Dc Young Fly Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

D.C. Young Fly is a known American rapper, popular actor and a skilled comedian who showed off his talent while appearing on a TV show “Wild ‘N Out” which was aired on MTV.

Early years

DC Young Fly was born as John Whitfield  on May 2, 1992 in Atlanta in United States.

He grew up in the suburb of Atlanta hanging out with his two brothers and spending most of his time on the streets.

The neighbourhood he lived in was very dangerous and the teenagers there were involved in a lot of criminal activities and weren’t aiming for any serious education.

Although they were into rapping and music too, most of the kids were dealing drugs or stealing, and trying to look important.

Many of them were known to policemen and were often pulled to police stations or were taken into custody.

The neighbourhood he lived was called Adamsville and it was situated in the west side of the city.

He was a student at Benjamin E. Mays High School.

He didn’t have a good reputation while he was going to school and he was considered a big troublemaker.

He joined a street gang which ultimately led to injuries, such as stab wounds and broken ribs. All of these injuries were a consequence if his involvement into gang fighting or various criminal activities.

The lifechanging moment in his life came in 2011, when his older brother got killed in a gang related shooting.

John was stabbed four times and realized that he is on the way to follow his brother’s footsteps. He decided that he doesn’t want to die so he changed his life to more peaceful one.

Career development

He decided to turn to his biggest passion which was comedy so he has opened his Youtube channel and started his comedian career.

In 2013 he started uploading his Vine Videos which brought him recognition amongst wider public.

Some of the famous people he roasted were LeBron James, Drake and Kevin Hart which especially gave him support.

His popularity grew a lot after he had acted in a known MTV series  “Wild ‘N Out”. It is  hosted by Nick Cannon, a very popular TV person.

DC Young was awarded with “Rookie of the year” award for his work on the “Wild ‘N Out” show.

He was awarded with the show’s varsity jacket as a token of their graditude for his effort. This was a big thing for him and he proved hus worth to himself.

He hosts a podcast called “85 South Show” and he does it in collaboration with another comedian named Karlous Miller.

In 2016 he gained his first movie role in a film called „Almost Christmas“, directed by David E. Talbert.

He starred in the movie alongside known Hollywood stars Danny Glover and Omar Epps.

“Almost Christmas” is a comedy drama which talks about a disfunctional family getting back together.

His first lead role was in a film “#digitallivesmatter”, a comedy made by independent production which had an important antibullying message in it.

John was also given a role “My Cousin’s Ghetto Wedding”, which was also a comedy.

In 2017, Joe Newman directed a comedy film about John titled  “D.C. Young Fly: Legend in the Making”. This was a chance to meet him more personally.

He had a lot of collaborations with many known stars such as Mike Will Made it and   B.O.B.

He was an opening act on Bobby Brown’s tour. This gave him the opportunity to gain a wider audience.

He released his mixtape through LiveMixtapes.com under the title “Supplyin’ Pressure”. He has featured many rappers on it.

His manager was Anwar Patterson from Archive Entertainment, which was the confirmation of his success because it was one of the most significant  management company in Atlanta.

After negotiations with ICM Partners, he joined their company in 2016. He was given a better contract.

This was even bigger managment company, stationed in L.A.

He is also known for the fued he started with Kevin Hart, a known comedian.

Personal life

John had a very strong bond with his late brother and was also very heartbroken after his mother deceased.

His brother was a rapper named Da Crew but was also a gang member which ultimately led to his death.

He is especially close with his mum and he posted a video on his channel where his viewers had a chance to see the reaction of his mum when he presented her with a brand new car.

He said that she always tried to make them better men and that she sacrified herself trying to put her kids on the right track.

He is in relationship with Jacky Oh, a model and an actress who is his colleague from “Wild ‘N Out”. She also has her own make-up abd cosmetics line.

She comes from Oakland and is part Brazilian.

They have one daughter together and she has a beautiful name Nova.

They live in Los Angeles, because there is the main action of their work.

Young Fly drives a Mercedes and says he would never change it.

DC Young Fly has a lot of tatoos. One of them is tatooed on his forehead and it is one of his most important tatoos – the one he made in the memory of his late brother Da Crew.

He also has shoulder tatoos and has names of his wife and daughter tatooed there.

He was involved in a controversy when a woman named Maya Lundy attacked him over social media in 2016, claiming that she has a baby boy with him and that he doesn’t want to pay child support.

She claimed that he changed his phone number after she gave him the DNA results which were positive.

There weren’t any reactions to this other than DC Young Fly claimed that this woman was a gold digger.

She even posted a photo of the boy for people to see the resemblance.

Quick summary

Full name: John Withfield

Date of birth: May 2,1992

Birthplace:  Atlanta, United States

Age: 26

Profession: comedian, actor, Youtuber, rapper, music producer

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 75 kgs

Net Worth: $200,000