer and they work great as a team.

She often says that the biggest word in her life is the word “create” and she tattooed it on her arm.

She is very talented in drawing and arts since she was just a little girl and it can be easily seen when she does her makeup.

She is very proud of her Mexican roots and she shows her love for her descent by often naming her beauty and make-up products with Spanish names such as “Mìrame” and “Fuego”.

She is very upset beacuse people often question her Mexican descent, claiming that she is too white to be Mexican.

She feels like she has to justify to strangers saying that they are wrong.

In most of interviews she has done for many magazines, she has stated that she is very grateful to her parents for teaching her family values and the importance of tradition in the family.

She enjoys everything Mexican, loves the food (especially homemade by her mum who cooks great Mexican meals), loves the language which she uses as much as she can and loves the fact that she is so close with her family, like most Mexicans are.

To keep herself fit and thin she has changed her diet to a much healthier version. She doesn’t eat any processed food, eats only complex carbs, eats big portions of vegetables and haven’t touch a soda in years.

She also drinks a lot of water, and everything of this combined made her feel healthier, and rejeuvenated her skin and hair.

Quick summary

Full name: Desi Perkins

Date of birth: March 3,1987

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Age: 31

Profession: Youtuber, make-up artist

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 53 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million